El Gran Final de La Piloto Monday 6/26/17 #80


Sinisterra assumes that Fajardo wants to extradite him. He asks him not to, saying he’ll cooperate. Benavídez is all ears. I guess he got his job back?

Yoli HQ

Yoli tells Dave that her mom always wanted to go to the US to live. She thought giving birth was the last thing Estela did for her, but it’s because of Estela that she’s here now. Dave hopes one day Yoli can forgive her. Eh, she did that already.

Yoli gets very serious, wanting Dave to tell her honestly what’s going to happen to them when they’re in the US.

Before Dave can answer, his phone rings. Sinisterra admitted to being part of the Cartel de las Sombras and told them about the meeting tomorrow. Fajardo’s going out there with a team. Dave says he’ll meet him.

Yoli insists on going. She needs to see John get taken in and know he’ll never bother them again. Dave grudgingly agrees. Well, here’s a hint, Yoli–tagging along on ops is NOT going to be happening in the US.

Tres Fuegos

The General arrives, but Piraña has orders to wait for the Governor and bring them both inside at the same time.

Sonia noshes on fruit while reading her phone. Zulima sits down with her and starts fishing for info. And Sonia has no problem telling her they’re having this meeting so she and John can get free of the cartel and head for the Canary Islands to spend all their money.

John comes up to tell Sonia it’s time for the meeting. Zuli’s suspicious about what’s actually going on here, but John tells her to finish her breakfast. “I was born at night, but not LAST night,” Zuli mutters.

The cops get close enough to identify the ranch. They start making plans to surround it and make sure the planes on the runway can’t take off. There’s no sign of Yoli.

In the living room, John and Sonia receive their guests. John’s still talking “peace.” Yeah, yeah, Sinisterra’s not here…well, they all know he got arrested, so his schedule’s a little tight. John has the guards clear out and Sonia walks everyone into the dining room.

Zuli pulls him aside and asks what’s really going on. John sarcastically says he’s brokering peace. And if he were her, he’d get out of here. That’s two favors she owes him now.

Yoli’s in John’s SUV. He’s not comforted by her checking her gun and begs her to stay in the car when they get there. Yoli agrees. Clearly, John has never watched an episode of I Love Lucy.

At the dining table, John and Sonia explain that they’re retiring. The Cartel, as it existed, is finished. Whatever the rest of them want to do is no longer their concern. The Governor’s out. The General is going to keep doing his thing in Venezuela.

John excuses himself to take a phone call. Sonia takes the opportunity to toast to “John’s” great idea. The General is confused–wasn’t it her idea? Sonia insists it was John’s…and then the bullets start flying.

Dave and Yoli hear the shots from outside and Dave radios everyone to move in.

Back in the dining room, John tells Piraña to make sure everyone’s dead. Zuli seems surprised that John killed Sonia, especially. John says he’s in charge of the Cartel now. Say what? What friggin’ cartel, dude? What’s left? He did it all for Oscar. Zuli’s still staring at John as he picks up The General’s hat and says he’s keeping it as a souvenir. He tells Piraña to light the place up.

And Piraña’s radio announces the arrival of the feds. John says they’ll take all the cars out front. Zuli seems to have no idea what to do.

Dave gives Yoli one last “stay in the car” warning before going in with the others. Zuli sneaks out the back.

John’s car gets blocked in by the feds and a shootout commences. He tries to make a run for it, but Dave tackles him. John dares Dave to shoot him, but naw…Dave would rather have a fistfight.

Yoli’s SO not staying in the car when she sees Zulima coming out of the house. Zuli heads for the runway and tries to hitch a ride on one of the planes, but Yoli catches up to her and it’s all “You’re going to jail!” and “I swear by all my saints I’ll kill you” and “Oh yeah, go for it!” But Zuli’s gun is out of bullets. So screw it–they get into a fistfight too.

Whoever’s in the plane just sits there watching. Somehow, Zuli just…forgets they’re there…and stumbles backward into the turning propeller. There’s splash. It’s not good.

The Dave-John fight is somewhat less dramatic. A couple of other agents come over to cuff John. John keeps saying it’s not over, but Dave says it is. He remembers his various run-ins with John.

Back out front of the house, John gets out one last “It’s not over” to John. Yoli comes running up, covered in blood. I’m interpreting her non-verbal sobs before she gets around to explaining as “I will NEVER be able to shower enough IN MY LIFE.” Then she says it’s Zulima’s blood, it wasn’t her fault, she swears, she’s in pieces.


Yoli has a shower and thinks about Dave.

At Yoli HQ, Dave and Yoli explain that no one’s heard about John because he was secretly extradited to the US. Liz says Santamaría got deported to Colombia. Oli asks about Zulima….

Yoli settles for “dead” and “accident.”

Dave says now all that’s left is for everyone to pack and get ready to go to the US.

Lizbeth and Raúl are headed for Boston for surgery. Wilmer’s going wherever Olivia goes. Arley’s going away, but he says all they have to do is call if they need him.

Rosalba gives Yolanda Estela’s ashes and her last words–that she always loved her. Arley starts pouring tequilas, including one for Estela and one for Amanda.

In the morning, at Dave’s, Yoli kisses her medallita of the Virgen. She remembers her dad giving it to her. She thanks him and says she’s sure the Virgencita did everything to get her a second chance. She promises she’s going to do things differently this time. She’ll do everything right. She goes back to packing.

Moni’s hair is back to normal. She congratulates Dave on what he’s accomplished. He reminds her she has a lot of the credit. She knows she’s getting out because of him. “It’s the least you deserve.” He still thinks she came out the worst in all this, but she was always there for him. “I always will be.”

Dave, a little embarrassed, says he’s gotta go. He’s escorting Yoli and her friends to Miami. They even threw in citizenship for Amanda’s baby. Monica’s glad. “Even for Yolanda?” Yeah, Monica’s learned to love herself and appreciate the people she’s met. Their friendship is stronger than any physical love. A guard comes to tell Monica her time is up. Dave stops her for a hug before she goes.

Fajardo’s waiting for everyone when they land in Miami. First stop–paperwork. And then they’ll go to their temporary digs.

John’s been locked up and screaming about how unfair it all is and that he’s innocent. Dave tells Yoli not to worry–he’s never getting out.

And now Dave’s gotta get to work. Everyone’s subjected to their mushy goodbye.

Two Years Later

Lizbeth and Olivia are back to their old career as flight attendants. Yoli’s piloting. She has a sad when only Wilmer and Raúl are there to greet them. Raúl’s walking again.

Dave sneaks up behind them, asking for Capitán Cadena. He’s got a couple of weeks off to spend with her.

And somehow, that creep Santamaría is lurking in the background as Dave and Yoli walk away.

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