La Mujer del Vendaval Friday 3/24/17 #93

Longest wedding reception EVER

Timo finally emerges from under the table, but he won’t leave until Octavia forgives him…so she leaves instead. Mauro promises he’ll tell Timo where they’re staying so he can come talk to Octavia there, but he’s really gotta go so people don’t see them talking.

The conversation in the office wraps up. For all the blah, blah, blah, Nuria’s point is she doesn’t want Alba to renew her friendship with Cris or he’ll totally go for her. Alba’s like “Fine, whatever” on the outside and all heartbroken on the inside.

Al asks Silvana not to say anything to Luciano. As if she would! He’d just hold it over her head forever. She calls Nestor in and he says he’s going to follow Al’s orders and nobody’s sayin’ nothin’ to nobody. They’re all set to go, so Al and Nestor wheel Silvana’s suitcases out. On a random note, Nestor looks good in that dark suit.

María Laura tries to find out of the necklace is still where she left it or not, but she finds Sacha/Norma lurking around Demetrio’s grave.

Marcela and Emiliano toast to her happiness and having a good time on her honeymoon and continuing to follow doctor’s orders. Her glass still has the price tag on the bottom. I mean, really, I’m not going out of my way to notice these things, they’re just there.

ML comes back to her room, but to her the fact that Sacha’s out there is proof the necklace isn’t. She bursts into tears knowing that all her plans have failed. “Nothing hurts me more than other people’s happiness!” Wow…that’s…honest.

Al and Silvana come in to fetch Nisa/say their goodbyes. ML tries to get Al to tell her why they’re leaving so suddenly and he grumpily says she’s too curious.

Tuti and Angelo are lamenting that they really thought they could have found them some cowboys out here at the ranch. Conchita feels like she’s failed at her job.

Amadeo finds Alba crying in the office alone, but she won’t tell him why.

Nuria rejoins Cris and claims she got lost on the way back from the bathroom. No, she didn’t see Al. Cris goes off to find him.

ML is seriously weeping in her room. Lencho comes into her room. Whoever she’s crying about, he doesn’t care–at least now she knows how he feels! He would have launched her calendar and everything. She kicks him out and kicks her shoes at the door. She laments the loss of Al, of her dad’s bank password….

But wait! What if…?

Timo gets to the getaway vehicle where Lencho is…not.

On his way out of the house, Lencho runs into Octavia who’s pissed off that he’s (a) here and (b) inside the house, potentially looking for ML. She wants to meet him later, but he thinks it’s going to have to wait until they get back to Huatulco. Oh, no, she expects him to join her at the hotel in San Jacinto.

Cristian tries to hit on Alba. She tells him to take a hike. They’re arguing too close to the cake for my taste, but there was no cakeicide. I repeat, no cakeicide.

Maria Laura goes out to the courtyard and uses Damiana’s name to get Octavia to talk to her. They both know her death wasn’t an accident. They both know the accident was planned for Al, not Damiana. She heard the conversation when she was hiding out in the bathroom–how they hired guys to mess with Al’s brakes….

Cris continues his pursuit, Alba continues her retreat.

The emcee announces it’s time for the novios to dance. But where’s Al? The emcee calls Marcela up anyway, saying they’ll give the novio a few minutes.

Out by the corral, ML claims she has a recording on her cell phone of Octavia and Mauro planning. For the life of me I can’t remember if she does or not. She wants payment in exchange for her silence. For starters, she wants Octavia to pay for her calendar launch. So people can see her, uh, talents. She seriously squeezes one butt cheek and makes a bicycle horn sound effect. And then makes the same gesture in the general direction of Octi’s boobs. I wish I was making that up, but no, they went there.

Emiliano finds Al out wandering around and says Marcela’s looking for him for their first dance. Al says he hates all that stupid stuff. Emi assumes the thing with his mom made him angry, but he encourages him to go enjoy the party.

Cris meets them on the way back and Al sends Emi on ahead to tell Marcela he’s on the way. Cris asks what his mom’s problem is. Al ignores him and tells him not to tell Marcela that he paid off the ranch’s debt. He’s decided he doesn’t want her to know. He’ll talk to Octavia about keeping it secret. He refuses to tell Cris what’s going on.

Fine, Octavia will organize the calendar launch as soon as she gets back to the Toscana. ML generously says she’s not going to take Lencho away from her. *snort*

Al and Cris arrive and Al swears Octavia to secrecy about having paid off the debt. Octavia’s really curious about what’s going on, but Al won’t tell her a thing.

Lencho finally gets back to the getaway car.

Eulogio and July get to the clinic in San Jacinto. Timo calls to say he’s on his way home.

They’re still waiting for Al back at the reception and Marcela’s the only one who’s not worried about where he is. She’s more concerned to hear that Silvana left with Nisa, Conchita, and the entourage. She thought they’d have a chance to talk.

Amadeo says they’re all out of appetizers–should the wait staff start serving dinner? Alba says that has to be after the first dance.

And finally, here comes Al. Marcela tries to talk to him, but he says he doesn’t want to think, just dance. He remembers confronting Marcela about the necklace, her denying it, him asking her to marry him for real.

Rosa gnaws on a kebab while Mateo and Sagrario cut in. Valeria wonders why Al looks so upset. She’s surprised to hear that Silvana left and wants Emi to come dance with her.

Sagrario quietly gives Al a lecture about getting that crabby look off his face ’cause Marcela’s been through enough and she deserves better. His response is “You think so?”

Valeria and Emi cut in. Rosa’s still going to town on that kebab. Marcela tells Emi she has no idea what Al’s deal is. Valeria goes into action, saying she had the funny feeling at the church that the whole thing was fake…but that can’t possibly be right. Hey, if Al ever needs a friend. (*roll eyes*)

As the couple’s “first dance” wraps up, Octavia tells Mauro about Al’s request. He fills her in on Silvana leaving. As the music ends, everyone starts clamoring for a kiss. Instead Al walks Valeria back to her table and ignores Marcela. Everybody notices. Alba tells the head waiter to start serving the food.

Al chats with Nuria. He’s sure she and Cris will be OK. Nuria’s like “Sure, if he forgets the other woman.” Oh, Cris didn’t tell him? He’s got the hots for Alba, Marcela’s cousin. Al shoots Marcela a dirty look.

Alba’s worrying that there won’t be enough food. Amadeo to the rescue! He’s going to go get more bread.

Nuria goes on whining to Al about how ever since Alba showed up at the hotel, she and Cris have been all buddy-buddy. Al keeps glaring at Marcela. The extra next to Al keeps covering her entire face with her fan.

Back at their table, Mauro says he noticed Octavia talking to Marcela’s cousin. “And Lencho’s ex.” Wait, seriously? Is she jealous? Octavia says they’re BOTH involved with that girl now, since she knows they tried to kill Al.

Alba asks Rosa to do her a favor and have the servers put less food on each plate. Cris catches up to her, begging for a minute. But dude…food crisis! No, actually Alba’s not happy that he’s come looking for her just because he’s having a fight with his wife. Cris claims that’s not it and he knows what he wants. Which is apparently to snog her. Right in front of Al.

Octavia tells Mauro not to worry–she’s not going to turn them in because she wants something. She apparently made a calendar and they’re going to promote it. At least until they come up with a way of getting rid of her permanently.

Alba finally notices Al and freaks out. Cris says it’s all his fault. Well, the kissing part. The marriage falling apart part is ’cause Nuria lied to him.

Sagrario tells Marcela to quit wandering all around the party and let Sagrario take care of the guests. Marcela should be keeping an eye on her husband. Alba makes it back to the party and they can tell from her face something’s up.

Maria Laura skips out on the party to visit Severo. He’s still playing “lights are on and nobody’s home” but he gives us just enough of a flicker of eye movement to let us know he’s pulling one over on her. ML seems to think there’s some way she can get his bank account number and password out of him.

So now that Al’s heard the whole story about Nuria, he totally knows how Cris feels. But he still thinks Cris needs to get away from Alba and stay away from her, before it’s too late.

Alba won’t tell Marcela and Sagrario what’s going on. Rosa comes over to say the waiters won’t pay any attention to her, so Sagrario goes to see what she can do. Once it’s just Marcela, Alba confesses that Cris kissed her and Al saw them. She’s never seen Al looking so…hard. He made her feel like a bug.

Al comes over and Alba tries to explain, but he says it’s between her and her conscience. He won’t listen to Marcela either–it’s Alba’s business. He just came over to tell Marcela the party’s over as far as he’s concerned, so she’d better get her stuff together. They’re leaving.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Grrr Al you’re making me want to adjust your tie for you. Actually no, he needs more blood flow to his brain, not less. Even Sacha thought something was hinky with finding the necklace there. I wish he could just get over his hurt feelings and start thinking. As far as I can remember, ML didn’t record the convo between Mauro and Oct, she was too busy being shocked and pressing her ear up against the door. I was kinda enjoying her tantrum over being foiled just because she thinks she failed and its the only bright spot in this… Read more »