Caer En Tentación #21

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Three Years Ago
  • Lola tells Nico it’s not her pregnancy test and confronts her mother. Carolina tells her it was negative and swears her to secrecy. She also tells Damian it was negative. She makes sure to “make up” with Santiago and have sex later.
  • Andres has someone put a camera in the catering office.
  • Nico and Mia are making out on his couch when Lola comes in with Juan.
  • Fernando is sure Damian knows who shot at them and it’s someone he knows.
  • Fede has figured out that his grandmother and his uncle don’t want him at the company and they really are trying to take everything away from them.
  • Juan assumes Lola turned him in to the police and calls to threaten her.
  • A judge is requesting a DNA test on Benjamin.
  • Nico borrows a suit from Fede to go to a job interview as a lawyer’s assistant. Mia walks in on him changing. Cintia spies from the doorway as they make out.
  • At the cabin, Raquel and Santiago find the wishes Damian and Carolina wrote on the back of a photo three years ago–that they always had this place of happiness (Damian) and that their love would overcome all obstacles (Caro). Santiago starts to consider the possibility that Benjamin is Damian’s son. Raquel suggests Carolina got pregnant on the second trip the two families took together.
  • Raquel wants to have sex before they leave the cabin. Vicente watches her undress through the window.
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