La Piloto Tuesday 6/13/17 #71

Yoli’s chasing Zulima down, trying to convince her to land. When that doesn’t work, she threatens to kill her once she does land. Zuli thinks her orishas and muertos are gonna help her out, but when’s the last time she bothered talking to them? Just saying.

Yoli’s loaner can’t keep up and Zuli starts pulling ahead. She calls John and proposes a truce–she’ll give him back his plane, they’ll have a clean slate, and she’ll help him get Yolanda.

John’s not sure he trusts her. He guesses correctly that Yoli’s after her because she found out Zulima killed Amanda, but even that isn’t quite enough for him. Zuli tells him she’s got a ton of coke with her and she’ll land at Yoli’s runway, effectively giving him the location so John can destroy it.

John’s ok with the deal, but he keeps thinking about his history with Zuli.

Team Good-ish

Lizbeth calls Raúl, just so he knows she’s ok. They’re still with Arley. She doesn’t need the reminder that he’s “dangerous.” She still remembers the water torture back in Villa Antigua. Anyway, she’s not going to tell Raúl where she is–she’s just calling to see if he knows anything about Wilmer.

Not since Dave said Santamaría took him. They’re sure he’s trying to get info out of him.

Santamaría is indeed beating Wilmer, but John interrupts to say he knows where Yoli is. And he doesn’t want Wilmer killed–he might come in handy later.

Raúl mentions Vergara and says he’s been checking his messages. There’s one about taking the lady and the kid south. Liz figures that’s Rosalba and the baby. Arley sees her in the hallway on the phone and takes it away to hang up. He’s pissed off that she was on the phone. Is she not going to explain that she has a lead on his kid?

Back in the room, Liz tells Olivia that Santamaría has Wilmer and there was a lead in Vergara’s phone about Rosalba and the baby. Estela and her bottle of booze still think it’s more realistic to assume Wilmer’s already dead.

Liz did talk to Arley about the lead and he thinks he knows what house they’re talking about. Olivia hates to agree with Estela, but they are a little under-equipped for this. Well, Liz will talk to Arley about it and they’ll see what they can do. Estela’s like “Yeah, I’ll stay behind and guard the room.”

Arley and Liz go out to steal an appropriate vehicle.


Dave visits Benavídez to find out what to do about Sinisterra. Allegedly, unless they have “proof” they can’t put him in jail and if they can’t put him in jail there’s no way to do the elections over and he gets to be president.

Sinisterra shows up and Benavídez lets Dave sit in as long as he promises to behave himself. Dude…if you have to ask.

Sinisterra is here to give a voluntary statement about this “misunderstanding.”

So, his excuse is that the video is real, but he was meeting with Oscar to coordinate him and John turning themselves over. And the fake part was that it was all put together by his political opponents who are trying to make him look bad because he’s such a great guy who’s always been committed to putting an end to the narcos. Benavídez looks at him like “Seriously?”

But this was just a voluntary statement, so Sinisterra gets to walk out after. He all but bribes Benavídez with a promotion and Dave flips out. He starts asking if Sinisterra was at the Club last night ’cause he’s sure he saw him. He accuses Sinisterra of being part of the Cartel.

Sinisterra tells him to shut it unless he has proof and goes out to address the reporters who have gathered on the front steps.

Dave and Benavídez watch from Benavídez’s office. Hell no, Benavídez doesn’t buy it. And he recognized the attempted bribe, too. But he also knows it sounds like a convincing story and the press is going to help Sinisterra spread it. They have to be careful. If they’re right, his people will come after them.

Raúl calls and Dave explains that their great video ended up looking like nothing once Sinisterra showed up and said it was all a plot by his enemies. Raúl tells Dave about the message on Vergara’s phone talking about Rosalba and the baby.

Dave gets back to the office and Raúl says he hasn’t had any further updates. They also have no idea where the safe house would be. Dave, of course, is mostly worried about Yolanda. We know, Dave. We know.

At home, Sinisterra’s wife is rather blasé about him lying. His son comes home, upset that the other kids at school picked on him. The Governor calls and requests an urgent videocall.

Cartel 2.0

John shows everyone where the runway is on a map before they head out. Santamaría, the broken record, reminds him for the fifty millionth time that he gets Yolanda.

They drive out to a few km from the runway and check the map again. They don’t seem to know exactly where it is, but John’s assuming he can find it from Zulima’s description.

Yoli starts to realize that Zulima’s heading for Tomuca. She complains over the radio, but Zuli’s like “Whatever, aren’t you the badass pilot?”

Santamaría takes out everyone inside the hangar, except for one guy who made a run for it. He goes over to bug John to call Zulima and find out what direction she’s coming from and whether Yoli’s still following her. Even John’s sick of this guy by now, but he calls Zuli anyway. She says she’s half an hour away and Yoli’s still following her. John explains they’ll let her land before giving her a proper “Welcome.”

Yoli calls the hangar to give them instructions to detain Zuli. Unfortunately, it’s John on the radio.

Zuli calls to says she’s just coming in. John tells her to land already, but carefully, so she doesn’t mess up his baby. Just for that I want her to hit something. But she doesn’t.

She hands John the keys and he has a moment of reunion with his beloved plane. Santamaría says now’s not the time. They need to clear out so Yolanda doesn’t see them.

Dave’s sensing a disturbance in the Force.

Zuli hauls the big sack of money into the hangar. I don’t know what she thought was going to happen with it, but John’s claiming it for himself. Oh, and they have the “you’d better not screw me over again or I’ll kill you” talk.

Yoli calls in, asking for permission to land and asking John to identify himself. Uhhh…he looks over at Zuli but she has no clue the names of any of the guys who would have been there. Ha!

So Yoli throws him a line, asking if that’s Montero. Psych! There is no “Montero.” She doesn’t land, Santamaría freaks out, he and John take turns threatening her over the radio while Yoli tells them they’ll never catch her. Losers.

Yoli calls emergency services with the coordinates of the runway in Tomuca where she just happened to see John Lucio’s plane.

Dave’s guys come in to announce that someone just called in the coordinates of John Lucio’s plane. Road trip!

Yoli had to land. She starts hoofing it back to Mexico and hitches a ride.

John’s getting ready to take off in La Consentida and making Santamaría and Zuli drive back together. I don’t blame him–I wouldn’t want to have to put up with them either.

Zuli tries to offer to help Santamaría find Yoli, but he thinks he can do it alone. If she wants to help, she could tell him where Yoli might have landed her plane.

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