La Piloto Thursday 6/8/17 #68

John got away from the cemetery, but Dave’s got Paredes and he doesn’t buy his “I’m just an innocent funeral home director” excuse.

Dave calls the office to update Raúl. And Raúl’s got an update for him as well–he saw Lizbeth. She ran off before he could talk to her, but he got the plate number of the car she was in and he’s looking for information. Dave asks him to check out the report on the car that hit Amanda so he can return Arley’s “favor.”


Wilmer calls to tell Olivia, et al, that he made contact with Salvador and got him to agree to be Yoli’s supplier. He recites the number for “Rubén” in Chocó and Yoli has an extended flashback to remind us that yeah, she knows from Chocó. They all get a giggle out of the passphrase and Yoli scribbles that down as well.

She remembers Rubén from that drop she had to make when Dave tagged along and revealed himself as…well, Dave. That was the job where she ended up in the cargo hold and it was Amanda who figured out she was down there and got her out. She and Oli can’t believe Amanda is dead. They talk about missing her. Zuli remembers killing her and adds a weak “me too.”

But anyway, they’re doing all this for the baby, so Yoli’s going to make the call.

Except that she’s got an incoming call from Dave. She claims there’s no signal in here, so she’s going outside….

Dave’s at the hangar and he heard someone got away in a plane, so…that was her, right? Yoli refuses to tell him, or tell him where she is, or turn herself in and let him get her out of this. She has a plan of her own.

Zuli comes outside to be nosy and find out if that was Dave on the phone. She pretends to feel sorry for Yoli while reminding her she has to worry about saving the baby and her aunt. Olivia comes outside to tell them Lizbeth is back at the Club, so…that’s one less worry.

Lucio HQ

John and Piraña have a repeat of their earlier phone convo in person. Santamaría’s dangerous, Piraña wants to kill him already, John says “no.”

He tells Piraña to go find out who’s winning the election and then flashes back to all the “good” times with The Senator and his numerous threats to replace John and Oscar.


Rúben is packing up a shipment when Yoli calls. Hell yeah, he remembers her! But, uh, how’d she get his number? He claims not to know Salvador until she gives him the passphrase. Alrighty, then, if she tells him how much she needs, he’ll get it all ready for her. But he doesn’t want any trouble this time.


Fajardo calls Dave to tell him Wilmer’s name showed up on Salvador Moreno’s visitor list. He’s checking out of the hotel in an hour. Should they follow him? Pull him in for interrogation? Scare him a little?

Dave thinks not. He hasn’t committed any crimes in the US. He asks Fajardo to get his flight information and Dave will follow him after he gets to Mexico.


At Dave’s office, Raúl hears they’ve got 85% of the votes in and Sinisterra is only winning by half a percent–technically it’s tied.

An officer comes in to report they found fingerprints in the SUV that hit Amanda and they belong to a woman with a record…Zulima.


Zuli counts out the cash while Yoli figures out a flight path. Olivia’s worried about her having to fly so low, but Yoli’s not. Olivia goes to pick Wilmer up at the airport. Zuli and Gonzalez are going with Yolanda.

Club Evil

Vergara has the butler pour champagne so he and his guys can toast to Sinisterra’s impending victory. Lizbeth and Estela watch from outside the dining room. Lizbeth can’t believe they’re toasting to that man. Estela’s already got it all figured out and Sinisterra must be one of them. ‘Cause you know how much difference there is between narcos and politicians? None.

Raúl calls and Estela hisses at Lizbeth not to answer her phone. Instead of just saying “call me” Raúl leaves an actual message! He tells her they got the prints back from the SUV that hit Amanda and they belong to Zulima.

Vergara busts them lurking outside the door, but he’s obviously had a few drinks by now, since he invites them to come on in and join the celebration. On TV Sinisterra’s talking about eradicating the narcos and all the guys applaud. Estela wants an explanation…. No one gives her one.

Flying lessons

Yoli talks to Zuli about the importance of keeping an eye on the instrument panel at night and not so much on what’s going on outside the windows. Zuli’s already angling to fly on the way back, but Yoli’s like “Uh, you’re barely learning.” Zuli gripes that she’s got no cell phone signal. She just wanted to…call the girls and see who won the election…just out of curiosity.

Election news

John watches TV and sends someone an email.

He keeps watching the video of Oscar over and over again. Piraña comes in to tell him Santamaría got away.

At Club Evil, the news has gone from reporting on Sinisterra’s speech to an incriminating video the president-elect is going to have to answer for. Vergara furiously tells his guys to get Estela and Lizbeth out of the room.

John sees the report, too, and grins. Until Santamaría sneaks up behind him and knocks him out.

Sinisterra calls Vergara, expecting congratulations, but instead Vergara tells him about the video. Sinisterra blames Vergara for not getting to John like he was supposed to.

And then The Consul calls. This affects “all of them” and she wants a meeting in 45 minutes.


Dave gets to the airport in Mexico City. Fajardo calls with Wilmer’s flight info so Dave’s just going to hang out at the airport and wait for him.

Raúl calls Dave with the news about Zulima’s fingerprints being in the SUV. Wow–Dave never trusted her, but he certainly didn’t think she’d killed Amanda! He tries to call Yolanda.

He ends up leaving an actual message telling Yoli that Zulima killed Amanda. He looks up in time to see Wilmer arriving in the parking garage and hides behind his SUV.

Olivia pulls up to pick up Wilmer, with a driver, and Dave starts to follow them.

Lucio HQ

John wakes up to find Santamaría pointing a gun at him. His guys call over the radio saying they haven’t found Santamaría. Heh. John tells them to keep looking and not come back without him.

Santamaría complains that John stole his money. John complains Santamaría stole it first. He offers to let Santamaría keep it in exchange for going away, but Santamaría says he doesn’t care about the money. He just wants to find Yolanda and he doesn’t think John’s doing anything to help him, so he’s done with John.

John’s cell phone rings and Santamaría has him hand it over. Who’s “Sonia”? John says it’s a member of the cúpula of the Cartel.

So, Yolanda’s boss, then? Santamaría tells him to answer it. Sonia, aka The Consul, wants to know what John has to do with this video that’s circulating of the new president and Oscar. Uh, he sent it, why? Is there a problem?

Nope. She wants to meet with him. John makes an excuse about being busy, but Santamaría hisses at him to have her come to them.

She arrives, leaves her guards with the car, and Piraña walks her into the “living room” *snort* where Santamaría’s waiting with John.

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