Caer En Tentación #22

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Three Years Ago
  • Nacho tells Santiago that he saw Andres and another guy loading up flour sacks into a truck and stealing them. Santiago tells Raquel.
  • The two families take another vacation. Damian and Carolina sneak away to have sex.
  • The potential sex between Santiago and Raquel is interrupted. Vicente knocks something over on the porch and makes a run for it. Rosa comes knocking on the door to tell Santiago to be careful because Vicente’s capable of anything when he’s drunk. Vicente goes over to Lisa’s house to scream at her that he knows Santiago’s sleeping with Raquel.
  • Juan begs Lola not to break up with him or he’ll kill himself. He swears he’ll never hurt her again.
  • Nico and Mia have sex. She’s worried now he’s going to ditch her.
  • Fernando comes over to Lisa’s and she tells him Vicente was drunk and saying that Raquel and Santiago killed Carolina. Vicente repeats the accusation when Fernando talks to him. Fernando checks on Raquel and Santiago and tells them Vicente is going to press charges on them for killing Carolina.
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