Caer En Tentación #18

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Three Years Ago
  • Raquel did not catch Carolina and Damian together, but Carolina’s earring got left behind. Damian keeps Raquel from finding it.
  • Andres visits the rehab center and bribes an employee to let him see Cintia. He tries to take advantage of her, but she starts screaming and attacks him.
  • Turns out Gabriela was upset about Raquel’s friendship with Carolina because she was about to ask Raquel and Damian to swing with her and her husband. She assumes that’s what they’re doing with Santiago and Carolina and she doesn’t think it’s fair. She thought that’s where their relationship was headed.
  • Nacho accidentally breaks a pipe at Damian’s company while looking for a leak, but Andres refuses to let them shut off the main valve. Damian has to get involved.
  • Laura interviews Juan, but he didn’t spend much time with Lola’s family. She meets with Lola later and tells her she can tell Juan’s a psychopath. She asks if he hits her.
  • The shovel the police found had Damian’s DNA on it. Or at least the DNA of someone related to him.
  • Andres attacks Raquel at the company offices.
  • Fernando tells Santiago his theory that Benjamin is Damian’s son.
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