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Episode 14
Character Notes
  • Rosa – store owner in Valle, friend of Lisa’s
Three Years Ago
  • Mia tells Nico she’s asked Fede to back off and wants him to stop attacking Joaquin. She wants Nico’s help to keep Fede out of trouble. Really she wants to take revenge on her own and she doesn’t want Nico to know about it.
  • Santiago tries to get a head start on his work at Damian’s company, but security won’t let him in and neither will Andres. Andres goes to Damian’s house looking for him, which makes it seem to Raquel that he lied about where he would be and who with.
  • Godoy reviews the surveillance video from the tollboth. Carolina appears to be looking at something. A car arrived just after Damian’s and left just before–with tinted windows and no plates–and the driver kept his face hidden from all the functioning cameras.
  • Juan insists on keeping Lola locked up in his apartment until the swelling goes down, even after Nico texts her that he needs her to come home and help him with Benja. After a phone message from Nico, Juan lets Lola go, but only if she agrees to sleep with him again. If she doesn’t, he threatens to tell her dad she sleeps with “old men” for money.
  • Raquel goes with Damian to Valle after all and interrogates Lisa’s friend Rosa, who runs the store. Rosa remembers meeting him on the day of her daughter’s quinceañera. Rosa takes them to the cabin. Raquel is upset by the picture of Damian and Carolina on the refrigerator and the waterbed in the bedroom like Damian had always wanted. Santiago comments that this is just the cabin Carolina had always wanted, with a hammock, that he knew he’d never be able to buy her.
  • Rueda’s lackey on the police force wants someone to pass on the information Godoy just found about the car at the toll booth. He’ll send an email soon. He appears to know Cintia.
  • Laura shows up at Patricia’s to meet with her, but she’s dead. The police think it was suicide.
Episode 15
Three Years Ago
  • Even after Andres backed up Damian’s story, Raquel is still angry. It also makes Carolina suspicious when she hears how easily he lies to Raquel. He insists he’s never done this before. Andres takes advantage of the situation to try to hit on Raquel again. Despite her guilt, Carolina doesn’t break up with Damian again.
  • Fede overheard Andres and Raquel’s argument and asks if Damian is cheating on her. He tells Mía later, but Mía doesn’t seem to care.
  • Patricia meets Nico, who flirts outrageously. She puts her number in his phone, but she’s hedging about him coming to a “party” she came to invite Lola to. Lola and Juan seem to be making plans to attend the same party. As are Fede and Mía–Mía wants her revenge, but she says she’s not going to burn Joaquin’s truck.
  • Damian assumed Andres wouldn’t want to mess with anyone in Carolina/Lola’s family after what happened the other day, but Andres doesn’t see why Santiago should be included. Damian threatens to tell Santiago what he knows, but so does Andres.
  • Carolina visits Lisa to strengthen her alibi. Vicente shows up, drunk, insisting on seeing his son. He considers Caro taking Lisa’s side a “stab in the back” and says he should kill her. He refuses to leave until he sees his son. Lisa warns Carolina not to ever let Vicente know she’s having any problems with Santiago or he’ll find a way to use it against her.
  • Laura announces Patricia’s death on the air and ties it to the Becker case. She leaves out the part where Patricia was a prostitute so she can use it to pressure Lola into talking. When Juan drops Lola off at home, Laura watches from nearby. She calls Fernando to gloat to him about Patricia’s death, but Fernando doesn’t know how it could be connected.
  • Cintia steals a watch of Damian’s to sell it to Rueda’s accomplice on the police force.
  • Vicente shows up at the cabin, insisting the only reason he didn’t tell Santiago about it is that he wanted to keep it. He repeats his earlier accusations that Carolina was only ever after money. Santiago remembers Caro telling him she’s not sure she deserves so much good in her life because she’s a bad person.
  • Rueda assures Miriam that Raquel doesn’t have any access to Damian’s cash.
  • On another search of the area where Carolina’s body was found, the police find a shovel that still has blood stains on it.
  • Santiago confesses he’s starting to have feelings for Raquel, but she still considers herself married and she won’t stoop to Damian and Carolina’s level.
  • Laura tries to make a deal with Lola. If Lola tells her everything about Carolina and Damian’s affair, she’ll protect her from anything that comes up during the investigation of Patricia’s death.
  • Godoy and his boss plan to interview Lisa.
  • Miriam tries to turn the kids against Raquel. She accuses Raquel and Santiago of being lovers.

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Looks like “Caer en tentación” should be “Caer en olvido”. I am still trying to catch up but other things are grabbing my attention first. It might be because it seems we are stuck in the proverbial “Valle de lágrimas”. I keep wondering how long it is. . .