La Piloto Tuesday 6/20/17 #76


Estela’s got her antennae up. She saw Yoli take that call and leave her gun in the drawer and she doesn’t believe Yolanda’s just “going to see Dave.” She asks Olivia where Arley is and gets a shrug in return.

At the clinic, Gonzalez finds the baby missing and Engracia’s body in the bathroom. He answers her ringing phone. I don’t know what answer Sinisterra’s expecting to “Why do you have my wife’s phone?” He breaks down in the lobby of some government building when Gonzalez says she was shot at point-blank range in the chest.

Raúl and Dave show up. Gonzalez says when he showed up, the president’s wife had already been shot, but when Raúl asks if she wasn’t supposed to be in Europe, he clams up.

Estela found Arley and got him to follow Yolanda. Not that he understands why, if she’s just visiting Dave. But Estela’s got a bad feeling about this. They lose her car when Olivia calls and Arley answers his cell phone.

At the meeting spot, Yoli finds the nurse and the baby in the backseat of the nurse’s car. Santamaría emerges from the side of the road and tells her to get into the car and drive.

Arley and Estela are driving in circles, but Estela swears she just saw her driving another car and tells him to follow.

Sinisterra shows up at the clinic. He ignores Dave, out in the hallway making phone calls, and goes in to weep over his wife’s body.

Yolanda tries to convince Santamaría to let the nurse and the baby go, but he’s too busy being obsessed with doing everything “his” way.

Dave knows Sinisterra’s a creep, but he does feel sorry for his wife. Raúl comments that ever since he won the election things have been getting worse for him. Morales, one of the officers helping Dave, says he’s checked with the nurses and one is missing. Dave doesn’t think she kidnapped the baby–he thinks whoever killed Engracia has them. He asks to review the security footage.

There’s allegedly none from the room itself, but we know that’s not right. The one in the hallway shows a “guard” going in twenty seconds after Engracia arrived. But he’s acting kind of strangely…Dave thinks it’s Santamaría. Raúl gets a call….

Lucio HQ

Zuli’s thrilled to see Yolanda showing up. Santamaría puts Zuli in charge of the nurse and the baby.

Outside, Estela’s sure that’s the building she saw the car Yoli was driving go into. Arley’s a little doubtful, but he sees a guy in the window who has the look of a guard. Estela’s ready to race in there, but Arley’s like “Hello, reinforcements!”

OK, so…maybe she could call that Higuera guy and tell him John Lucio and Santamaría are in there and he’ll come help. Arley grudgingly admits that’s a good plan. Except that Higuera says they’ve got other stuff going on. He’ll see what he can do.

So, basically it’s just Arley and Estela against whoever’s in that building.

I won’t dignify Santamaría’s sicko blah blah blah by repeating it. The important thing is, he leaves Yoli to stew for a while and Wilmer hears her screaming. He convinces his guard to go over there with him and check things out–isn’t he curious too? Well played, Wilmer.

Arley calls Raúl to explain that he and Estela followed Yolanda and they think she’s been kidnapped. There’s nobody they can call for help, so Dave had better get his ass out there. Dave and Raúl make a run for it and tell Morales to, uh, get the camera footage from inside the hospital room, yeah, that’s it.

Arley says they’re on the way, but Estela’s still freaking out. She wants to go inside, but he convinces her to let him go. And if she sees anything out here–shoot!

Santamaría has decided he’s going to brand Yolanda. While he’s heating up his brand, Zuli decides she’s gotta get video. Wilmer keeps watching, horrified. His guard is completely enthralled, which lets Wilmer race back to his laptop and call 911.

Meanwhile, the sicko brands Yoli on her side.

I don’t know if Estela heard something or she’s just had enough of waiting. She goes up to the building and screams at them to let Yolanda go.

From inside, we can’t hear Estela, but Santamaría gets a call on the radio that there’s some woman outside screaming. He tells the guard to shoot her. Instead, Estela shoots him because he hesitates. Or maybe it was Arley, who knows. Arley complains that now they know they’re here, but whatever, Estela doesn’t care. Now they’re going in.

Santamaría pulls everyone to deal with the “intruders.

Dave and Raúl arrive. Raúl’s on lookout duty.

It may just be the two of them, but Arley’s worth what, three or four guys? Assuming Estela doesn’t accidentally shoot him–he begs her to point the gun the other way. Dave shows up just then and tells her to chill, calling out that the DEA is here. Santamaría tells everyone to clear out.

Arley goes one direction and Dave goes another, after taking Estela’s gun.

Wilmer helps Yolanda find the baby and sneak out the back.

Santamaría realizes Yoli’s not tied up in the courtyard where he left her just before they start hearing sirens.

Wilmer and Yolanda almost make it out, but they run into a group of police officers. Wilmer tries to convince them they were kidnapped and Yoli claims the baby is hers. Dave tries to keep the officer from taking them in, but he insists–if they owe nothing to the law, they’ll be out in a couple of hours. Dave’s welcome to come with them, but he still has to process them.


Higuera gives Sinisterra the bad news–Yolanda and some of her people were arrested and taken directly to jail.

Arley tells Rosalba the feds showed up and he had to leave. He has no idea what happened. Other than he’s sure they’re fine. And Dave and Raúl were there.

Lizbeth calls Raúl and finds out they’ve all been arrested.

John and Sonia land in Tres Fuegos. He’s bragging about this being just one of his properties when one of the guys comes over to tell him they raided the school, aka Lucio HQ. Santamaría got away, but Yoli, Zulima, and Wilmer were arrested. John’s not worried about Yoli because she doesn’t know where they are. But with Zulima “You never know.”

What? Dude–you know. She will rat you out in a second!

Wilmer and Raúl show up at Yoli’s new office. That clean record comes in handy, eh, Wilmer? He and Olivia have a teary reunion.

Raúl explains, after we see that Yolanda’s getting booked as “Alma Polanco,” that she and Estela have fake Panamanian passports. So hopefully they’ll be out soon because there’s no record on those passports.

Dave calls to check up on Alma Polanco, Zulima Montes, and Fake Estela. The guy he’s talking to finds it odd he’s so interested in three apparent victims of narcos. Dave says it’s because they were being held by John Lucio, so they might know something.

Santamaría interrupts John and Sonia’s romantic interlude at the ranch. Yep, Yoli’s at the women’s jail in the DF and Wilmer completely got away from them. His “girlfriend” is in jail too. Everybody, including Sonia and the guards giggle at that. What, has he forgotten Zulima already?

Santamaría’s all affronted that they would think he’s with Zuli. He insists he doesn’t care what happens to her.

Zuli and Estela get shown to their new cells. Estela gets a kick out of Zuli crying and says she had it coming for being a traitor and a snake.

Yoli waits in an interrogation room. The guy who was talking to Dave on the phone comes in and explains that the baby is in the mothers’ cell block. They have to check and make sure “Alma” doesn’t have any pending charges in Mexico or Panama. Until then, that’s where she and Fake Estela are staying too.

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