La Mujer del Vendaval Thursday 3/30/17 #96

We start with honeymoon kisses (Aww they have matching bathrobes in reverse colors. I like em.)

Alessandro can’t follow through on the kisses, he says its been a too loong day. He pulls away and goes to stand on the balcony and internally berate himself for loving a thief.


Maria Laura gets back to the house where Sagrario is waiting up to ask her where she’s been so late and tell her that her father’s care is all on her, nobody’s gonna help.


Cris gets home exhausted and depressed and tells Nuria he’s sleeping in the spare room.


Amadeo tells his mom, on the phone, all about his triumph over Cris. (He gloats a little and I don’t love the way he phrased it, but I’m gonna give him a pass this once cause he took a lot of crap from Cris on that trip w/Alba to the city) Ilse says this is only the beginning of what you can accomplish with self confidence. Who knows maybe one day Alba could be your gf for realzies instead of just pretending to scare off another guy.

Apparently Roman still doesn’t want to see Ilse and she’s still not giving up on him.


Next Morning

July heads out to Don Timo’s house, meanwhile Eulogio applies red dots to half of Timo’s face, but gets interrupted by the doorbell. They think its July but its only Mateo complaining about Severo getting sent to the ranch. Timo says the hospital needed the beds. They only have two but that’s apparently twice as many as they had before? Timo bought them a new orthopedic bed. Anyway Severo had to go to the ranch because he and Sagrario are still legally married and he’s under house arrest. Mateo isn’t getting anywhere with Timo and Eulogio so he storms out just as July arrives and is horrified to see half of Timo’s face. Silly explanations commence for why there’s only a rash on half of Timo and why Eulogio can be there but July can’t. Timo’s cell rings, and July suspects its Octavia. They assure her its not and get rid of her. It is of course and as soon as July’s gone Timo calls her back. Oct has instructions, she wants Timo to make peace with the Moraleses. Timo says it won’t be easy after all he’s done, but he’ll try and also tells her Severo is at the ranch to recuperate. Oct hangs up, wakes Lencho and heads out.


Sagrario goes to see Severo and tells him she hopes he gets better so he can face justice. As she leaves he thinks at her ‘you better be careful what you wish for’ and he slowly moves the fingers of one hand.


At the honeymoon hotel, Marcela wakes up and thinks she must still be dreaming, everything’s so wonderful, Ale throws cold water on her dreams by behaving coldly to her and leaving her alone.


ML is promising Rosa much extra money if she’ll take care of Severo. After some haggling Rosa agrees to do it without telling Sagrario so ML can take credit for caring for her papi, and agrees to wait to be paid till the end of the month (Nooo Rosa get cash up front. I’m really worried now that Rosa is never going to get paid.)


Sagrario tells her priest all bout what’s been goin on at the ranch. The priest tells her its all a test of her goodness, and also she’s not goin to be able to get an annulment. I guess the whole ‘everybody knows he’s a bad man’ argument didn’t fly since she didn’t press charges against him, and now that he’s back she hasn’t been abandoned.

Barring her reporting Severo their next best bet is if he’s convicted of murder. As distant as that possibility seems, the padre will keep trying.


ML has flash cards w/numbers on them trying to get Severo to give her the pin#. Alba comes in in the middle of the flash card thing and is surprised to see ML spending so much energy on somebody not her own self, maybe she really does care.


Luc hears that Ale has Marcela at one of their hotels on White Crane Island, and is astonished at his audacity.


Marcela is enjoying the food and the experience and the place and having Ale all to herself and Ale is acting like its all a test that she’s failing.


Amadeo brings some bread and some light flirtation to the ranch for Alba. Alba wants to talk, she thought what he told Cris was brilliant and inspired and she only wants to be friends with Amadeo. Like they were before.
Alba realizes she’s hurt Amadeo, but he says no, that’s what he wanted all along too, and as he covertly wipes his eyes, tells her he’s got someone else so it works out. Since when? Alba asks, oh a little while he replies. As Amadeo leaves hurriedly Alba looks like she’s jealous, and Amadeo berates himself when alone for being so dumb as to get his hopes up.


Nuria asks Cris how his night was and how long he plans to stay in the spare room. Not long, he’s moving out, he needs some time. Nuria is afraid their separation is gonna be permanent, and she is so disappointed that all the hopes and plans she had, after everything she’s been through, are going to be lost. Is it because of Alba? Cris says yes, but he just wants some time to figure out his feelings. Nuria says ok if you want to throw our life together away, then you can. Cris, unswayed by the heavy guilt she’s laying, goes to bathe and pack.


Luc calls Val up and she tells him how Sil lost it at the wedding and didn’t even go to the reception. Luc then gets gross and Val pretends to reciprocate, till Sil walks in to his office and Luc has to pretend to be talking to somebody else.

Luc tells Sil that Oct is now a majority stock holder thanks to inheriting everything Ale gave Damiana. And Ale knew she was gonna and said nothing, that means Ale and Oct are in cahoots against them. That’s why he accepted Ale’s resignation as VP.


ML and Nisa catch up on the phone, the necklace is gone but nobody said anything, they’re all covering for Marcela. Nisa is resigned, you can’t fight love, but ML is still determined and delusional.


Ale is teaching Marcela to water ski and he’s way more excited about it than she is. He gets distracted by his memories and emotions and goes too fast and doesn’t realize Marcela has fallen. When he goes back for her, she’s unconscious, floating on her back.

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! I’m with you on the matching bathrobe love. I knew I hated Timo, but the idea that he campaigned on a pledge to increase the hospital’s beds from 1 to 2 and STILL couldn’t accomplish even that just makes me hate him more. Vote him out already! Seriously. Rosa had better get cash up front and deposit it somewhere more secure than “under the mattress” before she does a lick of work for ML. Damn. Well, I guess annulment still ain’t easy. Though the Padre overlooks that Sev’s pretty close to death right now, so…things happen…. Ale was… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

What I never quite understood was, did he purposely buy the hospital a broken bed? I… just….dude! Why is Eulogio even friends with him Eulogio would probably make a better mayor (but only because the bar is set so low. )

I’m gonna be so surprised if Rosa ever gets paid for anything she does for ML

Things happen, yup, fingers crossed.

3 years ago

Eulogio would make a better mayor. Penelope who does nothing but hang out at the cafe would make a better mayor. I’d like Mateo to run against him, just because it would infuriate Timo that he wouldn’t be able to buy him out. Sagrario would make an awesome mayor, but she’s kind of busy with personal stuff.

Rosa should know better! ML is never gonna cough up the money!