La Piloto Wednesday 6/21/17 #77


A guard brings Yoli the baby and she assures him they’re getting out. Sound good, kid?

As she snuggles with the baby, she remembers how she went from wanting to be a pilot, to learning to fly, to becoming part of John’s cartel.

Dave, meanwhile, doesn’t know how to help Yoli. He’s thought about a lawyer, but with her fake passport? Raúl agrees it’s hard not to be able to protect the person you love.

Yoli moves on to less pleasant memories of Santamaría.

Cartel war

Sonia seems a little down, but she tells John it’s nothing. Sinisterra calls, after torturing himself with news reports, to say he’s going to kill her. She says he brought this on himself and hangs up on him.

John praises her tough talk, but Sonia’s getting sick of this. She’d rather leave the country than have to live with being chased all the time. John always wanted to be buried in Mexico…but he heard wise men change their minds.

Higuera comes to Yoli’s office to give the rest of them a hard time. Arley’s not having it. He’s not letting Higuera come in here and threaten them about how Yoli and her mom had better not talk when he’s the one who abandoned them and got them sent to jail. He headbutts Higuera and the others pull their guns out.

Rosalba gets in the middle of them and snaps at Higuera that she’s sure Yoli and Estela won’t do anything to hurt his boss.


It’s morning, shower time, and Zuli’s whining about wanting a phone. Um, no.

Estela fakes a cough so she can go to the infirmary. Though, knowing Estela, she’s probably having alcohol withdrawal.

Joanna watches the goings on with the newbies.

In the caf, Zuli heads for an empty table. Joanna comes over to ask what she’s in for.

In the infirmary, the doctor’s not hearing anything wrong with Estela’s lungs. He suspects an allergy and says she’ll have to be observed for a while. Estela asks, just out of curiosity, because she was booked with a woman who had a baby, where they send those women. He helpfully tells her about the mothers’ wing.

Off in the mothers’ wing, Yoli’s looking completely clueless. She has no idea what’s wrong with the baby. An annoyed guard is like “Did you feed him? He’s got gas!” She demonstrates how to burp the baby before handing little “Arley” back to his “mom” and giving her some major stink-eye.

When Joanna gets Zuli to give up her name, she recognizes it as the name of one of Lizbeth’s friends. So now she’s Zuli’s friend. Aw, she doesn’t think she’ll be here long? Heh, they all say that. She needs to make a phone call? Sure thing!

John’s annoyed that Zuli’s (a) calling him and (b) using names. She whines at him about sending the lawyer and getting her out of there and he finally agrees to do it. Whether he means it or just wants her to shut up, I guess we’ll see.

Yoli takes the baby to the infirmary because he won’t stop crying. The doctor tells her to wait here while he and the nurse take him to run some tests. Estela pops over to see her. It’s so weird seeing them hug. Estela gets kind of a laugh out of Yoli not knowing what to do with the baby.

Yoli thanks Estela for what she did. Well, Estela could tell something was wrong with that phone call. Her “maternal instincts” kicked in. “About time!” Yoli jokes. They hug again and Estela remembers Yoli coming back for her during one of their earlier escape attempts.

The plan

Fajardo calls Dave. He’s just shocked at the news coming out of Mexico. Dave gives him another shock–he’s been “working with” Yolanda all this time to try to bust Sinisterra. If Fajardo could just give Yoli and her closest peeps political asylum….

Fajardo really doesn’t know if that will work, but he’ll try. I swear, Fajardo’s looking 50% grayer since he started being Dave’s supervisor.

Tres Fuegos

Santamaría has decided to go get Yoli out of prison and take her to Venezuela. John scoffs at that. And he’s not too keen to “loan” Santamaría some more guys to get filled with bullets. Santamaría swears they’re just for backup–he’ll go in alone.

John agrees, but he needs a favor–he’s sick of the cartel and Sonia wants out. John wants to call for a “friendly” meeting of the cúpula and then kill them all. Santamaría’s in. And once it’s done, they’re done too.


Bautista shows up at the prison and Dave mocks him about his “owner” sending him to get Zulima out. “Say hi for me.” Bautista glares at him.

Yoli’s getting antsy. Estela advises her to get used to it. At least this place is less gross than where Oscar was holding them. She had time to get to know herself. Nah, she’s not that changed. But Yoli’s glad to see her like this. She’s sure Dave will get them out soon.

Mostly Yoli’s worried that they’ll figure out she’s not the baby’s mother. I’m not sure Estela saying she’ll get it eventually and look how long it took her is actually comforting. But Yoli can at least joke about how long she took. They hug again and Yoli remembers the time Estela pulled a gun on the two guys who wanted to rape her during their road trip.

The doctor comes back and says the baby has reflux, but the guard’s here to get her because she’s got a visitor.

In the caf, Bautista informs Zulima her case is…complicated. Wilmer’s going to testify against her, Santamaría, and John for kidnapping. She’s not happy to see Dave there. Bautista says he’s probably there to see Yolanda.

Zuli walks him partway out so she can go ask Joanna to spy for her.

As Dave and Yoli start talking, the guard who’s been eyeing Yoli goes to the prison director. She thinks something’s really not right. Yoli doesn’t look or act like a mother–she barely knows how to hold the baby.

Dave has to break it to Yoli that Benavídez lost his job and can’t help them. He begs her to hold on while he works on getting political asylum. He won’t say exactly how long that could take, just begs her to be patient.


John floats the idea of a “peace” meeting to Sonia…and she falls for it! She seriously buys that if they’re just open with the cartel about wanting to leave, they can get out peacefully. *facepalm*

She calls Sinisterra and sets it up for first thing tomorrow, before his inauguration.

Monica watches Sinisterra on the news blah blah blahing about doing his job and calls him a puppet. Yoli wanders by her table, surprised to see her here. Monica gives her an ugly smile and says she’s been praying for this for a long time.

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