La Mujer del Vendaval Friday 3/31/17 #97

So Alessandro was driving the boat too fast, pushed by bad memories of his mom telling him of Marcela’s treachery. He doesn’t notice that newbie water skier Marce has fallen for a while. When he reaches her, she’s awake though and says she’s ok.

Ale is worried though and when he’s got her back to shore, even after she’s checked out by the hotel doctor, (is that a thing?) he calls Emiliano, who is even more worried. Marcela keeps insisting she didn’t get hurt and only had a headache for a little while and its practically gone now. She hands the phone back to Ale so Emil can scold him too, which he does. When Emil hangs up, Val wants to know what happened and Emil tells her Ale isn’t looking after Marce properly, he let her fall. Val is like is that all? Dude you’re overreacting.


Sil is shocked Ale resigned, this is serious! Luc is already ready to write Ale off as a lost cause, and besides if they cut off the bucks the gold digger will turn him loose. Besides he actually had the nerve to take that woman to our hotel.

Sil wants to revisit the resignation thing when Ale is back from his honeymoon, but Luc is still all about I was right and everybody else must acknowledge it.


Ale serves Marcela her first champagne (because possible head trauma and alcohol is a winning combo! ) and they toast to never having secrets between them. Then Marcela wants to toast to the fate that brought them together, and to taking advantage of all that life has to offer. Ale stares at her like he’s trying to read a second meaning into her words, but can’t resist laughing and toasting with her.

Marcela is getting pretty buzzed but insists she’s not drunk. Tia Sagrario doesn’t like women to drink, so she doesn’t much at home but her dad taught her to drink so that no guy could ever get her drunk and take advantage of her. So maybe her dad thought she should take advantage of guys? Well, she says, I’ve got my ways of arranging things; I fight for what’s important to me, and I have ways of getting what I want, she says flirtatiously – Like what? he asks completely seriously- Like you think you won me over in spite of myself, but I played hard to get to make you want me more and it worked. She is joking around and teasing, but he’s taking it all seriously. – Yeah, it worked too well, here I thought you were all innocence, and you’re a vixen in disguise. She tells him it was just a joke, and he glares at her as he thinks yep, a big joke, tricking me and laughing at me. She notices he’s got a funny expression and asks what’s up. He says he’ll do the arranging this time and starts kissing her passionately.


Oct turns up at the ranch to ask Alba what’s up with Ale and Marce. She knows Ale and he’s not the same happy soul as before, and she cares so much she just has to ask. Alba can’t tell her what she doesn’t know, but Oct just thinks she’s being discreet. ML comes in and sends Alba for some water so she can talk to Dona Oct

Maria Laura mentions her dad is on the ranch and Oct says she’d like to meet him. She then sends ML for water so she can talk to Severo. She warns him not to talk about her or their deal or she’ll do him in. In fact she goes to smother him with a pillow, but hears ML and Alba arguing as they come back and drops the pillow and runs to the other side of the room as they get there. Severo’s eyes are wide with fear, and he must be mostly paralyzed still b/c he’d have for sure moved if he could. Oct says she doesn’t want to cause ML and Alba to fight so she’ll go now. Alba shows her out and ML notices her daddy is all crooked (ha!) and straightens his pillows. Oct tells Alba she can have her old job back any time and leaves.


Cami and Nisa think Luc will see to it that Cami gets the job he deserves (roflol lololololol)

Cuchi (remember him? No? He’s the pretty but shallow and money hungry boy Nisa dated last. Our girl’s got a type) calls reception to find out if Nisa’s back. Yep she is and Cuchi’s super happy. And the receptionist is happy she doesn’t have to talk to him anymore.

Cami goes up to Luc’s office and Luc tells him ‘after looking at all our job openings, this is the job we have for you.’ Cami looks at the proposal – Janitor? (ok, nobody laugh. What am I saying? Everybody laugh, Luc looks like he wants to)

Later Cami walks past the front desk muttering to himself its not fair, a stupid janitorial job.

Sil warns Luc, Nisa won’t like his giving her bf a menial job, Luc is all what did you want me to do, give him a job he’s not qualified for? – Well, no – And our family is full of stories of guys who started at the bottom and made their way up. In fact, we probably should have made Nisa do that herself, maybe she wouldn’t be so spoiled. Sil looks uncomfortable as she concedes that maybe yeah.

Nisa is telling Inez about her plans and her new bf when her old bf calls out to her. Cuchi comes over babbling about how much he’s missed her and keeps trying to grab and hug her, but Nisa evades his hands. Cuchi keeps apologizing so Nisa pretends her dad is coming so she can get rid of Cuchi before Cami gets there

Cami is irate, and at first Nisa thinks its b/c he saw her w/Cuchi, but its still all about his job.

Nisa goes to Luc to complain about it, and Luc doesn’t really try very hard to convince her he didn’t do it on purpose, or that he’s not enjoying the situation. Plus she still has to go back to school, that was the deal
He smirks behind her back


Rosa is in the kitchen wondering what she should feed Severo, and how? Should she give him a baby bottle? Some gruel? Or should she feed him the pig food? (I’m voting for pig food) Mateo comes in and startles her, asking where is Sagrario. Rosa says she went straight to her room when she got back from church. Mateo goes there and Rosa goes back to wondering.


Sagrario is crying when Mateo comes in to her room, and she tells him her petition for annulment was rejected. She’s stuck with Severo for good.
Mateo looks for the bright side; Severo’s too mean to stay down for long, he’ll get better and then they can prosecute him and then Sagrario can get free of him. Sagrario is convinced it won’t work out, God wants her to suffer. Mateo says he wouldn’t believe in a god who would do that to her. Sagrario rebukes him and says its all part of His big ineffable plan. Right, says Mateo, and as part of that plan, Severo will pay, and we’ll be free.

ML has been listening at Sagrario’s door and runs to tell her daddy that mom can’t get rid of him and will never be able to marry that naco Mateo.


Pillow talk time with Alessandro and Marcela. Marce feels invincible in his arms. – When they’re together like this, Ale believes in her. She wants to give him her wedding present, but his phone rings. Its Luc all set to ruin his other offspring’s day. Ale says if its about the hotel, he’s paying for the room w/his own credit card. All Luc really called for, besides to bug him, is to tell him when the honeymoon trip is over he needs to come to the Toscana and meet with his parents.

When he’s off the phone, Marcela senses Ale’s mood has darkened and decides to wait and give him the present later at a romantic dinner under the stars. Ale holds her and asks himself internally how to stop loving her, how does he get back from her the heart she doesn’t deserve.

Later Marce and Ale agree to meet up on the beach after she showers. She has to remind him to give her a goodbye kiss, but when he does he seems into it.


Don T calls Oct to teller he’s sending someone he trusts to the ranch as an undercover agent, to find out what is up w/Ale and Marce.

July is a little confused when Eulogio explains her duties as a secret agent to her, does she have to disguise herself as a tree or a goat or something? No, no its just we want you to get info for us w/o letting them know why you want to know.


Timo isn’t so sure July is up to the job of infiltrator, but they don’t really have anybody else to send. Eulogio hands Timo the test results from the crime scene. When they look at them they’re shocked


Nisa convinces Cami to go along with the job, to prove to her dad that he’s in it to win it and Luc won’t beat them. She’s going to enroll in college again too.


Selma goes to the bakery and flirtchides Amadeo for not taking her to the wedding. Penelope jumps up and shouts no! but then backtracks and says it was just about her internet bf changing jobs. Amadeo treats Selma to an Amadeo Special (the coffee drink, gitcher mind outta the gutter)


Linda has been making up stories to sneak out and visit Roman in jail. Ilse watches them talk; Roman feels good about paying for all the bad things he’s done, and he’s even started working in the jail workshop. Ilse lurks till Roman’s time is up and he has to go and then confronts Linda, why come here and see him like you care when you’re the reason he’s rotting in prison. Linda says Roman doesn’t want her to help him get out, Ilse can ask him herself. Ilse says she would if he would talk to her. Linda understands how he feels, she knows what its like to have a violent and abusive father, the only difference is she doesn’t have a mother to blame for not protecting her.


July gets the scoop from Rosa, all what happened at the party. Sagrario and Mateo come in and get after Rosa for gossiping. July hurriedly makes her excuses and goes to leave. Just then Don T and Eulogio arrive with the cops. Its not a social call. Don T makes Eulogio read the charges –

Mateo is charged with: False reporting of a crime, obstruction of justice, and planting evidence against Severo Morales.

(doom, doom, doom)

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! I’m afraid to hear Timo’s theory for how his test results mean Mateo’s the one who done wrong. By the time he’s done, he’ll be trying to convince everyone there was no murder or Mike’s not dead or whatever.

Um, I admit I’d forgotten what an Amadeo Special was and before I knew it I’d tripped and fallen in the gutter and couldn’t get back out.

Wow, Cuchi’s quite the optimist.

I can’t tell if Al was trying to get Marcela drunk or wanted to knock her out so she’d quit making eyes at him or what.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I think Alessandro is a believer of the whole ‘in champagne veritas’ thing and thinks he can get the truth out of her easier if she’s blitzed

3 years ago

Uy, more like in champagne hangoverus. Apparently it’s the influence of the bubbles.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Ok I would have loved to see Secret!Agent!July in a disguise, I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get that.

3 years ago

July would make a fabulous tree, I think.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

tee hee, I bet she would have cute bedazzled leaves 🙂

3 years ago

Awwwwwww, yeah, she would.