La Piloto Friday 6/23/17 #79


While Yolanda hides out, listening to Santamaría and his taunting, Estela makes it to the main courtyard with the baby. Banega is explaining to the prisoners that sections of the prison will be without power for a while and they’re not allowed back to their cells.

Santamaría’s still babbling about how Yolanda done him wrong. He walks into the cell where she’s hiding, but doesn’t bother looking under the bed. Instead of waiting for him to leave, Yoli creeps out and uses a loose piece of wood to whack him. They fight, he ends up inside the cell, and she locks him in. She refuses to kill him because she’s not like him.

Out at the loading dock, Arley gets the paperwork checked over again by a guard. He offers to help them unload, but they get a call to report to the main patio.

Yoli catches up to Estela and says it’s all good–she’s got the keys. But Monica turns around and screeches that they’re not nurses. As Monica walks over, Joanna takes out her knife. Estela shoves Yoli and tells her to go, begging Monica to quit hating her daughter. She sees the knife in Joanna’s hand and moves Monica out of the way, getting the stabbing that was meant for Monica.

Zuli takes advantage of the chaos to run after Yolanda, take Santamaría’s gun from her, and insist that she’s going too. At the loading dock, she’s not too surprised to see Dave. The three with guns spend way too much time arguing about who needs to lower theirs and who’s got the upper hand, blah blah blah. Yoli wants to wait for her mom, but Zuli says they’re not waiting for anyone.

The guards finally break up the fight on the patio and search Joanna and Moni for weapons. Joanna’s got some explaining to do. When the prison director shows up, Moni complains that Yolanda’s getting away.

Well, sure, if you consider being stuck in the back of a truck with Zuli pointing a gun at her as “getting away.” Zuli’s threatening the baby and demanding they have a car ready for her.

Once they stop, Arley has to explain to Oli and Liz that Zulima’s in the back with Yoli. After much screeching, Zuli gets into the van they brought with them and drives away. Arley tries to get off a few shots, but he doesn’t get anywhere. Olivia calls Wilmer to come pick them up.

When he shows up, he asks where Estela is….

She’s in the prison infirmary and they can’t stop the bleeding. She remembers all the crap she put Yolanda through and asks Yoli to forgive her. We get a reminder of Yoli and Estela in the infirmary yesterday, talking about Estela finally getting some maternal instincts. She dies. Yeah, I actually did feel a little sorry for her.

In the courtyard, they’ve done a headcount and Banega reports to the prison director that Alma/Yolanda and Zuli are both missing. He asks Monica to explain what happened. She says Yoli and Estela were trying to get away and Joanna came after her, but Estela got in the way. She sniffles when the director says Estela’s dead.

The director gets a call over the radio that there’s a man in one of the cell blocks.

Dave’s getting the story from Yoli. She explains how she got away from Santamaría, biting him on the nose and locking him in the cell. No, Dave, she didn’t kill him.

At the cell, Santamaría whines about being an innocent electrician. Banega backs him up–she’s the one who let him in. The prison director apologizes for his trouble and tells the guards to let him out, but Monica comes running up saying that’s no electrician, that’s Coronel Santamaría! He’s wanted by the CIA and INTERPOL. She tells the useless prison director to make a call already. Well, useless, but he’ll probably end up getting promoted for this.


In the van, Team Yoli listen to the news report that despite all the blah blah blah Sinisterra’s still getting sworn in as president today.

Higuera’s on his way to the ceremony with Sinisterra and gives him an “Oh, by the way” about the incident at the women’s prison. Yoli’s people were intending to get her out today.

John and Sonia are watching the news when Vaquero comes in. The guys who went with the Coronel checked in. And while Yolanda may have gotten out, they nabbed the Coronel. Sonia’s cool with it–dude’s “demented.” John doesn’t think he’ll talk, and even if he does, they’ll be long gone by then.

Zuli’s trying to drive, hide her gun, and find a phone all at once.

Wilmer gets Yoli outfitted with a wire. She’s distracted, worrying about her mom. Dave says he’ll find out what happened, but they’ve gotta focus on one thing at a time.

Monica calls him. She’s snide about how she assumes he’s already heard that Yoli got out, but when he asks about Estela, she gets weepy. She says Joanna tried to kill her and Estela got in the way. She’s dead. Dave says he’ll call her back later. Moni just keeps crying as Dave makes a “Do I tell Yoli or not?” face.

Dave gets to the location for the inauguration and a guard tells him he can’t park there. So Dave flashes his badge. Because being DEA gets you special parking privileges.

Yoli checks to make sure she and Wilmer can hear each other before she pops out of the cargo space in the van. Dave helps her out of the van. Which means Wilmer heard all their smooching and wishes of good luck before Yoli walked away.

Yoli jumps in front of Sinisterra’s car in the parking garage and begs to speak to him. In the back of his car, Yoli begs him not to fire her. She whines about what a good team they’ve been and how she and her people have moved lots of drugs for him. He complains that he’s kind of busy taking power right now, but yeah, ok, she can keep her job. Yoli gives him a grateful smile, shakes his hand, and jumps back out of the car.

Back at the office, Wilmer listens to the recording. Everyone holds their breath until they can hear Sinisterra responding to Yolanda. Raúl says if THAT doesn’t get him out of the presidency, nothing will. Dave radios and Oli tells him they’ve got the audio. He says Yoli’s on her way.

Yoli comes into the office with Higuera and a couple of other guys. He gripes that no one’s here and Yoli blandly says she has no idea where they are, she just got here herself. As soon as she’s walked past a stack of boxes, Arley pops up with guns and everyone else pours in to take Higuera hostage. Yoli ambles over to Wilmer to listen to the audio.

Fajardo and Dave listen too. Fajardo agrees this is the evidence they’ve been looking for. He gets ready to call the embassy and the DEA. Dave says he wants Yoli’s asylum in writing.

Settling down

Rosalba and Arley hang out with the baby. He talks about buying him his first gun and taking him shooting, but he’s scared to hold him. Rosalba thinks the baby looks like him, but he reminds Arley more of Amanda. She asks if he’s going to keep the baby and Arley gets weepy.

He says he can’t. The baby needs his mother and she’s not here. But he’s got all these other mothers, like Rosalba and Yolanda. Rosalba promises to take care of him and he’ll be ok with her. Arley tells the baby he loves him and hands him back to Rosalba before crying some more. He begs her to take good care of him–he deserves a better life.

Santamaría’s being brought in by Fajardo and Benavídez.

Yoli and the others wait for word. Dave finally comes in with official paperwork showing they all have political asylum. Their plan worked–they’re all free.

Rosalba comes to the prison to claim Estela’s body as her sister-in-law. The prison director passes on Estela’s last message to Yoli–that she loved and forgave her.

And, um, she wouldn’t happen to know where Yolanda is…? Rosalba says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

John and Sonia smirk as they watch the news that Sinisterra got arrested. She proposes a toast to one less worry.

And then Zuli wanders in with Vaquero.

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