Caer En Tentación #24

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Three Years Ago
  • Carolina takes Lola to get contraceptive pills. The doctor asks Lola to step out of the office so he can tell Carolina she (Carolina) is pregnant.
  • Andres watches the surveillance video from the catering office and shows it to Carolina, threatening to tell Raquel and Santiago if she doesn’t meet him at a hotel.
  • Cintia tells Raquel Damian didn’t just cheat on her with Carolina, he slept with Cintia too.
  • Gabriela hires Santiago to remodel her kitchen the exact same way he did Carolina’s, and give her the same “service.”
  • Julieta tells Mia that Joaquin likes her and is sorry for what he did. She invites him over so he can apologize, but she’s looking for more revenge.
  • Santiago finds the gun in Raquel’s purse. She tells him she was going to do something stupid, but she didn’t. He also finds the picture of Carolina pregnant. Raquel tells him Damian knew Andres kept a gun in the office for “protection” even if he didn’t agree with it. Santiago takes the gun from her.
  • Laura plays the 911 recording on live TV and reports that Vicente has accused Raquel and Santiago of killing Carolina.
  • Andres reports the missing gun to Antonio, who thinks it’s suspicious that he would make such a fuss about not wanting to be “implicated.” Antonio demands to know if he knew about Damian and Caro’s affair or not.
  • Miriam also seizes on the theft of the gun as an excuse to get Rueda to apply for a restraining order so Raquel can’t visit Damian in the hospital.
  • Laura asks if Damian was one of the “older men” Lola slept with.
  • Santiago admits to Antonio that he has the gun Raquel took from Andres’ office. When he tells him about the picture of Carolina, Antonio says Godoy must have been right about Benjamin. He’s sure a judge will demand a paternity test.
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