La Mujer del Vendaval #100

Emil tells Marcela how Mateo got arrested and why, and Marcela insists on going home, immediately. She’s the head of the family and Mateo is part of her family. But, she has no money or credit cards or plane ticket or way to get home, and Ale isn’t with her and she can’t contact him. As soon as Emiliano hears all about how she’s been abandoned and mistreated for no reason by Alessandro on her honeymoon, he says he’ll come get her and bring her home, cause he’s so helpful and kind like that, and would do anything for her of course. Plus he’s worried about her headache causing her problems, she should just stay calm, and he’ll make arrangements for her to get home. She’s still trying to get Ale on the phone but I guess there’s no signal out there in the middle of the ocean.

Later she talks to the manager but he tells her she doesn’t have enough info about where Ale is or what boat he’s on for him to find Ale for her or send him a message.

It has finally occurred to Ale for some reason that he should try to contact his wife and let her know he’ll be home late, but now he can’t get signal.
(whatever dude)


Ilse tells Roman all about Linda’s dad finding out about them. She’s not too worried, after all Linda said it would be okay and told her to go and she followed them home and didn’t hear anything. But Roman is frantic, Linda’s dad is gonna hurt her, he’s surely locked her up so she can’t come to see Roman anymore. Roman is even planning to break out of jail to rescue Linda, but Ilse talks him down, she’ll go rescue Linda for him, because she knows he loves Linda, and he should stay in jail and out of trouble.
Roman looks incredulous that she would do that for him, but eventually agrees to stay calm and let her handle it.

Cris and Luc are about to have an uncomfortable convo about whose side Cris is on when Sil comes in and interrupts, she needs to talk to Luc, Cris is off the hook and he scats. Sil and Luc discuss what they’re going to do about Ale. They agree he shouldn’t have access to the hotel’s money any more, but disagree about whether he should keep his job there. Anyway nothing will be decided till Ale comes back from his honeymoon.

Oct and Mauro discuss her plan to win the shareholders over one by one starting with Ale and Sil, and then bankrupt the hotel chain and profit by their failure. (insert evil laugh here)

Oh btw Lencho is gonna be your assistant from now on to give him an excuse to be here so Camilo won’t get suspicious. Mauro is jealous and angry to be used and warns Oct that Lencho has talent and more brains than she gives him credit for and will be mad when he figures out she has no intention of helping him with his career, and Lencho doesn’t have the same feelings for her that Mauro has to prevent him acting against her.


Ilse is throwing pebbles at Linda’s window to get her attention without having to confront her dad. The neighbor lady comes out and tells her that the ogre, Linda’s dad, took her away early in the morning by force, the neighbor doesn’t know where.


Nuria’s mom tries to convince her to give Cris some time and trust in their love, and he’ll forgive her and miss her and come back to her. Meanwhile Nuria should get back in touch with herself, and her old life. Nuria has too many doubts and fears that its all over.


Alba and Amadeo try to get Sagrario to eat something but she’s too worried.
Later Amadeo is glaring at Eulogio while Alba tentatively asks won’t his girlfriend be mad he’s spending all his time here? Wait a durn minute, he said there was a girl he liked but he never said she was his girlfriend.

Eulogio comes over and gives them the judge’s contact info and tells them Don T sent the judge out of town.

Alba thinks its a trap but Eulogio assures them Don T doesn’t know he’s there and the judge is an honest man. He tells them about the fake meeting Don T sent the judge to and how he’s risking a lot giving them this info, but he likes Mateo and feels bad about tearing down his house. He tells them Mateo will be in big trouble if they don’t contact the judge soon, Don T will get another judge who will play ball with him. This info he’s giving them is not a trap, please believe him, he’s done all he can, now the ball’s in their court.

Alba and Amadeo want to believe Eulogio and decide to take a chance and call the number on the card. Amadeo tells the judge he’s from San BP and someone high up told him the trip is fake and the judge hangs up on him.
In the cells Mateo berates himself for messing everything up with getting fingerprints on everything and then trying to wipe them off. Sagrario tells him not to worry and tells him her plan to say they were together on the night in question.

Mateo appreciates the thought but absolutely not! No way no how. He’s innocent and sooner or later the truth will come to light.


Emil tells Val where he’s going and why. She’s incredulous Ale would act like that.


Nisa dresses up Cami to see Oct. Maybe they can get him a better job. During the interview Oct tells him Luc made a note on his application that he was good for nothing, she thinks Luc’s wrong but orders are orders and she’s got to start him to work cleaning bathrooms. Cami knows Luc is just trying to scare him back to San BP. Oct convinces Cami that she’s on his side, she believes in true love, and she’ll try to get him a better job sometime soon but until then he should stick it out, not give them any reason to fire him and play it smart. Cami thanks her for her help and leaves

Lencho tells Mauro he’s about fed up with Oct and her demands and her tantrums.


Timo is fantasizing about Oct so he calls her and tells her all what he’s been up to re Mateo (I’m leaving a lot out here, there was some recurring joke about Rigo Tovar I didn’t get and a bunch of other nonsense) Oct wants Marcela to come back from her honeymoon ASAP he should arrange it even if it puts Timo’s life in danger. Timo wants some more palpable proof of her appreciation like a kiss or caress, but she puts him off, easily since its over the phone

Sagrario tells Alba and Amadeo that Mateo doesn’t like her idea to commit perjury either, and they tell her about Eulogio and calling the judge.

Just then Don T arrives and spouts nonsense with the aim to get them to call Marce to let her know what’s going on, totally.

Sagrario chases Don T out and wants to scratch his eyes out and just then the judge calls Amadeo back on his cell phone, before the call gets cut off he tells Amadeo that he’s found out the meeting was fake.


Timo goes back to his office to complain to Eulogio about all the women who want to kill him, oh by the way, where’s July? She’s talking to Mateo’s lawyer telling him all about that night. And hey Eulogio’s surname is Ladron. I kid you not.

July tells the lawyer all about what she saw and heard, she’s sure it was a gun shot, after all it couldn’t have been a machete shot! And where was Lencho coming from? July figures it was either from some bar or from some girl’s house, one or the other.

Timo is very worried, July could say something stupid any moment without them there! Eulogio agrees that that’s probable. Timo’s worried she’s gonna get them in trouble, and over at July’s the atty’s  saying her info is very complete and she’s telling the atty he’s a very good listener and has he heard the gossip about why there’s trouble between Mateo and Severo? Well its like this, Severo ran off with Sagrario’s sister and everybody thought he was dead, and so Sagrario moved on with Mateo and then Severo came back and said she was still his wife. The lawyer is appalled at Severo and aghast at the story


Marcela tries to calm herself and convince herself it’ll all be okay

Ale’s down cause he hasn’t been able to call her. But there’s whales!

Silvana tells Nestor its time for the necklace to reappear.

The episode ends.

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! OK, I know there was other important stuff going on, but I’m stuck on Eulogio’s last name being Ladron.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

I know! When July told the lawyer she went to get Senor Ladron to help her investigate the shot, you should have seen the face the lawyer made, and then she explains that its Eulogio’s last name and he goes oh, so not a thief by profession, and then July made a face and said we-eel… and changed the subject. Another reason I like this show so much is that there was lots of important stuff happening with the other characters even though Alessandro and Marcela’s story is kinda stalled.