La Piloto Thursday 6/22/17 #78

The Yoli situation

Yoli’s surprised that Monica’s there, that she hates her, that she’s trying to stir up trouble. Monica all but chases her out of the caf. Or, well, Yoli makes a run for it and Monica and her crew go after her.

Joanna passes on the conversation between Yoli and Dave to Zulima. Yoli’s getting out? Zuli scoffs that she’s not getting out alive.

In the courtyard, Monica catches up with Yoli and has her crew deliver a beating until the guards show up to stop it. Zuli hears the guard refer to Yoli as “Polanco.”

Fajardo shows up at Dave’s office to talk to him personally about his asylum request for Yolanda.

In the infirmary, the guards drop off Yoli and go get the doctor. Estela comes over to see how she’s doing.

Zuli goes to the prison director to tell him that “Alma Polanco” is really Yolanda Cadena and that’s not her baby.

Fajardo breaks it to Dave that the head of the DEA isn’t keen on advocating for Yolanda…unless she has some solid proof. So Dave remembers telling Yoli to accept Sinisterra’s deal to get back into the business and get the proof. He agrees with Fajardo.

Zuli saunters back to her cell, thinking about everything that’s happened since Yoli found out she’s a no-good double-crosser. She tells Joanna that she’s been talking to the director because “Alma Polanco” is really Yolanda Cadena. Zero recognition of the name on Joanna’s part, but she does recognize the name “Amanda” who Zuli claims Yolanda stole the baby from. Joanna assures Zuli it’s going to be a fun show once everyone realizes Yolanda’s a liar.

Monica comes in to kick Joanna out and talk to “the new girl.” She wants Zulima to explain what’s going on.

In the infirmary, the director confronts Yolanda, but she insists it’s her baby. He asks the doctor to do a DNA test and Yoli tells them to go for it.

Monica’s filled with glee to hear that Yoli’s there under a fake identity, that Zuli told the director, that Zuli and Yoli aren’t friends anymore. And now she wants Zuli to stay the hell away from her. Monica will be keeping a close eye on her, but Zuli had better stay away.

While the doctor runs the blood test, the director has a guard take Yoli back to the maternity wing with the baby.

Santamaría gets to the prison and leaves John’s guys out in the car while he checks it out.

John’s in Tres Fuegos with Sonia, checking out the location of their “peace” summit, when Zuli calls. She whines about the lawyer saying it would be difficult to get her out. But mostly she wants to tell him what Joanna heard about Dave trying to get Yolanda out. John assures her he’ll end their little romance.

In the caf over dinner, Zuli tells Joanna that Monica just warned her to stay away. She tries to encourage Joanna to take over again, saying she’ll help.

The TV gets Zuli and Monica’s attention. Sinisterra’s still vowing to take office tomorrow.

Fajardo gripes to Dave that he just got an anonymous message saying Dave and Yoli have had a relationship for months. I question both “relationship” and “months.” Just saying. Even Dave says it hasn’t been a very stable “relationship” but he’s in love with her and admires her, etc.

Fajardo gets it now, but he thinks Dave should say it’s just a rumor. Otherwise they’re talking a DOJ investigation. Dave thanks him for the info and walks out without anything being decided.

Yoli calls the gang from the prison and gives them all the bad news–the prison is starting to doubt her identity, they’re doubting the baby is really hers, and Benavídez got removed from his job. So, she’s back to zero.

Dave tells Arley and Raúl that they’re going to have to break Yoli, Estela, and the baby out of prison. Arley’s like “What the hell? Are you me now?” Hey, it goes against Dave’s principles, but people are getting suspicious. If they realize that’s not Yolanda’s baby, he’ll go to an orphanage. Arley’s not up for that. He’ll help with the jailbreak. He can barely look at them as he thanks them.

Mayhem time

Olivia assembles all their current supplies. Higuera and his men refuse to help bust Yoli and Estela out of jail. Creeps. Arley has Wilmer hack the prison computer to find out who’s in charge of delivering supplies. He needs someone to make a visit–Rosalba volunteers to do that, so he starts explaining what he needs her to do. Higuera seems to find it amusing that Olivia’s looking so hopeful.

Zulima waits for the cell block to empty in the morning and sneaks back to Monica’s cell to find her hidden knife.

Outside the prison, Santamaría waits for that one guard who always seems to be everywhere to make her way into the building. He calls her over and says he has something to offer her. He shows her a pile of money in his front seat. She seems almost bored as she says she assumes he wants her to break someone out.

Actually, he wants her help getting in. He just needs her to make a slight change in the electrical system. He hands her a couple of jumper cables and tells her to stuff them into her backpack.

Moni gets back to her cell and she can tell something’s wrong. She starts looking for her knife.

Zuli passes it to Joanna under the table in the caf. She thinks it’s time Joanna was running this place again.

Rosalba gets to the patio in the maternity wing. She coos to Yoli and the baby and says Dave’s getting them out today. She needs her to be at the cargo area in an hour.

Meanwhile the guard shorts out the electrical system.

In the caf, Joanna and Zuli trade a look before the guards start guiding all the prisoners out. Well…maybe this means they’ll be too busy getting at Monica to screw things up for Yoli? I mean, sorry, Mon, I always liked you, but lately….

In the electrical room, the guard/saboteur, Banegas, answers a call on the radio saying she’s just gotten there and it looks like the entire fuse box caught on fire.

In the maternity area, they get a call to keep an eye on the prisoners and not let them leave the area until they’ve restored power. Yoli mutters that this will help. And Estela’s in the infirmary. Rosalba makes a big show of saying goodbye to Yoli and speed-walks out past the guard.

Yoli says she’s gotta take the baby to the infirmary and the guard has no problem escorting her.

Out in a field, Arley gets a call that the truck with the prison’s TP supply is on its way. Oli and Lizbeth put on hoods and in no way disguise their outfits. And that’s a cute top Liz is wearing so it seems like a shame to have to ditch it after.

They hijack the truck and Arley checks the guy’s ID so he can tell him he’d better not say a word–they know where he lives.

In his office, the prison director has just gotten word that the woman they know as “Alma Polanco” is really Yolanda Cadena. He gets on the radio and screams at everyone to detain Yolanda Cadena–and um, how do they know who that is?

The doctor’s not in the infirmary when the guard gets Yolanda there. As the guard walks off, she’s getting a message over the radio to get all the prisoners to the main courtyard…except the ones in the infirmary. Yoli hands the baby off to Estela so she can raid the supply cabinet. They put on a set of white scrubs.

Banega vouches for Santamaría as “the electrician” and starts leading him to Yoli’s cell.

Out at the loading dock, Arley arrives and makes small talk with the guards as they make a superficial check of the back of the truck. Dave’s hiding among the boxes. They let the truck in.

Banega gets Santamaría back to the maternity ward and points out Yoli’s cell. It’s completely quiet back there and eerily lit with red backup lights. She hesitates to give him the keys. He’s furious that neither Yoli or the baby is in her cell. Banega says they must have moved everybody, for security.

He demands she bring them to him. Banega realizes they must be in the infirmary and starts leading him in that direction. Sure enough, there they are.

Yoli and Estela make it through a door just as he appears. She hands off the baby and insists they split up, sending Estela outside. Yoli finds an open cell and hides under the bed while Santamaría, correctly guessing she wouldn’t have walked out the open door, starts screwing a silencer on his gun and heads for the cells.

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