La Piloto Wednesday 6/14/17 #72

Lucio HQ

Zulima and Santamaría get back and she turns her nose up at the place. Why can’t they take over the Club? Uh, ’cause they just shot it up the other night. Lizbeth and Olivia got away, but he brought that Wilmer guy back with him.

Wilmer? Olivia’s boyfriend? Santamaría’s surprised to hear he is, since to him Wilmer looks like a virgin who lives with his grandma. I get that he’s evil, but does he also have to be such a sexist tool? He decides to send Zuli in, pretending to be a fellow prisoner, and tell Wilmer if he doesn’t talk Santamaría will kill them both. Then he punches her, for effect.

Wilmer’s busy reminiscing about Olivia when Santamaría interrupts his pleasant memories with…Zuli. This is not an acceptable substitute.

Zuli tells her BS story about how she and Yolanda were landing the plane and suddenly Santamaría and John captured them.

How’s that when Wilmer never told them where the runway was? John’s the one who suddenly came in and said he knew where to find Yoli. Zuli keeps playing innocent, saying Yoli’s in here someplace and gosh she hopes she’s not being mistreated.

Really? Because they already know Zuli killed Amanda. Zuli spins it as an accident and says she just didn’t tell anyone because she wanted to be blamed for it, but she just feels sooooo awful. Wilmer rolls his eyes at her sobbing.

Zuli keeps trying to get info out of him, but like he says–all he knows is the others got away with Arley. Once Santamaría got hold of him, how’s he supposed to know what happened? She finds it odd that Arley and Dave showed up together.

Wilmer wonders what’s going to happen now that they have Yoli. Oh, Zuli’s sure they’ll kill them both.


He thinks the people will buy his BS. The Governor’s down with that, but he thinks the rest of “the cartel” has split off. Sinisterra doesn’t care. Yes, yes, they’re still buds.

As much as she doesn’t want to, Sinisterra convinces his wife to leave the country until things calm down.

In Colombia, Rubén is seriously stressing. Gonzalez’s phone rings and he convinces Rubén to let him answer, saying it’s his boss and he might know what happened to Yoli. Mostly Sinisterra wants him to come back and take over for Vergara, but Gonzalez explains that Zuli screwed them over and he’s stuck in Colombia as a guarantee of payment. Sinisterra asks Rubén how much payment they’re talking about.

Team Yoli

Dave and his team don’t arrive at Tomuca in time to find anything but the bodies.

Olivia’s frustrated at the lack of news, other than the TV reporting an apparent shootout at a hidden runway in Tomuca. Estela’s sure that was Zuli’s doing. She probably tipped off the cops. Every time something bad happens, Zuli’s behind it.

Olivia thinks she knows where to look for Yolanda. She leaves Estela in charge of the phone. Estela immediately calls down to the front desk and asks for another bottle of rum. Estela: The perpetual answer to “Why is all the rum gone?”

Olivia finds Yoli in a park and they get caught up on…everything. The shootout, Zuli, the fact that they no longer have a plane, or money, or merca. And that Arley and Lizbeth are out trying to rescue Rosalba and the baby.


Well, now that Wilmer’s sure he’s dying, he sobs and reminisces about Olivia. I’m not sure how much Zuli can take.

Santamaría saves her before long, acting like he’s going to take her off for a beating.

In the other room, she complains again about him hitting her. He neither understands the significance nor cares about the fact that Arley’s the one who got Lizbeth and the others out of the Club. And Wilmer didn’t know anything about Yolanda.

But Zuli knows where Yoli’s mom and Amanda’s baby are being held.


Gonzalez is back in town. Sinisterra’s planning to take the extra money he had to pay out of Yoli’s paycheck. But for now, he sends him after The Consul.

Sinsterra Jr. heard the whole thing and asks if his dad just seriously told someone to kill the Colombian consul.

The Consul gets out of a meeting at the president’s house. Plenty of people are alarmed at the thought of Sinisterra taking office, but him denying it all lessened the impact of the video. John wants her to come over and discuss it. She wants to celebrate their “partnership.” Unfortunately, she takes so long getting to her car that Sinisterra’s guys pull a driveby.


Arley’s pretty sure they’ve found the right place. Liz notices a guard. They get out of the van to see how many others there are.

Inside the house, the doctor is checking out the baby. He has an infection–probably bacterial–and says it’s bound to happen when he’s shut up in these conditions constantly. Germs accumulate. Higuera, the head creep in charge there, hustles the doctor out of there and tells Rosalba he’s not filling the antibiotic prescription until his boss gives him orders.

Rosalba tells the baby the Virgen’s going to watch out for him.

But his daddy’s out there too, with Lizbeth, and they’re sure given all the security that this is the place they’re looking for. Not that they know what to do–if they go in guns blazing they’ll just get killed. Lizbeth suggests calling Raúl and Dave and letting them take care of the problem, but Arley scoffs at that idea.

Olivia calls to say she and Yoli are on the way. They had a little trouble with Santamaría and John, but they can talk about that later. Yoli asks Liz to send an address where they can meet.

Dave can’t stand waiting any longer. He decides to just start driving south, over Raúl’s objections. He laves Raúl to keep an eye on the office. Raúl needs to start getting paid.

Lizbeth and Arley watch the doctor leaving the house alone and Arley decides to kidnap him for information.

John gets back to HQ and Santamaría almost sarcastically tells him Zuli thinks she knows where they’re keeping Yolanda’s mom and some kid. John’s certainly interested when he hears it’s Arley and Amanda’s baby–Arley would give his life for that info. Whatever, Santamaría just wants to grab Yoli’s mom to force her out of hiding.

John tells the two of them to take care of it. He’s got a booty call with The Consul. Zuli fumes as she remembers finding them in bed together at the club.

Arley and Lizbeth grab the doctor. He thinks this is a carjacking until Arley shoves him into the back of the van.

They pull over to interrogate him. He says there’s a woman and a child in that house and denies knowing how many guards there are…eight? Ten, maybe? Arley asks him, in a friendly way for Arley, if he wouldn’t happen to know a back way in. Actually….

Lizbeth finally sends Oli an address.

Zuli and Santamaría are also heading for the back way, but still an hour away.

Yoli and Olivia show up with hugs and kisses for Arley, which is kind of hilarious. Yoli agrees with Arley on not calling the police and going in themselves. Everyone piles into the van, shoving the poor doctor back in.

It’s morning. Rosalba has finished giving the baby a bath and his fever is down. She hears an approaching car and begs the baby to keep quiet. In the living room, the guards heard a car too.

Santamaría shoots the guards out front. Or rather, his men and the cartel’s men take each other out.

Arley, et al, still have no idea what’s going on, but nothing’s going to stop him from getting his kid, so he tells Lizbeth to keep driving.

Santamaría missed out on the getting shot and takes out the one guy who’s not dead yet.

OK, now Rosalba’s sure those were shots and she starts packing the baby’s bag to get him out of there.

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