La Piloto Monday 6/19/17 #75


Yoli and Arley get to an abandoned building where there are plenty of convenient windows and broken glass. He heads for an upper floor and leaves her with his cell phone in case anything goes wrong.

Higuera arrives and notices Arley, but he praises Yoli for being cautious. And then he tries to hit on her. *roll eyes*

He asks about her aunt, but Yoli says he’s the one who has her, no? So Higuera plays along. He still denies working for Sinisterra and encourages her to work hard if she wants the baby to live. These are supposed to be her new work digs.


Dave visits Benavídez, who seems more amused than anything else at the utter lack of a baby at Sinisterra’s. He’s not looking too good to his boss, but he’ll work it out.

Dave broaches the subject of Yolanda helping them get evidence and Benavídez is on board, though she’ll have to be careful because these people have ears everywhere! Plus he has to get presidential approval for it. I’m assuming he means before the change in power.

Casa Dave

Dave tells Yoli that Benavídez is trying to get her a good deal. Yoli thanks him for never leaving her alone.

And then there’s nookie.

Days Later

Dave visits Monica in prison. In her cell. She’s apparently acquired hair gel and had a makeover. And has a lollipop habit. Her ex-enemies are her buds now.

Dave’s kind of freaking out that Moni’s so “different.”

He tries to talk to her about the plan and Yolanda and she just thinks it’s hilarious. Why bother? The narcos are politicians! Yoli’s going to end up in here being her cellmate. She tries to hit on Dave, but he’s not interested.

He keeps talking about how Benavídez is going to help Yolanda, how he’s helping Monica…Monica says nobody’s helping her. Not Benavídez, not Dave. She tells him to get out.

Dave does, after promising to be back. Monica gives us a replay of the Dave-Monica-Yoli triangle.

New Digs

Raúl and Lizbeth are determined to stay together. But he’s assuming that now that they’re getting moved into this, uh, deluxe craphole of an office they’ll be watched. No worries–Lizbeth will figure out how to come see him at the apartment.

The team starts off their workday by doing an inventory of supplies. They’ve either bought or been given ten of everything–radios, two types of handguns, rifles.

Higuera comes by to pull rank and complain that The Boss wants them working in 48 hours. Yoli tells him to stuff his 48 hours, they’re going to Colombia today. He saunters out and she tells Arley to get back to counting, but he looks like he’d rather be adding Higuera to his count of dead bodies.

Yoli and Arley do indeed head out that night. She’s flying under call sign “Afrodita.” They make multiple stops and I can’t tell if Arley’s feeling like she’s cutting it close or what.

Days Later

Santamaría’s being his usual annoying self. Wilmer says his latest lead on Yolanda didn’t pan out. Santamaría starts threatening to kill him, or at least put his eye out. When John shows up, Wilmer’s able to get out that he does have A LEAD, but it’s on Engracia, Sinisterra’s wife. He hacked into her credit card records and she’s bought a lot of baby things lately.

So now Santamaría wants to take the baby from her to draw Yolanda out. Hasn’t this poor baby been through enough!


Sinisterra looks on nervously as his wife coos over the baby. The doctors have cleared him for travel. Sinisterra reminds Engracia that she was supposed to go to Madrid after the inauguration. Sure, fine, whatever, he just needs to get all the paperwork ready.

Crappy office

Rosalba’s finishing sealing up boxes while Estela complains about having to carry them. Higuera and his guys show up to take them, after harassing Olivia. He doesn’t say anything about Rosalba being there.

Lucio HQ

Santamaría’s heading out to try and grab Engracia at an event. John’s going to a “meeting” with Sonia. Zuli tries to tag along with Santamaría, but he ignores her.


Benavídez has bad news for Dave and Raúl. He’s no longer Vice-Procurador. And the “deal” he tried to get for Yolanda was blocked at every turn. Sure, it was probably Sinisterra. Benavídez is still willing to keep helping Dave and Raúl. I’m not sure how he’s supposed to do that when he’s out of a job.


Engracia shows up at the clinic to spend the day with the baby. We get a shot to establish that there’s a camera in the room.

And then Santamaría shows up. He makes her call her husband.

Dave and Raúl are leaving the Procuraduría. Dave wants to try to work out some deal with the American embassy. Sinisterra saunters up, mocking them about the Vice-Procurador being fired and how he can’t believe they think he would steal a baby!

His phone rings and Santamaría has Engracia hand the phone over. Santamaría introduces himself and tells Sinisterra he wants Yolanda’s number or he’ll start killing people.

Raúl, Dave, and the two guards with Sinisterra can all tell something’s wrong. Sinisterra hisses at the guards to tell Gonzalez to send Yoli’s phone number to his wife’s cell phone and then contact him.

Dave and Raúl head for the parking garage and watch Gonzalez split the security team. They race to follow him.

At the clinic, Santamaría asks the baby’s name and then gets all nostalgic about missing his daughter, like we’re supposed to care. Engracia begs him not to kill “her” baby and he questions that Santiago is hers. But whatever–as long as her husband does what Santamaría tells him, the baby will live.

Santamaría gets a number and doesn’t even bother to verify that it’s Yolanda’s. He’s sure there are guards on the way, though, so….

He starts waving the gun around, trying to decide who to shoot.

He walks out with the nurse and the baby and steals the nurse’s car.

At the new offices, inventory continues. Lizbeth and Rosalba start working on making the place more homey–they’ve got a table set for lunch and an altar set up with candles and fake flowers.

Yoli gets a call from Santamaría, who sends her a picture of the baby. He won’t hurt him if Yoli meets him in half an hour, alone and unarmed.

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