La Mujer del Vendaval Tuesday 4/04/17 #99

Honeymoon Beach

Marcela is eagerly awaiting Alessandro’s arrival at the romantic surprise dinner.
Ale isn’t answering his cell or the room phone
Even though he’s there.
Marce starts to get anxious.

Police Station San BP

Sagrario sobs as she asks why they won’t let Mateo go. She’s inconsolable even though Alba and Emiliano are there telling her that everybody knows Mateo didn’t do anything and the lawyer they got for Roman has agreed to represent Mateo too. As soon as Mateo can tell his story to the MP they will see he’s innocent and for sure let him go.

Ranch Guest House

ML tells her dad about Sagrario’s trip to town and why. If Alba isn’t back yet things must be going badly. Severo does his smile w/o moving his face thing, and ML notices. Ah-ha! He’s in there and he knows exactly what she’s saying, right! Now she needs him to remember his pin numbers, maybe she’ll go get the bank paperwork from July’s place and that will help. Severo thinks at her, blank faced, that she can do whatever she wants, but he won’t give her anything, he’ll just sit back and enjoy watching her run around.

Jail Cells

Sagrario tells Mateo they’ve hired Roman’s atty to represent him, he’ll come in the morning. And we’ll pay him with what? asks Mateo. She gets him to agree to keep his mouth shut till the lawyer is there, but when he asks her in return not to worry about him she says he’s asking too much, she loves him too much not to worry. Now he seems happy she’s worrying.


Luc calls Sil to tell her he’s got a dinner meeting and might be back late. After she hangs up, Oct knocks on the door to invite her to dinner and vent. She saw her at the wedding and she knows something’s wrong, besides, some of the wedding guests have been calling and asking what happened.

Lencho and Camilo continue their bro talk, the important thing is Inez is spying on them for Nisa who tells her to buy them another round to keep’em busy so she can get on with meeting with Cuchi literally behind Cami’s back. Seriously they’re right behind him not more than 15 feet away and Cuchi is being kinda loud. Good thing Cami is dumb and oblivious.

Honeymoon Beach

Marce is still waiting for Ale, she doesn’t want to start dinner w/o him, and she’s beginning to suspect she’s being stood up. Ale meanwhile has gone down to the hotel casino and is gambling. (I hope he gets a paper cut from one of those cards)

Toscana Restaurant

Oct orders Silvana some wine to loosen her up. Sil warns her she doesn’t want to talk about the wedding. Oct insists on knowing why Sil changed her mind about Marce, but all Sil says is she got to know her between yesterday and today.

She’s very worried, Ale married that woman and he won’t leave her no matter what, even though she’s the worst of women.

Oct tells Sil that Ale didn’t act like he was in love at the reception, he left Marce in the middle of their first dance. Sil hopes it signals the beginning of the end. Oct can’t understand why. All that matters is that Sil knows, now lets talk about more important things, what is Oct going to do now that she’s a shareholder on the board, or did she think Sil wouldn’t find out? Oct looks abashed. She protests that her inheritance was as much a surprise to her as anyone, she always thought Damiana would leave her stuff to Ale, she wasn’t very on the ball. And Oct goes on the attack, telling Sil about all the stuff Luc has been doing to Ale behind her back and how Oct has been defending Ale but not because they’re in cahoots.

The convo has upset Sil so much she she doesn’t want to eat and she leaves. Oct sends the waiter, Cristobal, to fetch Lencho to have dinner with her, even after he warns her Lencho is in the bar with a friend and a little drunk.

Sad Honeymoon Beach

Marce is trying to call Ale again, he doesn’t answer and she gets fed up, she grabs her paperwork and rips the bow off and tells the staff there isn’t going to be a dinner as she stalks off.

Marce gets back to the room and finds that Ale left his phone there. All she can do is curl up on the bed in the dark and cry.


Cuchi calls Nisa his lemon meringue (I love lemon meringue! yum! I was thinking about lemon meringue and missed all the other things they said. oops. I assume Cuchi is trying to get her back.) She lets him kiss her on the cheek and he says as she walks away, ‘she still likes me, and I still like her millions.’

After Lencho has gone to Oct Nisa comes for Cami, she misses him so much and wants to have dinner with him.

Hotel Casino

Stupid Ale is winning at whatever card game he’s playing, (and hasn’t suffered any gambling related accidents yet) and one of his table companions invites him to go fishing with him in the morning. In a few hours.

Octavia’s Suite

Oct and Lencho talk in bed, after. – upshot, he worries Camilo might ask questions, or tell his dad something, and he wants his singing career already. Oct is all worn out, he did his job well, and they’ll talk about that later.

Sad Honeymoon Suite

Ale gets back to the room, and Marcela is there, waiting up for him. She turns on the light and gives him a look.

Where were you?
I was gambling, I couldn’t call cause I left my phone
If you had really wanted to call me you would have
I got to gambling and lost track of the time
We had a date
Like I said I lost track of time
We’re on our honeymoon, do you really think its right to go off gambling w/o saying anything to me? Seriously?
I already explained
You haven’t explained anything! You haven’t even apologized! I waited hours for you on the beach, I started to think something had happened. I was worried! And you don’t even care!
Stop making a fuss! I forgot the dinner, I was winning.
Look I’m tired, can we please argue later?

She angrily pushes him aside and goes to bed, he goes somewhere else
In the morning he looks down on her asleep and wishes he could hate her, but every time he’s around her, every time he sees, or hears, or smells her…. He remembers her protesting she never took the necklace, and renews his determination not to believe in her again, and he leaves her.

San BP Jail

Don Timo tells about how they found Mateo’s fingerprints all over the darn place including on the bag, and Mateo explains he opened the bag to see what was in it. When Don T points out that some of the prints looked like they’d been wiped off, Mateo gets nervous and says he doesn’t remember. The one new guy asks what, you don’t remember if you tried to wipe your prints off the gun, and the other guy who must be Mateo’s lawyer, says if he says he doesn’t remember then he doesn’t, maybe they got wiped accidentally. Don T pipes up again, he’s really enjoying this, ‘or, well that or it must be for vengeance, remember how Mateo led us straight to the gun, and the dead guy was found at El V.’  Mateo’s lawyer points out Don T shouldn’t even be there, much less putting his two cents in. But Don T says he’s the authority here in San BP and he’s just making sure things get done right. They get back to the questioning, asking Mateo where he was on the nights in question, and Mateo says he was sleeping, and Ale’s folks came over for dinner one night and the guys on the ranch can back him up, he was there, and the night of the dinner everyone saw him Marcela, Alba, Sagrario, Rosa, Ale’s folks and Ale too. Even Timo showed up and brought some ppl with him too. O right says Timo but I left early, how late did the party last? Mateo’s lawyer has to remind Don T not to butt in, the MP is supposed to be asking the questions. They atty also takes the opportunity to remind the MP that all Mateo was trying to do was see justice done for the murder of Mr Mike. Or, says Don T, it looks like Mateo killed Mike himself and planted the evidence on Severo. They were rivals over a woman and Mateo could easily have got up early in the morning to kill Mike and bury him on the ranch. At first Mateo is speechless in shock, then he leaps to his feet protesting his innocence. His lawyer says, but Mateo already told us where he was, and Eulogio agrees and gets a nasty look from Don T for it.

Honeymoon of Gloom

Marcela wakes up alone. Alessandro’s side of the bed doesn’t even look slept in, but at least he left her a note telling her he went fishing.

Marcela is calling trying to find out if she can take a boat out to the boat Ale is fishing in, but without knowing where he is its impossible. She sits dejectedly and wonders why Ale is tryin to get away from her.

Marcela sits on the beach and wonders why Ale isn’t there with her.
Ale sits on a boat and remembers all the necklace related stuff, first Marcela’s story, and then Nestor and Norma finding the necklace. How could she lie to me like that?

Police Station

Alba, Sagrario and Emiliano are waiting for news, Mateo’s lawyer comes out slump shouldered and tells them that Mateo made his statement but the MP says there are reasons to suspect Mateo killed Mike.

Sagrario and Alba cry and protest and the atty explains the prints wiped off the bag and Don T’s theory. All they can do is find proof that Mateo was at home all night and never left, and if they don’t do something soon, Mateo will get sent to prison.

At the prison Ilse is trying for the umpteenth time to see her son. The guards know the score by now, he won’t see her, but Ilse says to tell him she has something to tell him about Linda and its really important. The guard isn’t hopeful, but he’ll try.

Back at the police station, Sagrario is trying to give Mateo an alibi, saying she and Mateo have been sleeping together for a while now, and he was with her all night. (for some reason this is making me cry) Alba knows it isn’t true and she and the atty beg Sagrario not to perjure herself, it may actually make things worse for Mateo. Sagrario wipes away tears and says, if they can lie and cheat and put a good man in jail, to get a murderous rat like Severo off the hook I can say Mateo spent the night with me and nobody can prove he didn’t! ( Remember, this is a woman who has been, till now, very concerned with what the townsfolk say about her. Excuse me I need to go blow my nose now. ) Emil takes her aside and tells her he feels frustrated and aggravated too, but we aren’t like Severo, and Don T, we can’t stoop to their level, besides the MP will question you and try to trip you up in a contradiction, and they might even get Maria Laura in to testify against you that you’re lying. Sagrario knows he’s got her there.

Amadeo came to the police station to comfort Alba as soon as he heard the news, she cries on his shoulder about how unfair it all is, then she tells him about her mom’s plan to give Mateo an alibi. Amadeo is impressed w/Dona Sagrario, but hey they don’t know, maybe its true. Alba is sure its not, her mom has very strong principles, and that would go against them. Sagrario is walking up behind Amadeo, but he doesn’t know it and says well hey, who knows, maybe she gave in to temptation? Sagrario hears him and asks temptation to what? Amadeo panics but Alba says we were just saying maybe we could tempt you with some bread? The lawyer comes up and tells them July testified about hearing a shot in the plaza and we’re going to investigate, we have 48 hours before the judge makes a decision.
Emil goes to check out how things are looking at the judge’s office.

At the prison Ilse’s message worked and Roman comes to see her. At first he’s all prickly and ready to defend his love against her, and thinks all she wanted to say was she knew he was choosing to stay there even though Linda wants to free him, and he’s about to leave, but she tells him Linda’s dad caught her here yesterday and he turns back around.

Honeymoon of Gloom and Boredom

Marcela calls Alba to catch up, Alba sounds weird, and not happy hear from her. She already called home and Rosa said everybody was out, what’s up? Alba says no, nothing, we’re just in town and yep, everything’s ok. Well ok then, Marce will call again later and she hangs up, but after wandering around a bit more she calls Emil, she asks him if something’s wrong, when she called Alba, she sounded so strange and like something was worrying her, what’s going on? Emil says she should ask her aunt, but this just makes Marce more worried and she begs him to tell her what’s wrong until he tells her that Mateo was arrested and accused of the murder of Mike Cisneros

Oh no, Marcela looks like her eyes hurt

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth, for the recap! I guess my DVR didn’t get this one, but I can picture the action from your descriptions. Wow, for someone who’s having to work so hard on being a jerk, Al’s sure doing a great job of it.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Thanks, I was really hoping Al would get a paper cut from the playing cards, or stabbed with a fish hook or something, but nada.

3 years ago

A hangover, at the very least would not have been out of order. Though, then I’d have to feel sorry for the boat owner, I suppose.