La Piloto Thursday 6/15/17 #73

Lizbeth drives the van up to the front gate. They can all hear the shots, but there are no guards. Arley decides he and Yoli will go in and the other two will wait with the van.

Rosalba makes a run for it out to the woods, but she gets lost.

Dave still has no idea where he’s going…until he gets a call over the radio about a shootout near Del Carmen.

Santamaría makes it into the empty house. The men outside are also reporting there’s no one there. Zuli tells him the cops just showed up, but instead of getting out, he keeps checking out the house.

Outside, Yoli and Arley are still sneaking around, planning to look in the window. Santamaría finds the baby’s room, looks out the window, and there’s Yoli.

Rosalba’s still lost and trying to soothe the crying baby.

Yoli finds Arley outside and says Santamaría saw her, but there’s no sign of her aunt or the baby. They hear the police sirens approaching and decide to make a run for it. Rosalba hears them too.

Dave and his guys make it to the empty house. Yoli and Arley make it back to the van, but Santamaría’s blocking their path and starts shooting at the van. Dave starts trying to figure out where the sound is coming from. Lizbeth manages to clip Santamaría and leave him there for Dave to find.

Since Dave doesn’t shoot him, Santamaría gets the drop on him and makes a run for it. He gets back to the car and tells Zuli to get going. She’s worried about the other guys, but I think they’re all dead at this point. Santamaría tells her Dave’s coming. Nope, didn’t have to tell her that twice! She takes off.

Arley has Lizbeth stop the van since she’s so freaked out. Olivia wants them to explain what happened back at the house. She thinks there’s a possibility that Rosalba and the baby escaped. Yoli finally thinks to talk to the doctor and he tells them the baby had an infection and needs antibiotics. Taking him out of the incubator wouldn’t be a great idea, and with the humidity….

Rosalba’s not hearing gunshots anymore, so she gets up with the baby. Lizbeth decides to drive around the area and see if they can find her.

Instead, Rosalba runs into Higuera, who takes them hostage.

Yoli thinks about everything they’ve been through with the baby. Olivia asks what they’re going to do now. The only option she can see is to keep depending on the Cartel and hope they have Rosalba and the baby. Yoli disagrees–she can turn herself in to the feds like Dave keeps asking her to.

Mexico City

John and The General are still waiting for Sonia and it’s been an hour. John sees a report about the attempt on her life. Someone’s dead, but he doesn’t know who. He’s sure Sinisterra was behind it.

Sonia’s not dead, but she sure is cranky. John calls and puts her on speaker with The General. She says one of her men was killed and another is in surgery. She’s sure it was Sinisterra–she saw one of his men, Gonzalez.

John’s taking this as a declaration of war. The General’s on board with retaliating. John asks if she knows where he lives…sure, she’s been there plenty of times.

Sinisterra’s wife and son pack up to head for Spain.

Zulima and Santamaría get back to Lucio HQ just as John’s finishing explaining his plan to the guys. He mocks Santamaría for taking this trip just to get hurt and tells Zuli to quit asking questions and look after him.

Higuera calls Sinisterra directly, much to his displeasure. He tells him they’ve lost the safe house and all their men, but he still has Rosalba and the baby. Sinisterra wants him back in Mexico ASAP, so Higuera steals a van.

Sinisterra’s wife fusses over her son’s packing job. He’s being a little punk because he’d rather stay and “help” his dad. They hear shots outside and she sneaks out to see Piraña in the house.

They make a run for it and with the uniformity of all the glass and wood I think it’s hard for Piraña to get his bearings. Plus I’m not sure he has authorization to kill them, so mostly every time he sees them on the other side of the glass, all he does is shout “Hey!” and keep trying to chase them down. They make it to the garage and drive off with him shooting at them in the street.

Sinisterra thinks he’s getting the “We made it to the plane” phone call, but instead his wife is sobbing that they killed Mauricio.

John wanders into Wimer’s room, marveling at how much he put up with. But now John thinks it’s time to kill him. Wilmer’s response is to put his head down to bring it closer to John’s gun.

So John changes his mind. He heard Wilmer was good with this computer stuff. He’ll give him a test–hack into the Mexican Air Force’s server. Wilmer says it’s impossible. And he’ll have to download some software that’s going to take some time. John tells him to hurry.

Piraña calls John and tells him they have good news and bad news. They killed all Sinisterra’s guards at the house, but he wasn’t there. And they didn’t get his wife, but they did kill his son.

Team Yoli gets back to the hotel. Estela knows Yoli’s not going to believe it, but she’s happy to see her. Yoli admits that Estela was right about Zulima. Estela comes pretty close to saying “takes one to know one.”

Yoli tells her they weren’t able to complete their mission. Santamaría was at the house. She’s sure Rosalba and the baby are OK…as long as they’re not with him.

Well, Estela has news too–she just saw on the TV that they killed Sinisterra’s son.

Sinisterra arrives at the hospital. His wife is sobbing over their son’s body. She’s had it with Sinisterra and his crap–this is all his fault. Dumbass is like “I’ll get you a sedative.”

John calls The Consul with the news. She’s heard already. In fact, they brought Sinisterra’s son to the same hospital, so she’d really like to get out before she runs into him. John offers to send Piraña to guard her.

Sinisterra gives a press conference blaming it all on those bad, bad, narcos and vowing to eradicate them or whatever. Sleazebag.

Wilmer gets into the server after another round of threats. John tells him to hurry up and get out before they track him. And welcome to the cartel. Santamaría tells him his first job is to get to Yoli and her friends. Because he’s incapable of thinking of anything else. Wilmer tries to say he can’t do it, but gets death threats in return. So now he says he can.

Yoli calls Rubén in Colombia, expecting him not to be happy with her for taking off with his plane and not having called earlier. She’s surprised that he’s talking about her “boss” paying him for the merchandise and the plane and asking when she’s making the next pickup because he’s got some good stuff for her. Gonzalez? Oh, he sent him home already.

Yoli says she’ll call him back. She remembers asking Vergara about meeting “The Senator” and Vergara saying she’d have to deal with him.

Sinisterra tells his wife that Benavídez is going to set him up in a secure “bunker” starting tomorrow. And after the funeral, he wants her to go to Madrid like they planned. She’s just staring at a picture of Mauricio.

Gonzalez interrupts to tell him Higuera is there with Rosalba and the baby. Sinisterra wants them brought inside for now, but he doesn’t want anyone to know they’re here.

He goes down to the garage and Higuera offers his condolences. From inside the van, Rosalba hears Sinisterra telling him that the war with the Cartel and Sonia is only beginning.

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