Caer En Tentación #19

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Three Years Ago
  • Miriam catches Damian on the phone and realizes he has a lover.
  • Juan’s mother walks in on him having sex with Lola.
  • Raquel finds out Andres went to the rehab facility to see Cintia. She thinks Santiago must have talked, but what she’s really upset about is that now Andres knows Cintia’s not traveling out of the county.
  • Raquel escapes from Andres. She has Santiago meet her at a bar and asks him if he’d beat Andres’ face in for her.
  • Laura tries to encourage Lola to put a stop to Juan, but she’s scared they won’t put him in jail. Laura tells Fernando later that Lola’s dating a guy who hits her. Fernando won’t get involved if Lola doesn’t press charges.
  • Mia sees Raquel kissing Santiago. She drags Fede out of his room in time to see a drunk Raquel falling onto her bed with Santiago.
  • Cintia offers to be Rafa’s dealer to make more money.
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