Caer en Tentación Watch Party 12/18/17 to 12/22/17

Discuss without me. I’ll join you when i can.

This is an open thread for discussion of the current airing of the show in the US. No summaries, no recaps, just chat. All standard blog policies still apply.

This post covers the entire week. Once the show airs in your time zone you are free to start discussing–please keep that in mind when you’re deciding whether you want to subscribe to comments.

Author: 5ftLatina

Kat is 5ftLatina. She is really 5' tall (and probably shrinking) and Latina. She is not actually a cactus, but she is both prickly and cute. Mr. 5ft is actually married to Kat, but is not 5' tall or Latina. He is also not a form of plant life.

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Still waiting to catch up. Uni is now not paying attention to ehat is being postedondemand. Missing an episode witha doubke if another being posted. Will catch up and post one of these days.