La Mujer del Vendaval Saturday 4/01/17 #98

Don T and Eulogio tell Mateo the crime scene test results came back and showed his fingerprints on the bag holding the gun. Mateo remembers how they got there, and says his fingerprints are only on the bag because he looked at it to see what it was, but Don T is insisting its there because Mateo planted the gun and maybe committed the murder. Sagrario accuses Don T of making this whole thing up to cover for Severo cause they’re buddies. Eulogio advises Mateo to come along quietly and then Alba comes in and wants to know what’s up. When she hears, she’s indignant and she and Sagrario stand in front of Mateo to protect him. Eulogio starts to assure them the whole thing will be cleared up soon, but Don T warns him not to guarantee them anything he can’t deliver. ML comes in wants to know what’s up Don T starts to get cranky about having to repeat stuff, and Mateo says he’ll go with them w/o any more fuss. He didn’t do anything wrong, he has nothing to fear. As they’re taking Mateo out July asks if she can get a ride back with them.

Once they’re gone, ML gets the story and immediately believes it, or says she does, so she can blame Mateo for everything. Alba and Sagrario are fed up and walk out and ML is left with Rosa, who stares at her like she knows her whole deal. ML runs to tell daddy the good news, Severo moves his eyes and I think I saw his head move a little bit, and he thinks he knew his buddy Timo would come through for him.

Sagrario prays to the Virgin for Mateo. Alba is going to town so Mateo won’t be alone, but Sagrario should stay home, she gets too stressed out. Alba is sure she’ll be back soon.


Alessandro thinks back on all his recent convos w/Marcela and they’re all slanted to her being an adventuress and tricking him. Why can’t his heart understand it was all a trick?

Marcela gives the docs giving Ale half her ranch a final look over, and then wonders, what if his mom is convincing him I’m a gold digger? Naw he would never believe something so dumb, plus when he sees this he’ll know I’m not.


Selma tells Amadeo she thought, after what they shared, that they had something special. Amadeo jokes, well yeah, but then you told all your girlfriends and now the shop is never empty. But Selma is serious, she wants them to have something, apparently he’s quite the tiger, and she kisses him. Just then Alba walks in, sees them and walks back out again, berating herself for being stupid and getting jealous when she knew, Amadeo told her himself, he had someone. A couple of bystanders are staring at the girl talking to herself in public, till Alba snaps at them.


Linda has made Ilse cry and now she tries to comfort her, telling her it’ll all work out. Ilse tells her that she never knew it was that bad w/Roman’s dad, she never saw the abuse and now she blames herself. Linda says you weren’t there for Roman when he needed you and neither was I. You didn’t stick up for him to his dad and I didn’t stand up to my dad and tell the truth for him. We’re the same.

Well here comes Linda’s dad. The jig is up and he’s pretty upset. Linda tries to make some explanation, but he just grabs her arm to drag her home. Ilse grabs the other arm and says he can’t treat her that way. The guard notices the ruckus, but Ilse says everything’s ok so she can go on arguing w/Linda’s dad. Well Linda’s dad ain’t goin to let the mother of a criminal tell him what he can or can’t do with his own daughter, but Ilse isn’t about to let abuse go on under her nose again w/o doing anything about it. There’s not much she can do though, Linda pleads for her to stay out of it and leaves with her dad.


In the mayor’s office Mateo tells his story again: he didn’t break in to the house, the window was open. He only wanted to investigate Severo because he knew Severo killed Mike. His fingerprints are on the drawers too b/c he was looking for where the gun was hidden. Where it was hidden, or where to hide it asks Don T. Mateo says why would he lie, but Don T is on his case. Eulogio says he believes Mateo but Don T tells him to shut it. Whose side is he on, anyway?

Don T asks Mateo where he was when Mike was murdered. Dunno, says Mateo, when was he killed? Oh a couple of weeks ago between 2 and 4 am Oh well, Mateo’s always asleep by then, well except the night Ale’s folks came to dinner, no he doesn’t remember what they ate, but no he was asleep by that time anyway, and Mateo always sleeps alone. Welp Don T will have to keep Mateo in custody till the judge decides whether or not there’s a case.


Marcela picks out a dinner service from a catalogue from guest services for her romantic dinner at the ocean’s edge. She wants to give Ale the deed at the dinner so she’d like them to put a red bow on the envelope and bring it out halfway on a silver platter or something nice like that. The woman from guest services says no problem.


Alba arrives at the municipal offices to pick up Mateo and take him home, but July tells her that not only can’t she have Mateo but she better git’im a lawyer quick or Don T’s gonna have him locked up for good.


Doctor Emiliano has another patient! His name is Don Filemon. Sagrario calls Emil for help, interrupting their consultation. She tells Emil she’s very worried, if they don’t do anything to stop him, Don T is gonna pin Mike’s murder on Mateo to get his buddy Severo off the hook. Alba went to help Mateo, but she hasn’t been in touch since she left the ranch, and Sagrario has a bad feeling about it. Emiliano says he’ll rush over to the rescue, and hurriedly finishes up w/Don Filemon, telling him the test results will be back in a couple of weeks, and don’t forget to use the drops.


Alba is stomp-pacing all over July’s office, casting glares at Don T’s office door. July offers some calming tea, but Alba doesn’t want to calm down, what she wants is they release Mateo, cause Mateo is innocent. Well July is sorry but they have to wait for the judge to decide if there’s a case against Mateo. Ha! Alba and everybody else in town knows that all ways here are Don Timo’s ways, and if anything is done its only by his instructions, and for his benefit, Alba shouts at the mayor’s closed door. July tries to shush her but Alba won’t be shushed. Eulogio comes out of the office and tries to tell Alba he’s not out to get Mateo, and if it were up to him, he’d let Mateo go. Alba won’t listen, she knows where his loyalty lies and she demands to see Mateo! NOW! She doesn’t care what the mayor orders! Eulogio goes to see what he can do.


Timo calls Oct to tell her he’s found another suspect for the Mike Cisneros murder. Oct asks if he’s just covering for Severo but Timo says not, he’s completely neutral in this. But when Marcela gets back to town, he’s gonna need to confiscate the shotgun or else get a bullet proof car, cause the Morales’s are gonna hate him even more. Oct is sure he can handle it, plus he’s still got the infiltrator, right? We-ell, Timo says, that didn’t really work out either. Whatever, says an increasingly irritated Oct, I’ve got other things on my mind, and she hangs up. She tells Mauro she’s not sure if Timo is making things better or worse.

Mauro reminds Oct that they know who really killed Mike the lawyer, and it wasn’t Mateo. Oct says it doesn’t matter, Timo will say its Mateo and we don’t care, its actually in our interest to back him up. She can’t wait till Marce and Ale get back from their honeymoon to find out what’s up with them, luckily she’s got another source, she kicks Mauro out and calls Val.

Val doesn’t know what went wrong between Ale and Marce either, all Oct really learns is that Emil is gone over Marce.

Val is sure though that when she can get Al alone for a few minutes he’ll tell all.


Back in the cells Alba sees Mateo. He tells her he hasn’t spoken to the prosecutor yet. Alba says they have to let him go, this is all a big mistake. Mateo says the mistake was electing that guy Timo to be Mayor. They both hope the judge isn’t corrupt and realizes this is just a ploy to get Don T’s buddy out of trouble. Mateo would really like to believe justice still exists in San BP. Alba too, but it couldn’t hurt to hire a lawyer and call Marcela. Mateo says no, they can’t ruin Marcela’s honeymoon.


On her honeymoon, Marcela tells Alessandro about the romantic dinner she’s got planned but he doesn’t seem happy about it for some reason. (Maybe the same reason he’s not happy about anything anymore /snark) Marce has notices his weird mood and asks about it, finally, but Ale just says he’s got worries. Marce assumes its about his folks and their massive disapproval. She asks if his dad called to threaten him. Ale gets irritated and Marce starts reassuring him, that his folks still love him, they’ll come around. What if they don’t, he asks, what if they disown me and take everything away from me, would you still love me?

Instead of just saying yes, Marce asks how he can ask her that, and reassures him she’s on his side and besides his mom is too and won’t let his dad cut him off, and it’ll all be okay. Ale asks how she can be so sure, and Marce says she’s an optimist, and besides she has a plan to convince them he did right marrying her, and then he’ll go back to be the favorite son and heir. Humph, he says sourly. She notices he doesn’t seem to be feeling better after her pep talk. He says there’s things that don’t add up, hurtful things.

Are we still talking about your family? she asks. Look it’ll be okay, we love each other and we’ll fix all the things, we’ll get El V out of the hole.

All you care about is El V, he accuses.

You always knew the ranch was really important to me, I advertised for a husband to save it. I married you to save it. Remember?

Yep, he’s got it, for sure!

He vants to be alone, he’s going for a walk to think for a while. And he flings himself out.


Emil has arrived at the jail and Alba tells him Don T’s theory about Mateo framing Severo and Mateo’s side of the story.

Emil will go try to find a lawyer.


Linda’s dad is pretty pissed at her. He’s doing a significant amount of yelling and menacing. Linda just wants him to understand she really loves Roman. He goes to hit her but stops cause he doesn’t want the neighbors to see and so drags her into the house. Ilse has followed them home and watches the argument open mouthed.

Linda’s dad locks her in her room for a while (how old is Linda anyway?) as she cries, and he says they’re gonna get this resolved one way or another tomorrow. (hmm, ominous, yet vague)


Don T has a plan to send the judge to Cancun on a special convention organized by the UN, and the city slush fund will pay for the whole thing. Timo explains to Eulogio that the convention is fake and once the judge is out of town far enough away, they’ll tell him it got canceled but he can just have a vacation. Eulogio congratulates the mayor on his cunning plan, but haven’t they maybe done enough to poor Mateo already, what with tearing his house down and everything? That is not what Don T wants to hear, and he chases Eulogio out of his office.


Cami tells Luc he’s taking the janitorial job, just to prove to Luc and everybody that he doesn’t give up and his love for Nisa is true. Great says Luc, see Oct tomorrow.

On his way back from Luc’s office, Cami runs into Lencho sleeping on a lounge chair and they trade how did you get here stories, but I paid absolutely no attention so I don’t know if anything important may have been said

Mauro and Inez have a very sad conversation. Upshot- its not fair for him to play with her feelings when he knows it can’t go anywhere. Neither is it fair for him to expect her to save him from his bad choices when he can’t save himself. She walks away, head high and he looks thoughtful

Nisa talks to Inez, if only she could combine Cuchi and Cami into one, they’d be the perfect man. (I….. I’m trying to picture Camuchi, but…..its too….stupid *imaginationfail* )Inez looks at her with disbelief, but doesn’t say anything. Nisa knows she’s got to break up with poor, sweet, lovesick Cuchi without Cami finding out her ex is around. Inez will help, right? Inez wants to stay out of it, but Nisa begs and pleads and – did she just get Inez to agree to break up with Cuchi for her?


Emil tells Alba, still waiting in the police station, the judge is unavailable for some reason, but he got a lawyer to help in case anything happens, ever. Just then Sagrario rushes in all frantic asking why Alba never came back home and what’s going on.



Marce leaves a Ale a love note telling him to meet her on the beach for an unforgettable night.

Al gets back to the room and reads the note.

The special dinner is all ready and Marcela is all dressed up and nervously waiting for Ale to come. She’s sure it will relieve him a lot to know half of El Vendeval is his.

Will Marcela’s dinner of romantic-ness and huuge gift giving win Ale over finally?
Or will he continue the transmogrification into Luciano v2.0

Is justice still a thing in San BP?
Or should they just change the name to Quinonesville and get it over with?
Also how the heck did Timo get elected in the first place?
Did Eulogio rig the election?

Will Nisa go back to school and take classes in biology and anatomy as prep for combining Cami and Cuchi into the perfect boyfriend, a la Dr Frankenstein?

Tune in next time to find out

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth. “Camuchi” was inspired. I’m sure Nisa’s right and together they’d make the perfect something, but I don’t know if “man” is it.

Oh, it is SO Quinonesville. But where is he getting the money? He obviously saves a lot by not doing anything legitimate with it, but then he also throws a lot away on trips to fake UN conferences and what have you.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Thanks, sometimes my brain just spits things out and they work 🙂 Camuchi would be, so shallow and yet such a good swimmer 😛 Half merman, half centaur, all greed. Re Timo’s money, he keeps promoting bingo bailalable (sp?) maybe he’s making $ on that? Also I have a feeling he’s getting paid a lot under the table for various shady things, plus all the fees and fines he comes up with off the cuff, and he’s some kind of businessman besides, right? I just see him as a guy who manages to work every situation out to his profit… Read more »