La Mujer del Vendaval Tuesday 3/28/17 #94


Alba thinks Al wanting to leave is all her fault, but Marcela says he’s just not a party guy. Plus he had that fight with his mom. Although, if Alba wants to hide out in the kitchen while Al gets over it, that’s not such a terrible idea.

Nuria tells Cris the guests are freaking out. Some of them are starting to leave. I dunno, sounds good to me–more food for the rest. A couple bid goodbye to Al, saying they’re not familiar with the area, so they don’t want to be on the road at night.

Marcela goes over to blame it all on Cristian, but that just pisses Al off further–that means she already knew there was a thing. So what else is she hiding from him. Nothing, she swears. And she can’t believe he wants to just take off on their guests like this.

Or rather, HER guests, because everyone his parents invited is gone. So he’s going to say goodbye to some people and he suggests she do the same.

Cristian can’t believe Al’s ready to leave even if it means hanging out at the airport forever. Al gets all whiny about “I just wanna go, but if you don’t wanna give me a ride….”

In the kitchen, Marcela says the party’s over for her and Al. He was only having a reception to make his mom happy and now that all her people are gone, they’re leaving. Mateo’s seriously disappointed ’cause what about the dancing?! He figures he’d better go get the truck.

Mauro has noticed the mass exodus. Octavia thinks it’s obvious–those people were only here for the Castelós, not to rub elbows with the San Bartolo peeps. Al comes over to say they’ve got a flight to catch and as soon as he’s back he’ll talk to Octavia about the loan terms. Mauro almost hopefully asks if that means the party’s over, but I’m looking at the chocolate fountain and thinking he’s a fool.

Marcela has changed into her post-reception duds and Alba’s still crying, so Marcela threatens her with the shotgun. Mar promises to have fun on her honeymoon.

The MC and the DJ get the dancing started. Emiliano has also noticed everyone leaving and Valeria calls them a bunch of hypocrites who took off as soon as they realized neither Luciano nor Silvana was here to see them. Al comes over to thank them for coming. Marcela happily announces that she’s ready to go. While Al goes to change, she puts a good face on it and says he’s just in a hurry to get to the honeymoon. She’s hugging Emiliano when Al looks over from the front door.

Screw the fancy city people, the townies are getting down. Nuria offers to go with Cristian to drop Al off at the airport. He was going to leave her at the hotel, but she whines.


María Laura is desperately trying to get Severo to blink for the first number of his bank account. It’s not happening. Though how he’s managing not to laugh at her booty-shaking antics is beyond me.

The doctor comes in and it’s not clear if he buys María Laura’s fake tears, but it’s time for some tests and she can’t hang around forever. Also, as he told Timo, they need the room. He thinks she should take him back to El Vendaval for the rest of his recovery.

María Laura whines and pouts, but eventually she decides it might be to her advantage to have Severo at El Vendaval after all.


July and Eulogio finally make it back to Timo’s where he’s claiming everything from hemorrhoids to heartburn and a host of angels trying to carry him down the tunnel of light. But he’s OK now. It’s just stress. July makes him go upstairs and rest.

Eulogio tells Lencho the story about distracting July so she wouldn’t see Timo chasing after Octavia. Lencho wishes his dad would just settle down with July already and quit causing trouble. But oh well…he’s gotta go. His only message for his dad is that he’ll be in touch.

Upstairs in the presidential suite, July’s checking Timo’s temperature and insisting on him staying in bed. The doctor from the clinic calls to complain about needing Severo’s bed back and saying he’s already talked to María Laura about taking him back to El Vendaval. Timo gets July to shout for Eulogio. That’s not a euphemism.


Whatever answer Timo might have been hoping for, Eulogio assures him it’s perfectly legal to move Severo to El Vendaval and set up watch on him there. Timo wants it really clear when Marcela, et al, complain that this was a legal decision.

The doctor tells María Laura she’s got permission to take Sev home. He’ll just have him loaded up in the ambulance now.


At the front of the hacienda, Al and Marcela take their leave. Al tells Mateo that Cristian’s going to be dropping them of. Al can handle hugging Sagrario goodbye but he practically shoves her away as she starts giving him her blessing.

Octavia and Mauro take their leave. Octavia’s still hoping Alba will come back to the Toscana sometime. Alba, Rosa, and Amadeo (who I keep not recognizing) get Sagrario to dance, despite her tired feet.

Sacha/Norma checks in with Nestor and he tells her she can report to her job in Cancún tomorrow.

While they walk to their car, Octavia plots to come back tomorrow and see what Alba’s heard from the lovebirds. She’s dying to get to their hotel in San Jacinto, but she also wishes she could get a look at Luc’s face when Silvana shows up with Nisa in tow.


Timo’s whining about wanting a bunch of high-fat, high-salt foods that July doesn’t think will be good for him. He gets rid of her and then whines to Eulogio about it being his fault July thinks he’s really sick. He wants Eulogio’s help sneaking out to see Octavia.

The solution is a fake pox.

Mauro missed the memo. Octavia’s bunking with Lencho tonight, not him. In retaliation he calls to tell Timo where to find her.


Nisa’s as bubbly as ever, excited to show Camilo the hotel. Silvana’s beat. She tells Nisa to go ahead, and then come see her in her suite after. She asks Nestor to make the necklace just magically reappear in some inconspicuous way and thanks him for all his help.

Luc sees her and gloats, asking if she got disinvited to the wedding too.

Silvana claims the wedding got out early and she decided not to stay for the reception because she was tired. And now all she wants to do is sleep. I can’t believe she looks so guilty for lying to Luc.

Luciano calls Conchita for a full report and gloats as she says this is the first time a wedding has “failed” for her.

Silvana’s still awake in bed, remembering what Al said to her about getting himself back. Luc comes in, turning on the lights, and asks why she lied. Silvana says Conchita exaggerates. But he called another friend who told him Silvana was trying to stop the wedding.

OK, fine, she did try to stop the wedding at the last minute. He might as well say “I told you so.” She claims it was because of all the fights they had during the wedding planning and how rude Marcela was to her. And ruining her wedding dress was the last straw. Luciano just laughs.

Luciano says they wouldn’t be in this position if she’d listened to him to begin with. Marcela’s going to take all his money if they don’t stop her.

El Vendaval

María Laura has Severo brought back to the guest house.


So, what do you do when you’ve got a long wait for your flight? Al suggests dinner.

Cristian suggests putting Alba on a flight back home, claiming to have some business to take care of on Al’s behalf. She, of course, assumes that’s code for “going to see Alba.”

Marcela watches Al chow down and tries to talk to him about Cristian and Alba again. He’s not in the mood. In that case she wants to know why he’s being such an ass. What did his mom say to him?

OK, fine, Cristian’s supposed to pick up some papers. Whatever. Nuria gives him a lecture about them still being married and him being a gentleman.

Marcela still can’t get Al to tell her what’s going on. He says his mom had a bad feeling that Marcela’s hiding things from him, but if she isn’t, then who cares what his mom thinks, right?

Marcela thinks Silvana just wants them separated and begs him not to let her. She tries to tell him how much he means to her, but makes the mistake of calling him the answer to all her problems. She hugs Al while he tries not to melt.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Thank you:)
Luc’s gloating over his wife’s unhappiness is just despicable!

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Does wanting Don Timo to find out about Oct and Lencho make me a bad person? I think it would do fun things to the plot and I’m about done with the “love” triangle.
Also, I really liked what Nuria said to Cris about not looking for a place to hide from his hurt with the wrong person, she’s got me on her side now.
Thanks again