¡Mira Quién Baila! 2017 10/8/17 #4

This Week

Either Chickybombom or Marlene is going home. The contestants get emotional. Bianca Marroquin pays a visit.

The Judges
  • Johnny Lozada (previous season winner, morning show host)
  • Poty Castillo (choreographer)
  • Guest Judge: Bianca Marroquin (Broadway star, former judge)
  • Style: Swing
  • Partner: Juventino
  • Song: Sing Sing Sing (Benny Goodman Orchestra)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Johnny: She needs to keep her energy up the entire time. It’s her one and only problem.
    • Bianca: Attitude is important to her and she’s got it, but she needed to see more strength on the kicks. Other than that she enjoyed it.
    • Poty: This is the first time he thinks he’s seen her dance with the same energy she brings when she’s talking to people. But it was only from the waist up. Those were not her feet!
Franco Noriega
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Partner: Barbie
  • Song: Believer (Imagine Dragons)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Johnny: He really got into the character, but there wasn’t a lot of dancing and this is a dance competition.
    • Bianca: He’s got the body of a boxer, but he needed to keep up with the tempo in all the transitions.
    • Poty: It’s the first time they’ve done a “contemporary” rhythm. He did great, but he lost his character in the transitions.
    • Franco would like the critiques to quit focusing on his body and start being about his dancing so he can improve. Johnny insists he’s being objective and Franco’s just not dancing well. Poty also insists he’s being objective. Franco griped that it doesn’t seem to matter if he’s dressed or not they always talk about his body.
Alejandro Nones
  • Style: Samba
  • Partner: Emily
  • Song: Felices Los 4 (Maluma)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Bianca: He’s such a great partner and when all four were dancing together they were coordinated. She enjoyed it.
    • Poty: This was the difference between dancing and not dancing–you danced.
    • Johnny: Bro, you’ve really been improving since you started.
Ana Patricia Gamez
  • Style: Jive
  • Partner: Tony
  • Song: Corazón en la Maleta (Luis Fonsi)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Bianca: She’s gorgeous, her attitude was great, she did a good job with the choreography, but Bianca wanted to see more strength on the kicks.
    • Poty: This was so difficult. Dancing with Tony could have made her look bad, but it was a genuine success.
    • Johnny: Great lines. There was a mistake in there, but your face was happy so I didn’t care.
Marlene Favela
  • Style: Freestyle
  • Partner: Tony
  • Song: Gata Salvaje theme song (Pablo Montero)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Poty: If you’d done that last week, you wouldn’t be here.
    • Johnny: I liked what you did today. You were a lot more fluid than before.
    • Bianca: You looked great, but sometimes you didn’t look completely comfortable. You could have had longer lines.
Who went home?

It’s so weird to do this in the middle of everything. The one who’s staying is doing it with 63% of the votes…and that’s Chikybombom.

Marlene looks thrilled. She’s going home with $5K for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Marlene wants Chiky to stay because she knows her son is sick and Marlene has been busy with other things, like planning her wedding. So she’s rooting for Chiky now.

More dancing
Pablo Montero
  • Style: Tango
  • Partner: Jamie
  • Song: Libertango (Ástor Piazzolla)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Johnny: Good face. Sometimes the steps weren’t there. You surprised me–good job.
    • Bianca: So proud of you. Tango is difficult–the leg work is important. Everything from the waist up was great, but I would have liked a more elegant outfit too.
    • Poty: You’re like a proper Mexican gentleman doing tango, but some of the things Jamie did with her legs you were not getting into.
Dayanara Torres
  • Style: Salsa
  • Partner:
  • Song: Y Hubo Alguien (Marc Anthony)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Johnny: This is how you dance.
    • Bianca: You were like a fish in water.
    • Poty: Spectacular dancing, it deserved a dancer like you.
Victoria “La Mala”
  • Style: Adagio
  • Partner: Juan Carlos
  • Song: Contigo (Calibre 50)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Bianca: She seemed secure. Her lines were great. You can learn to heal in dance–congratulations on the experience you’re having.
    • Poty: Thank you for the way you danced and for understanding our secret meeting rehearsal.
    • Johnny: You did well, you’re improving.
Danell Leyva
  • Style: Quickstep
  • Partner: Teresa
  • Song: We Speak No Americano (Yolanda Be Cool)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Bianca: This was perfect.
    • Poty: I could take all the set pieces away and it would still be perfect.
    • Johnny: You just did a quickstep like no one’s ever done.
Ektor Rivera
  • Style: Viennese Waltz
  • Partner: Oksana
  • Song: Ecos de Amor (Jesse & Joy)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Poty: When you’re doing those turns in place try not to take steps, try to pivot in place.
    • Johnny: You’ve done a great job, it was very creative.
    • Bianca: I’ve seen you on Broadway, This was a great number, your form your arms were great.
Round 2:

The judges have selected the bottom 3 for tonight. They’ll have to dance again and the judges can only save one of them. The other two are up for voting.

Pablo Montero
  • Style: Adagio
  • Song: Cuando Nadie Me Ve (Alejandro Sanz)
Franco Noriega
  • Style: Lindy Hop
  • Song: Mony Mony (Billy Idol, Tommy James & the Shondells)
  • Style: Merengue
  • Song: Kulikitaka
Judges’ Decision

Bianca thinks all the second round dances were good. They’ve unanimously agreed to save Chikybombom.

That means Franco and Pablo are up for elimination:

To vote for Pablo call 1-866-918-8801 for an hour after the show ends, or on the Univision Conecta app for the next 24 hours, or using #MQBPabloVota on Facebook.

To vote for Franco call 1-866-918-8802 for an hour after the show ends, or on the Univision Conecta app for the next 24 hours, or using #MQBFrancoVota on Facebook.

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Linda F.
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Linda F.
Kat, thanks so much for your thorough recaps. I love having the songs listed, since I often want to look them up later. A few comments: Franco sure did tick off the (male) judges, but I think Johnny overreacted. As judges, they should set an example and keep their cool. Loved having Bianca on board! Casper also knew his stuff, but I couldn’t hear his verdicts because of the way they dubbed the translations. It’s a relief not to have to contend with that. Plus, Bianca is a sweetheart. So glad Chicky was saved! Her second dance was great fun… Read more »