La Piloto Monday 6/12/17 #70

Shootout at Club Evil

After a little shooting in and around the narrow stairwell, everyone but Wilmer gets away while he stays behind to “cover” them. With a fire extinguisher. That doesn’t work. So now he’s Santamaría’s hostage. And Mr. One-track-mind assumes “I don’t know where Yolanda is” is code for “I’m not telling you.”

Olivia wants to go back for him when she realizes he’s not with them, but Arley and Lizbeth convince her to go and they’ll come back for him.

In the parking garage, Dave tries to convince Vergara to turn himself in. Vergara shoots himself instead.

Back at Lucio HQ, John and The Consul videoconference with The General. He’s not happy they ordered this attack, but he agrees Sinisterra was getting too big for his britches. She assures him that Santamaría will take him out. The General approves.

Outside, Arley and Team Yoli can hear the sirens approaching. Olivia still wants to go back and he and Liz have to talk her into leaving again.

The cops/DEA make it inside the house. Raúl tries calling Liz, but gets voicemail.

In the garage, Piraña’s taking his sweet time hotwiring a car when Dave shows up. He and Santamaría shoot at each other, but Santamaría’s using Wilmer as a shield. As they drive out of the garage, Dave tells his guys to block the exit.

Back inside the house, Dave hurriedly tells Raúl all the stuff Raúl didn’t know–that Santamaría was here, he took Wilmer hostage, and Arley came in to get Lizbeth, Olivia, and Estela out. Dave goes to check the rest of the house and asks Raúl to help him coordinate things.

Santamaría gets back to Lucio HQ with the bad news that neither Sinisterra nor Yoli were at the house. But he did kill all Sinisterra’s men. Wilmer helpfully tries to explain, again I suspect, that Yoli wasn’t there to begin with and he never saw Sinisterra, but again Santamaría is convinced that he can beat a different answer out of him.

Dave checked the house and he’s sure at least that Lizbeth and the others didn’t die there. He tells Raúl to call her again and they realize her cell phone is in an evidence bag along with everyone else’s. And there’s no way for him to reach Arley. I’m going to laugh if after all this, they’re just sitting out in Dave’s SUV in the driveway, waiting for him.

Piraña gets Wilmer tied up and advises him to cooperate ’cause the Coronel is “crazy.” Oh, Wilmer knows exactly what kind of guy he is.

Meanwhile, Santamaría and The General have a little mutual admiration thing going on via videoconference. The Consul is proposing they let Sinisterra and The Governor do their own thing and they form a new Cartel and take over “the business.” Which sounds good, but John doesn’t have a title. Just saying. What’s his code name going to be? The Narco?

By morning, Arley still hasn’t called and Dave doesn’t think he will. He’s too focused on going after Zulima. Hopefully Yolanda will listen to his phone message.


Yoli and Zuli land in Colombia, where Rubén is very happy to see them. He tells his guys to start loading up the plane and invites them to come have a drink with him, out of the heat. Yoli tells Zulima to grab the cell phones and sat phone and let the girls know they’re OK.

Zuli mutters to herself that Yoli thinks she’s her assistant. Then she listens to Dave’s message on Yoli’s phone and freaks out.

Rubén does most of the drinking while he complains about how hard it is to start a business in this area and compliments Yoli. She begs him to stop, asks about fuel for the plane, and hands over his payment. And then somebody starts shooting.

They all run out to the plane, where Zuli says the shot came from the brush. Rubén organizes his guys to go look and Zuli says they’ll stay with the merca. He agrees, telling Yoli if she sees anything, shoot.

Once they’ve all cleared out, Yoli muses that it sounded like the gunshot came from closer. Zuli’s like “Oh, well, you found me out.” She tells Yoli to thrown her gun down or she’ll shoot her. I think Yoli’s too confused to do anything.

Yoli throws down the gun eventually. When Zuli tells her to hand over the money, Yoli does that too. I can’t believe Yoli seriously wants to have the “I thought we were friends” conversation. Nah, Zuli hates her, Yoli thinks she’s so much better than everyone else, blah blah blah, she’s hated her since she met her.

Amid flashbacks, we get a replay of the whole story. Zequi was her lover, when he became useless she got rid of him, she seduced John, he never raped her. She was his partner and he even showed her how to fly. She and Oscar convinced John she was working for the DEA–that’s why he wanted her dead.

Yoli believes all that, but she doesn’t believe Zuli’s a killer, so Zuli brags that she’s the one who killed Amanda.

Zuli tries to get away, gets into a fistfight with Yoli, and ends up having to take off on her own. Did the guys ever get around to refueling the plane? Just wondering.


Wilmer fell asleep waiting for the “torture” to begin. He has a hard time not rolling his eyes at Santamaría’s speech about “we can do this the easy way or the fun way.”

Olivia, Lizbeth, and Estela are holed up in a hotel room. Estela’s got a bottle of booze, so she’s happy. The list of the dead at Club Evil were on the TV and Olivia’s hopeful because Wilmer’s name isn’t on the list. Vergara’s was, though. Lizbeth can’t help but be happy. Estela toasts to him having had a long, painful death. She’s pessimistic about Wilmer’s survival as well as Rosalba and the baby’s and gets shushed by the others.

Wilmer’s telling Santamaría the truth–Yolanda is in Colombia–but Santamaría refuses to believe him.

Dave checks in with Fajardo and leaves Arley out of the story. He found the club by following Wilmer, he found Olivia, Lizbeth, and Estela inside…and then there was a shootout and they got away. Santamaría took Wilmer. And he thinks maybe Sinisterra could have been there. There was an armored car and someone got away. Fajardo’s more or less satisfied with this explanation.

Raúl has the cell phones in evidence bags and decides to try to call some of the outgoing numbers on them.

Santamaría tells John that Wilmer isn’t telling him anything. John’s like “Seriously? Not even a clue?” Santamaría says Wilmer claims Yoli is in Colombia.

Uh, she could be. If she needs to get the business going again and she’s got his plane to travel in. So now Santamaría’s totally on board with “Yoli’s in Colombia” and decides to find out when and where she’s returning.


Rubén is pissed that his money’s gone and he’s blaming Yolanda. She convinces him she’s just as screwed as he is and gets him to loan her a plane so she can chase down Zuli. He insists Gonzalez stay behind.

Yoli starts hailing Zuli on the radio and telling her to land.

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