La Mujer del Vendaval Wednesday 3/29/17 #95

Marcela and Alessandro are in the airport restaurant, eating goodness knows what, instead of having a celebratory banquet at home with family and friends (because that makes sense at all) And Ale won’t tell her what’s wrong.


Meanwhile back at La Toscana, Luc plots to control Ale’s life and save him from his wife. Silvana lies and tells Luc Ale only renegotiated Marcela’s debt and Luc is relieved enough to let her get some sleep. In fact, now that’s he’s won and she’s acknowledged his superior judgement, he’s even magnanimous enough to give her a kiss on the forehead and say he’s glad to have her back. From the look on Sil’s face though, I doubt she’ll get much sleep.

Nisa shows her almo all over the hotel and tells him her fam has lots more hotels even nicer than this one all over the world. This really excites Cami and he begins fantasizing about working there, of course in a corner office w/a great view, but not to look at all the tourists in bikinis, no, he only has eyes for Nisa.


At the ranch the reception guests are really getting down and according to Rosa its mostly due to the tequila shots she’s handing out. Mateo and Sagrario aren’t sure how to nicely let them know the party’s over and its time to leave. Amadeo says lets start cleaning up and they’ll get the message.


Luc meets with Nestor who tells him, A, he didn’t see the wedding, or what Sil was doing, he was elsewhere doing his job. And B, they never found any trace of the necklace. Nestor says he will keep looking high and low for the necklace and let him know if he finds any trace. Luc is just happy that Sil is on his side now, the important thing is that she knows that he was right all along. And Luc goes straight into plotting how to make sure Ale realizes that too.

Silvana didn’t tell Luc that Nisa brought Cami along and all three get a nasty shock when Luc runs into Nisa and Cami kissing passionately. In an ominous tone, Luc says he’d like to talk to Nisa’s bf alone. When they are alone, Luc pretends to be calm and asks Cami a series of questions trying to find out what Cami is good at so he can find him a job at the hotel. All Cami’s answers rub Luc the wrong way, he’s not good with numbers or people, but still wants a management job and Luc is fuming inwardly, but, he says through gritted teeth, if Cami really wants to work here and isn’t just here to take advantage of Nis, he’ll hook him up with a room and a job. He can start tomorrow.


Oct tries to get Lencho to live for today and forget his guilt so they can have the sex, while outside the hotel Mauro talks Timo out of his planned serenade and into going up to Octavia’s room. As Timo pounds on the door and then barges into the room, Lencho first hides under the covers like a little kid, and then hides under the bed. Oct ineffectually tries to get rid of Timo but he barges into the bedroom and climbs all over Oct’s bed and smells her pillow. ‘Wait, you use Siete Macho’s cologne?’ Oct grabs the pillow and demands he get out of her room, but Timo won’t. He’s like a four year old, he flails around on the bed some more till he settles in and grabs the covers like she’s going to try to drag him out. He won’t leave till she forgives him. So she forgives him. Whatever, as long as he leaves. After all what will the people at the hotel think having him in a lady’s room so late at night. ‘Oh, they’re used to that’ he says without thinking, ‘um but that was the old me, love has changed me, I don’t do that anymore’ Anyway, Timo won’t leave till she proves she forgives him with a kiss, or some other caress, he says staring at her chest. Oct is outraged, how can he ask such a thing, she’s a lady! Get out right now or she’ll never forgive him. But, but they have to talk biznez. Nope Ale and Marce already renegotiated the loan so they’ll have to come up with a new plan, TOMORROW, bye! And she slams the door in his face. Lencho’s face looks very uncomfortable, and not just because he’s still under the bed and he barely fits. Even though Timo is gone Lencho doesn’t want to come out and play, he’s not in the mood anymore.


Alba is cleaning up the party when Cris shows us to talk to her. Alba frantically looks for a way out and Amadeo steps up and backs her up that she’s moved on with someone else, him. Cris looks like he’s been stabbed.

Alba grabs hold of Amadeo like he’s the only life preserver and tells Cris, that she’s free and can move on w/o him. Amadeo is very confident and convincing and Alba reminds Cris he’s a married man and should be somewhere else. Once Cris is gone, though she tears up and Amadeo is still there for her with a shoulder to lean on.

ML gets back to the house and Sagrario gets on her case for not helping clean up. ML says she wasn’t even there, she’s been busy looking after her daddy’s health and she’s brought him to the guest house. What?!! Sagrario and ML start arguing over whether or not she can move Severo to the ranch and they’re making so much noise Mateo comes to see what’s up. When he hears what it is, he says over his dead body, and goes to drag Severo out by his hair if necessary.
ML stops Mateo from dragging Severo out of bed and ges up in his face. Rosa runs and gets Alba and Amadeo, there’s a fight, come quick. Mateo wants to throw Severo out on the road, but ML says he has no right to, she lives there too and she can bring her dad to stay if she wants, anyway he’s got nowhere else to go, the hospital threw him out, and she starts preying on Sagrario’s guilt to get her to let him stay. Sagrario sadly tries to explain that Severo isn’t a good person and she can’t have him stay here. ML says if he goes she’ll go too. Mateo says don’t let the door hit’cha on the way out! Alba arrives and she wants Severo gone too, but just as the fight is heating up, Sagrario says Severo can stay. Severo’s eyes move and somehow Munoz makes it look like he’s smiling w/o moving his face at all.
ML gives Mateo a triumphant look as Sagrario tries to explain why she has to let Severo stay. Mostly its because she’s a good person, and trying to be a good Christian. (I…..just can’t)
Severo gloats inwardly and Sagrario urges compassion.

The cops arrive at the ranch house, they were sent to guard Severo and make sure he doesn’t escape, and Rosa lets’em in and they start guarding the front door, far away from where Severo actually is and not letting Rosa out.

Rosa makes it out to the guest house and tellsem about the guards and everybody but ML and Sev goes to deal with them. ML stays and celebrates with her daddy getting her own way. As Maria Laura gloats over her prone papa Severo thinks she finally did something right. But, ML chides him, he really should give her the pin #s after all she’s done for him. Severo silently vows she won’t get them out of him, never ever.

In the kitchen Alba tries one last time to change her mom’s mind and fails. Mateo says that just in case Severo’s faking, as long as he’s on the ranch, Mateo will be sleeping in the front room

Sagrario goes and yells at the cops and chases them out of her house, they can guard from outside! And she’s going to bed.
Alba thanks Amadeo for always being there for her and he says he always will be and kisses her goodnight on the cheek and they have a sweet moment. Meanwhile Cris is driving home and sadly remembering Alba telling him she’s with Amadeo now.


Rosa tells Sagrario up front she won’t take care of the almost dead guy, as she calls him. She does tons of stuff around the ranch alread and she’s not cleaning up after him too. This gives Sagrario an idea and she says no problem, if ML wants him around so much she can take care of him herself. Yay.

Mateo comes in and is quietly supportive, they won’t tell Marcela, and ruin her honeymoon. Sagrario thanks him for his help and cries on his shoulder.


Marcela and Ale arrive at the honeymoon hotel and are welcomed. Its nice, but Marce just thought, that since they were on the island, they’d go to the beach house where they met. Ale says that was the original plan, but the beach house belongs to his parents and since they aren’t on board with the marriage…
Marce is cool with it, but does insist he carry her over the threshold, even though he doesn’t want to. When he finally does, he watches her closely as she looks around the room and admires the decorations. He has to take a shower and lock her out so he can tell himself not to love her.


ML has snuck out to see if the necklace is still there. Nope, they must have found it. She tells Marce’s dad’s grave that she, Maria Laura is the woman Ale really needs, and she isn’t giving up, Oct will help her and she will get Alessandro in the end.


Marcela has fallen asleep waiting for Ale to get out of the shower, but he wakes her up for deep kisses.

(Nice way to end the episode)

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Even though I’m still adjusting to Amadeo’s new personality/look, he and Alba make such a sweet couple. I want her to realize that too. 🙂

3 years ago

They do work well together. 🙂