Caer En Tentación #20

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Three Years Ago
  • Damian tells Raquel he doesn’t want Andres at their house when he’s not there.
  • Santiago thinks Damian’s been checking out Lola.
  • Since Carolina was busy with Damian when Lola wanted to talk, Lola confides in Santiago that she’s had sex.
  • Santiago changes his mind about Lola working for Damian.
  • Carolina starts experiencing pregnancy symptoms and Damian hears her over the phone getting a pregnancy test at the pharmacy. In the middle of waiting for the test results at home, she stashes it on the towel rack for a heart-to-heart with Lola about sex. Nico finds it and mistakenly confronts Lola with it. When Carolina finds the test missing, she tests Santiago to call her right away. Azucena sees the text on his cell phone and brings it to him. Carolina tells him what happened, but she’s not sure they should see each other anymore.
  • Laura finds Fernando’s file on the case and is angry that he didn’t tell her Carolina tried to have an abortion. He shares his theory about Benjamin. She promises to keep it quiet if he goes and threatens Juan to stay away from Lola. She shares her theory that Lola slept with Damian, since Patricia said she liked older men and she was with Juan when she was still in school.
  • Rafa agrees to give Cintia one chance at selling for him.
  • Santiago tells Raquel that Fernando raised the possibility of Benjamin being Damian’s son. She thinks it’s best to know the truth, but Santiago doesn’t see the point.
  • Santiago decides to go punch Andres’ and unfortunately threatens to kill him publicly.
  • Fernando drags Juan into the station so he and Antonio can hint that they know what he gets up to with his students and warn him that he’d better leave Lola alone.
  • The call to emergency services is finally available. Damian called to report he’d been in an accident, someone was hurt, that he turned off the highway and didn’t know where he was. He said Carolina was dying (as opposed to dead).
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