Caer En Tentación #17

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Three Years Ago
  • To cover up his fight with Carolina, Damian tells Lola he wants to give her a job.
  • Raquel has no idea what their financial situation is and Damian won’t tell her. She makes a big deal of telling Carolina the business has to go well so they’ll have some independence.
  • Mia enrolls at Fede and Nico’s school. Nico is sure they did it, but he’s upset they didn’t invite him along to trash Joaquin’s truck.
  • Carolina collects the rest of the money from the event and warns Miguel to stay away from Lola. Andres doesn’t care, he just wants to know what happened to the check for Raquel. Miguel tells him it went to a rehab clinic.
  • Mia kisses Nico to thank him for protecting her.
  • Carolina loses an earring in Raquel’s bedroom and she and Damian nearly get caught in bed together.
  • Lisa tells Fernando that Carolina saw a nurse, Toña, who’s known in the area for performing abortions, about two years ago. Toña confirms it, but says she changed her mind about having an abortion at the last minute. Damian was with her.
  • Andres fires Lola. Fede confronts his grandmother and Andres and Miriam seems surprised to hear that Andres was accosting her. She’s even more surprised when Fede demands a job, if Miriam’s so interested in “helping” them.
  • Fernando suspects Benjamin might be the child of Damian and Carolina. His boss doesn’t want him to chase this lead, but Fernando thinks it could have been a motive if Santiago knew.
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