Caer En Tentación #16

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Three Years Ago
  • Lisa jokes that Carolina must have gotten married early to get away from Vicente. She admits that even her mother was afraid of him. They both agree they got married for love, but Caro slips up and says she “loved” Santiago and has to correct herself.
  • All the junior cast plus Juan the skeevy PE teacher are at “the party.” Mia goes all “Before He Cheats” on the wanna-be rapist’s truck, with the help of Fede. They tell their parents they were out having dinner.
  • Lola wakes up at Juan’s place. She tells Carolina she spent the night at her friend Wendy’s house. Nico confronts her about having an affair with the PE teacher and “doing things” with Patricia.
  • Raquel and Damian come over to make up with Santiago and Carolina for all the recent drama. In the process, Raquel tells Carolina about all the great sex she’s been having with Damian. When Raquel and Santiago go out to the market for food, Carolina confronts Damian, breaking up with him, and Lola walks in on their argument.
  • Despite Raquel’s denials, Miriam keeps pushing the idea that she has to protect Damian’s inheritance, because once he dies Santiago will move in with Raquel and “get” everything.
  • Fernando and Laura have a cat.
  • Miriam removes Raquel’s access to the company money, which turns out to be all her money. Miriam says the party’s over for Raquel and for Andres, who she expects to report to her.
  • Raquel goes to the hospital to yell at Damian about how he’s still screwing up her life, even when he’s unconscious. Damian appears to cry in response.
  • Cintia gives Fede some cash to buy an inhaler.
  • The cops are looking for Miguel to talk to him about Patricia’s death. He tells Andres he threatened to kill Patricia if she talked, but he doesn’t admit to killing her. He wants Andres to go threaten to kill Lola if she talks. (Um, so you want him to do the thing that you did that has your lawyer advising you to go on the run until things settle down? OK….)
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