La Mujer del Vendaval #101

(I’m still missing a little at the beginning, sorry)

Maria Laura goes over to July’s to pick up her daddy’s things and while she’s at it she finds bank papers in his name and Nazaria’s name. July helps her fold his clothes and pack up. ML is angry gloating about how Mateo is going to prison for the rest of his filthy life for all that he’s done. (you know like being a decent human being and loving her mother) July gives ML the side eye like she’s a crazy person.

Marce worries about the men in her life.

Ale tries to call Marce again but no luck. Basically this fishing trip is just a bunch of dude bros on a boat sitting around, without any fishing poles looking at how pretty the sea is and admiring the occasional whale or island.


Cuchi is trying to call Nisa but he’s a bad Cuchi and she’s trying to punish him so she’s not answering. It only takes like six rings before she caves though. Cuchi just called to tell her that life w/o her isn’t worth living and he’s gonna end it all. *gasp*

Val calls Oct to pass on the gossip, Emil went to rescue Marce from her honeymoon disaster after her husband’s neglect, seriously she doesn’t even know where he is! Something must’ve gone really wrong between them, Val will find out all about it when Ale gets back, she’ll be his friend to confide in and offer comfort.

After Val tells her they’re on White Crane Island Oct calls the hotel there and talks to the manager to find out if Ale and wife are there and make sure they’re getting all the special treatment they deserve. The manager says yeah, but the honeymoon doesn’t seem to be going so well, they’ve spent most of the time apart, Ale isn’t even on the island today. Oct asks to talk to Marce and asks her if they’re getting everything they need to enjoy their honeymoon. Marce says yeah, sure, but doesn’t sound sure. Oct tells her she sounds just like Damiana on her honeymoon, sad, like nothing was going how she planned, it was like Ale suddenly became distant and cold and Damiana started looking for “love” in all the wrong places. That trip was the beginning of the end of her marriage. Marce insists she doesn’t know why Oct is telling her this, but everything is ok between her and Ale, they’re having a great honeymoon, couldn’t be better. Oct says sure, of course, I’m just not over losing my daughter yet, I’m so glad you’re soooo in love. But after she hangs up she hopes Marce and Ale suffer.

Don T meets with Mateo’s lawyer, he has noticed that Don T seems real interested in finding out who killed Mike and doesn’t believe Severo did it, so then they should arrest Lencho. Ulp. (I miss Mr Mike :{ )

According to July, Lencho was in the square when Mike was murdered. Wait just a gol durnd minute says Don T Lencho was attacked that night, maybe by the same person who killed Mike, though we don’t even know that the shot July heard was the one that killed Mike, or that it was really even a shot she heard. Well it is a line of inquiry, says the atty. One you shouldn’t follow says Don T. Well, Lencho and July should really be called in as witnesses, for the good of the case since they might be related to the crime. Mateo’s atty says he’s determined to prove Mateo’s innocence, and Don T looks like this is unpleasant and surprising news.


Sagrario thanks Amadeo for bringing them home and goes to bed, leaving Alba and Amadeo together. Amadeo tries to reassure and cheer Alba and they share a deep look and move closer, but his phone rings and Alba leaves. Its his mom, she’s calling to let him know she’s going to Zacatecas. Linda’s dad kidnapped her and took her there and Ilse thinks if she can help the girl he loves, Roman might forgive her, so she’s off. She’ll be careful, and call when she gets there.

Alba left Amadeo alone to take his call and now she stares out the window and wonders why she gets so upset when he talks to other women, after all she was the one who told him she wasn’t interested. She doesn’t realize he’s talking to his mom and she doesn’t understand why it makeser so mad that other girls are interested in him. (Alba is not usually this dense)


Nuria meets with Silvana and tells her about Cris moving out and they story of why. Sil is all mellow, telling her to give him time and he’ll come back to her, right up until Nuria tells her about his interest in Alba. Now Silvana things all Moraleses are man eating gold digging vamps with bad intentions so she panics and tells Nuria she better get Cris out of Alba’s clutches right away, she’s got to fight for her man. Nuria says Alba said she didn’t want Cris, and Cris was making all the first moves anyway but Sil knows you can’t trust those women. Nuria must come back to work immediately and she’ll be around Cris all the time to keep an eye on him and win him back. Sil is going to keep throwing the two of them together till they get back together. Nuria is doubtful, Silvana is determined.


Cuchi trashes his apartment and scatters pills around on the floor to set the scene for Nisa. He hears her at the door and splays out on the bed, pretending to be unconscious. When Cuchi doesn’t answer Nisa tries the door and as its unlocked she goes in, she sees Cuchi and shrieks She runs and does the most ineffectual CPR ever, it doesn’t help that its on a water bed, but she’s pursing her lips and blowing air in the general direction of Cuchi’s face, as though he were a bowl of hot soup, and she can’t remember the number to emergency. Cuchi comes to and weakly moans her name, all he needs is a few kisses. Nisa is much better at kissing than CPR, but she remembers she has to leave. Poor Cuchi though, is soo weak he can’t even sit up, he just needs for her to stay with him and make out with him to give him strength. Nisa protests a little but poor little Cuchi is just so adorably Cuchi when he’s nibbling on her neck like that….


Sagrario and Alba talk about Mateo’s predicament; if Eulogio’s judge can’t help, Sagrario is still determined to say she was with Mateo that night. She’ll say anything to get Mateo out of jail. Maria Laura pushes the bedroom door further open and slithers into the room, just what what fairy tale are you going to make up to get that filthy rancher out of jail, mom? Alba grimaces and Sagrario swallows hard and clutches her rosary harder. Alba demands ML treat her mom with more respect, mom doesn’t lie! And there’s another fight about who’s more part of the family, Mateo or Severo. ML ends up stomping out and Alba is crying angry tears by the end.


Ale is still trying to call Marce even though his shipmates tell him they’re almost back. He’s finally got a signal but she’s not picking up.

The manager has called up to the room and told Marcela there’s a gentleman here to see her, she runs down to the lobby and its Emil and she’s so relieved and happpy to see a friendly face she runs and hugs him hard.

She hasn’t had any news of Ale yet, but they check with the harbormaster one more time. Without the name of the boat or the boat’s owner he can’t do anything. All she can do is leave a message with the manager for Ale. Marce is so happy to have somebody to share her troubles with and help her, she gives Emil one more hug before they go.


Timo yells at July for telling Mateo’s atty about Lencho being in the square that night. If Lencho gets in trouble with the law before he gets his career going Timo’s going to be really ticked off at her. My girl July sticks up for herself and tells Timo he can’t yell at her like she’s his wife if he won’t marry her. Timo blusters but July isn’t having any, when’s the wedding date Timo?

Looks like she’s got him buffaloed, he tries sweet talk but she’s firm, doesn’t he care how people talk about her in the street and all the pointing and bad name calling she puts up with him because of him? He may be the mayor but she’s one of his constituents and he better keep his campaign promises to her or she’ll find herself a better boyfriend.


The making out at Cuchi’s has turned horizontal when Nisa remembers she’s not supposed to be there and jumps up to go. Cuchi jumps up to convince her to stay and she’s all, weren’t you sick? Its a miracle cause of your love baby and they kiss some more. Nisa pushes him away, she’s more spiritual now, and she has to go. See ya Cuchi, and don’t you dare go to the hotel, got it?


ML tells her dad that her mom and Alba are gonna try something shady to get Mateo off the hook. She’s the only one on his side, so he should play ball and help her out with those pin numbers right? As soon as she leaves he starts working on trying to move.

Octavia goes to Silvana to get her ok to use one of the hotel’s salons for a presentation she wants to give (she doesn’t tell Sil its for Maria Laura but I’m assuming it is) Sil tells her of course you don’t even have to ask, especially now that you’re a stock holder. Oct says now more than ever she wants to make sure she gets the ok, maybe that will make Luc less paranoid about her taking over. Sil laughs weakly, oh Octavia the things you say, but her face says she knows nothing can make Luc less paranoid. Oh btw Nuria is coming back to work tomorrow, its not too soon, she needs something to do with herself. Oh okay then, Oct will be happy to see her again.


Nisa tells Inez more about her Cuchi situation; Cuchi is like a swimming with sharks and Cami is like going to the stars but going to the stars seems boring by comparison (Inez has the patience of a saint, a saint I tells ya) Inez tells her if she really likes Cuchi better she’s got to break up with Cami, but Nisa doesn’t want to break her almo’s almo.


ML brings the bank papers she found hidden under Severo’s pillow at July’s, she’ll leave them here with him, maybe they’ll jog his memory.


Alessandro comes back late at night from his stupid fishing trip on which no fishing at all happened, and gets the message from the manager; Marcela tells him she’s had it with his weird behavior and in order make up for ruining her honeymoon and prove himself worthy of her love he must first climb the cliffs of insanity, and then win an epic fencing match with the world’s greatest swordsman!

(Oh, you guys, I can’t lie, that last part was made up, but wouldn’t it be great though?)

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

I have to say, I’m kind of impressed with Octavia, I mean she doesn’t know what’s going on between Alessandro and Marcela, she doesn’t even know about the missing necklace, but when she hears they’re having troubles, she’s on the phone and planting doubts in Marcela’s mind in a snap. I mean she’s a terrible person, but I’m impressed with her deviousness.

3 years ago

It must be frustrating to be Octavia, surrounded by those who lack her evil genius.

I like this non-fishing fishing trip. Minus Al abandoning his honeymoon and the dudebros. But it’s the kind of fishing trip I would take.

Gracias, stealth!

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Its not that I have a problem with a bunch of guys sitting on a boat enjoying the scenery and whale watching, that sounds like fun. My problem is why are they calling it fishing?
Cause it sounds more manly than we’re gonna take the boat out and look at the pretty ocean? Maybe because if you say its fishing the girls won’t want to come along and you can just have some guy time?

3 years ago

I’d go 30/70 split. My cousin and her boyfriend once took me fishing. We did put a pole in the water, but mostly we ate pizza and caught no fish. Best afternoon ever 😀