Caer En Tentación Watch Party 11/27/17-12/01/17

OK, so I can tell from the comments I’m going to want to get caught up. I’m’a gettin’ there!

Episode 12
Three years ago
  • Mía tells Raquel she saw her having sex with Damián…and gets permission to go to a party.
  • Andres tells Miguel to find out from his bank where the check he gave Raquel ended up.
  • Lola asks to meet Juan to confront him about saying Patricia was telling everyone she and Lola were dating. Instead he gets threatening and says she’s “his” and he’s never leaving her.
  • The “party” at Joaquin’s house was a setup. He intends to rape her, but sees the cuts on her legs and is shocked enough to let her go. At home she claims she just drank too much and got dizzy. She begs her mom to put her in a new school. The school refuses to do anything because what happened didn’t happen on school grounds or at a school activity.
  • Lola tells Carolina what happened with Patricia and Miguel, but she doesn’t want to go to the police and threatens to kill herself if Carolina tells Santiago.
  • Andres insists he’s in love with Raquel and Cintia has to interrupt his attempted rape. She admits to Raquel that she did sleep with Andres, but just to find out what he knows.
  • Nico hints at knowing what happened on the class trip.
  • Lola enlists Miguel’s help with Patricia, telling him she’s starting to talk about “that time with the three of them.” He promises to shut Patricia up.
  • Carolina’s baby was Santiago’s.
  • Laura claims she and Fernando are only together because if she tells everyone what she knows about him he’ll end up in jail.
  • Santiago brings Damian and Carolina’s text messages over to Raquel’s, where she insists on hearing them. By the end, it becomes apparent Santiago has memorized them. They kiss.
Episode 13
Three Years Ago
  • Damian and Raquel are still at school when Nico arrives to beat up Joaquin. Joaquin insists he didn’t do anything–Mia’s the one who hurts herself. Meanwhile, at home, Mia tells Fede what happened and shows him the cuts on her legs, swearing him to secrecy. Damian and Raquel confront the kids and Fede fakes an asthma attack to get the attention off Mía.
  • Raquel cracks and tells Santiago she’s been lying to Damian. She takes him to see Cintia, explaining she has multiple addictions–sex, drugs–and she was supposed to be in Spain on a scholarship. Raquel never told Damian, so she’s been having to steal money and the catering company was supposed to help. Santiago thinks she should talk to Damian, but he promises not to say anything to him.
  • Andres gets Lola alone in the kitchen and tries to blackmail her into sleeping with him, threatening to have all the guests say the food was bad and to have Miguel release photos and videos he has. Damian interrupts, looking for wine and doesn’t seem to believe Andres saying he was just congratulating Lola. Lola tells Carolina about Andres’ threats. Carolina has Lola tell Andres she’ll take him up on his offer, but they also tell Damian what he’s up to. Damian walks in and reminds Andres that Lola’s underage, she’s told him everything, and they can either work this out themselves or call the police. He assures Lola they won’t bother her again.
  • Carolina fakes a call from Lisa so she can go meet Damian alone to break up with him…or not.
  • Santiago tries to convince Raquel to start a relationship, but she says the two of them aren’t like Damian and Carolina.
  • Fernando tries to restart his romantic relationship with Laura, but she turns him down.
  • Juan confronts Lola after seeing her at the restaurant with Miguel. He accuses her of having sex with Miguel for money and demands to know what she’d charge Juan now. He drags her back to his apartment and locks her in, beating her when she screams.
  • Lisa asked around town and found out that Damian and Carolina nearly bought a house, but something happened before they could complete the sale.
  • Antonio and Godoy review the case. Carolina’s body washed up in the river, but Damian’s body was still in the car. The accident looks like it was caused by a rock hitting the windshield. Money isn’t the apparent motive because all the valuables were still in the car. Fernando suggests money still could have been the motive, just on a larger scale. Someone who knew about the affair might have been blackmailing them and they decided to leave rather than pay.
  • Raquel hands over the keys to the house Damian bought Carolina to Santiago, but she doesn’t want to see it.

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Linda F.
Linda F.
2 years ago

So glad to hear you’re catching up–you’ll be happy you did! This one is well worth the time and effort.

2 years ago

Just saw M/Tu 28/29 OnDemand. The kid subplots boring as all get out. I think I have said that before. Damián is showing himself to be a real piece of work just like Andrés. So Santiago and Raquel had an inkling of what was going on when Carolina found out she was pregnant. Vicente sure has a knack for turning up at the worst times. I knew I had seen Adrian Louvier before. She was in “Ilusiones, S.A.” With Jaime Camil. Here if hoping the rest of the episodes this week are posted this weekend.