La Piloto Friday 6/9/17 #69


The Consul tries for some friendly chit-chat, but Santamaría doesn’t care how his family in Colombia are doing. ‘Cause, you know, he’s evil. All he cares about is Yolanda. Yep, the Cartel hired her to run drugs, but The Consul never agreed with that decision. Santamaría wants to know where she is.

At the moment, she’s working on a dawn ETA in Colombia. Zuli asks some innocent-sounding questions about whether Yoli’s familiar with the area and how long they’re staying.

The Consul says Yoli and her people are staying at the Club and John snickers.

Estela and Lizbeth sneak back to the dining room to look at the footage of Sinisterra hanging out with Oscar. Estela’s so proud of herself–and to be fair, she does have it all figured out–there’s the doorway, which means the footage was shot in this room, which means Sintisterra’s obviously the head of the Cartel!

Dave follows Oli and Wilmer’s car up to an unmarked drive where a security guy checks out their car. While he’s waiting to see what happens next, Arley calls him. Dave says his intel checked out–they did bury Oscar with his mom. And as for what Arley wanted to know–the fingerprints in the SUV were Zulima’s. Arley swears he’s going to kill Zuli if it’s the last thing he does.

Dave changes the subject. What does Arley know about the Club Mediterraneo. Uh, nothing, but he’s pretty sure it’s a front for the Cartel.

From the back seat of the plane, Gonzalez listens as Yoli and Zuli trade “I missed you so much” “I missed you more”s. And then Zuli slips up and talks about the months she spent in Villa Antigua being kidnapped…and Yoli remembers her saying she’s been at the Club. Something’s definitely pinging on Yoli’s radar.

Estela and Lizbeth wait in the parking garage for Wilmer and Oli to get back. They’re glad things went well in Miami, ’cause they’re not so good here. There’s a video circulating of Sinisterra with Oscar and it was filmed right here in the club. Vergara’s even in it.

Lizbeth gets the notification on her phone about Raúl’s message and decides to play it for all of them . Everyone is shocked, just shocked, that the prints in the SUV belonged to Zulima. Once again, Estela gets to say “I told you so!”

Gonzalez falls asleep in the back of the plane as Yoli continues asking Zuli questions, like how’d she get money to live off of. Zuli says she doesn’t like to talk about it. Yoli remembers Estela saying something about Zuli isn’t right. She claims she was kidnapped all that time, but Estela never saw her.

Santamaría, The Consul, and John wrap up their meeting. John will give back the money from Cielito Lindo as “payment” for Santamaría taking out The Senator. And he’ll put up the men and guns to do it with. Yeah, yeah, Santamaría gets Yolanda.

And then The Consul wants to talk to John about “them.” *snort*

Raúl’s in Dave’s office with another officer, watching the news, wondering what’s going to happen with the election. Liz calls him and he repeats what he said in his message about the prints. No, he wouldn’t lie about that. He wants them to turn Zulima over to the feds and offers to help, but they hear Vergara and his men coming and turn off the phone.

Vergara bursts into the dining room and starts confiscating all the cell phones and sending everyone to their rooms.

Dave’s still sitting out in the drive when Arley casually ambles by. Dave calls to him and Arley’s like “Hey, I’m just here to kill Zulima.” They call a truce and Dave even gives Arley a gun before they go sneaking inside.

The Senator, er Sinisterra, arrives and Vergara confirms that he’s got all the “girls” locked up–except for Zulima and Yoli who are out making a pickup. And no, The Consul hasn’t arrived yet.

She’s off at Lucio HQ giving John her condolences for Oscar’s death. But he never liked her much anyway. John says Oscar never liked any woman and we get a montage of all the times Oscar and Yoli pulled guns on each other. Ah, good times. No, John’s not worried about what Santamaría will do to Yoli. He’s hoping he kills her.

Well, she never liked Yolanda. Does he really think Santamaría can kill Sinisterra before he gets killed himself?

Like John cares! Either way, it’s good for them.

The Consul gets to her real reason for coming here–she wants to make a Cartel de las Sombras 2.0 with her and John in charge. He’s down with that. They seal the deal with some nookie….

Or at least that’s the plan until The Consul’s phone starts ringing. She tells Sinisterra she got caught in traffic, but he should go ahead and get the conference call set up. And then she and John resume nookie plans.

Dave and Arley make it into the house.

Outside, Santamaría explains the plan to Piraña thusly: Get into the house, get Yolanda, kill anyone who gets in their way. Oh, that’s get Yolanda out unharmed, just to clarify.

Dave and Arley are finding it weird that they’ve seen no security in the house at all.

In the dining room, the conference call is going. The General is screaming at Sinisterra. The Governor is calling for patience. And The Consul….

Is still back at John’s where he’s shagging her and thinking of Yolanda.

After more screaming from The General, Sinisterra decides to break up with the rest of the Cartel.

Finally a hapless security guard stumbles across Dave and Arley and gets knocked out. Arley whines that he would have killed him. As they’re making their way back through the room, Lizbeth starts tapping softly on her door and asking the guard to let her out. Dave struggles to open it quietly.

Luckily for him, Santamaría, et al, have absolutely no interest in keeping things quiet. Dave tells Arley that’s not his guys–he’ll call for reinforcements. He forces Lizbeth’s door open and they start looking for the others. Olivia is NOT pleased to see Arley.

In the conference room, Sinisterra wants a helicopter, but there’s no one to fly it. Heh. Vergara suggests they get to his car instead–at least it’s armored.

As soon as they’ve established that Zuli and Yolanda aren’t in the house–not that Oli wants to tell them where they are–Dave makes that call for reinforcements and puts Arley in charge of getting everyone out and meeting him back at the entrance. Arley’s a bit grouchy about everyone having objections, but at least he agrees to let Olivia take the lead, since she actually knows her way around the house.

Dave follows Vergara and Sinisterra down to the basement/parking garage.

John and The Consul are done doing the deed. She’d like an update on the situation at the club, but no one’s answering, so John figures they’re still fighting it out. They joke about how scary Santamaría looks.

Her phone rings and she pretends she has no idea what “shootout” The General or The Governor is talking about. She was running late. Good thing, huh? John hangs up on the guy while she’s trying to decide if she wants to tell him the truth or not. He suggests they go another round.

It’s getting a bit hard to tell who’s doing all the shooting. It seems like one of Club Evil’s guys gets the drop on Piraña, but Santamaría takes him out. Meanwhile, Dave’s shooting it up in the garage with Vergara. He’s no match for Sinisterra’s armored car. Vergara keeps calling for backup, but I’m not sure there’s backup to be had.

Up in the house, Arley’s trying to hold a back stairwell while Santamaría and Piraña shoot at him. Olivia calls to him to get going already. Santamaría sends Piraña ahead of him up the narrow stairway, which seems like kind of a stupid thing to do.

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