Totalmente Diva Watch Party 10/9/17-10/13/17

Sandra and Fabi are a thing…sort of. Deborah and Charles could be if she’d realize he keeps giving her those looks.

Gilda and the kids are living at Arturo’s. Eliza is NOT living at Arturo’s, but they’re dating. That’s it–just dating, not getting married, not living together. Caro’s fired from Excalibur. There’s no sign of Dino, but I swear I can feel him lurking out there somewhere just waiting to come back.

Wesley’s having a really difficult time adjusting. He, Jenny, and Rosangela have moved into a downstairs neighbor’s apartment. Bola is moving in with Florisval. Jonathan’s moving in with Leila.

And Hugo…won the lottery?

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This post covers the entire week. Once the show airs in your time zone you are free to start discussing–please keep that in mind when you’re deciding whether you want to subscribe to comments.

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