Caer En Tentación #23

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Character Notes
  • Alina – Nico’s new boss, a lawyer
Three Years Ago
  • The vacation is a great big ball of everybody trying to avoid certain people and hook up with others. Mia gets the idea that Carolina’s evil and would love to end up with her dad.
  • Fernando holds the threat of Vicente pressing charges and/or the press finding out over Raquel and Santiago. He warns them to be careful, but says it’s not him or Laura leaking information.
  • Antonio plays the emergency services call for Santiago. He asks him not to get involved with Raquel or it’s going to complicate things.
  • Rafa sends Cintia a delivery of cocaine to sell.
  • Raquel searches Damian’s office and finds a photo of Carolina pregnant. She also searches Andres’ office and finds a gun in a shoebox.
  • Santiago comes looking for Raquel to tell her about the emergency services call, but she’s not there. Instead he tells Cintia about Vicente’s accusations and says they’re all likely to be investigated now.
  • Raquel goes over to the hospital to confront a comatose Damian about the photo. A nurse calls Cintia to tell her where Raquel is and Santiago drags her out of the hospital to take her home. They kiss in the parking garage.
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