La Piloto Friday 6/16/17 #74

Casa Sinisterra

After listening to Sinisterra tell Higuera that he wants all his guys assembled to go after Sonia, he decides Rosalba and the baby can die. Too bad his wife has other plans. She heard the baby in the van and just decides somebody needs to take care of him. As for Rosalba, in the absence of any other orders, all Higuera does is toss her back into the van.

It’s Gonzalez who tells him the earlier orders still stand. He needs to get Rosalba out of there and kill her and he’d better not leave any trace.

Give back my nerd!

Olivia is starting to doubt that Wilmer is still alive. After all, he’s Wilmer–wouldn’t he have gotten a message to them by now? She never thought she’d be feeling the nerd love, but well…her dad and her brother were taken away and life handed her Wilmer. Lizbeth tells her not to lose hope. They’ll find him and be laughing together soon enough at how she called him ñoño (dull).

Lucio HQ

One of the guards brings Wilmer a blanket, like their generosity is supposed to impress him. He mouths off to that guy, mouths off to Zulima who brought him clothes and soap. She reminds him he’s gotta get back to finding Yolanda–and he should forget about his girlfriend too ’cause once they find her, she’s toast.

Zuli spies on John and Sonia. Sonia’s guards are totally on her side and the consulate has set up a new house for her. But she’d rather stay in the rat hole with John. Gotta question her judgment on that. Santamaría catches Zuli spying and drags her off.

He takes her to his camper and blah blahs about making her pay since Yolanda’s not there. Zuli makes bored faces behind his back while she tells him she likes being treated badly. Yeah, his days are numbered.

Afterwards they have cigarettes and she tells him he’s the best lover ever and she can help him forget Yolanda. And that jerk says no one can make him forget Yoli. He tells her to get dressed and leaves her sobbing over all the times John rejected her because of Yoli.

Goodbye Rosalba

Higuera gets the van to some empty street and Rosalba slips out the back door. He gets all upset, but he doesn’t get out and chase her.

She ends up at Dave’s office, just after he and Raúl are considering calling Lizbeth to find out where Yolanda is. She’s in shock and can barely get out much beyond “the baby” before she breaks down sobbing.

Back at Sinisterra’s house, Higuera LIES and tells Gonzalez that she’s dead and he sent the entire van into the river.

When Rosalba’s calmed down some, she tries to tell Dave what she can, but since she was in the van, it’s difficult. She assumes it was a big house because she saw two or three other cars in the garage. The guy she was with gave his boss his condolences for some tragedy. And then a woman showed up, maybe his wife? And they took the baby away.

Dave’s sure it was Sinisterra.

Mrs. Sinisterra’s getting very attached to the baby. Trip to Madrid? Oh, forget that. He’s too little to travel. She’ll be calling her pediatrician tomorrow. Ain’t NOBODY taking this baby from her. Sinisterra whines about it causing problems, but she’s so not listening.

Dave calls to ask Benavídez for a search warrant for Sinisterra’s house for the baby. Benavidez is like “For realz?” They are talking about the president-elect here. He’s not sure he can get a judge to give him a warrant. Dave just wants him to try.

Rosalba asks about Yolanda and Dave has Raúl call Lizbeth. For all her “tell him I’m not here,” Yolanda ends up talking to Dave and hears about her aunt and the baby. She conveys the info to everyone else giving them all a “Seriously, can you believe this?!” look and Estela just like “But the baby’s alive, so what are you all upset about?”

Yoli calls Gonzalez, who’s all pissed off about being left in Colombia. She says she tried to negotiate with Rubén, but he said Gonzalez was already gone, so what’s the prob? Anyway, she needs him to be honest–do they have the baby?

He stares at the phone for a second like he’s going to hang up, but tells Yoli to forget about the baby. She demands to speak to Sinisterra, and he’d better not pretend he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She already knows the president-elect of the country is the head of the Cartel de las Sombras, so put him on the phone.

Sinisterra’s pissed off to hear that Yolanda knows who he is, but Gonzalez swears he didn’t tell her–she already knew. Yoli tries to get the baby back, but despite what he said to his wife, Sinisterra tells her to forget about the baby. Yoli says if she doesn’t get some proof her aunt and the baby are alive she’s not working for them anymore.

OK, then. He hangs up.

That was NOT the reaction she was expecting.

She tries calling back, but he lets it go to voicemail. Estela doesn’t think Sinisterra’s really going to kill them, he’s just trying to torture Yoli.

Dave actually got the search warrant, but there’s no baby in the house. And they kept up the story that Mrs. Sinisterra went to Madrid, which Dave finds odd.

She’s actually getting the baby moved in at a clinic. She’s named him Santiago and tells the nurse that his mother is dead. That’s all she needs to know. No one should connect him to her or her husband.


Yoli, Estela, Lizbeth, Olivia, and Arley all come over to where Rosalba’s waiting with Dave and Raúl. Lizbeth tells Raúl she was stupid to leave him. She’s missed him.

Dave’s hoping for a similar reunion with Yoli, but mostly they’re just staring at each other. They make with the hugging and smooching.

After everyone gets caught up, they agree Wilmer’s not going to be killed. He’s too valuable to the other cartel. Yoli explains her phone call with Sinisterra and says she’s sure they want to force her back into working for them, but she won’t.

Screw that, Dave tells her to go for it. Yoli will, as long as it means a deal and it means Arley, Lizbeth, and Olivia can be included. Dave says he’ll talk to Benavidez. Estela holds up one finger like she has something to add. No, Estela, they can’t throw in a lifetime supply of booze for you.

Yoli calls Gonzalez back and tells him to tell his boss she accepts his deal, but she wants a meeting and her work conditions are going to change. He gives her an address and tells her to show up alone.

Heh, as if! Dave’s sending Arley with her and they’ll be in communication the entire time. If anything happens he’ll have the feds there in 30 seconds.

Lucio HQ

John and his team plan over breakfast. Well, Piraña gets kicked out, but Wilmer gets to stay. John figures they’ll make money to fight the other “half” of the cartel by dealing drugs again. Zuli volunteers to fly. Wilmer just keeps taking in all this info and moving his food around on his plate.

Why does John assign Santamaría to hover over Wilmer? I mean, seriously, Wilmer has legitimate issues with “tracking” Yolanda. What’s he supposed to track? Their phones all got taken. Santamaría, being the worst manager ever, tells him to just come up with something and hurry it up because his patience is running out.

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