La Mujer del Vendaval #102

Ale gets back from his fishing trip tired and feeling guilty and just wants to go to his room and see his wife who is surely waiting for him, but the manager stops him and tells him that his wife is gone, she spent all day trying to contact him, but she had a family emergency, and she had to go home. She left a message though. Ale is confused, he knows he left her without any money or ticket home, how could she go? The manager tells him Emiliano came and got her, and now instead of worrying about what was so serious to cause Emil to come all this way to take her home, Ale just seems mad. He has the manager get him on the first flight back. Now Ale knows what its like to try to reach yr spouse and get no answer and you don’t know where they are or why, and he’s pissed. (and deserves every minute of it)


Nisa needs to tell Cami something important, but he wants to finish up his job first, he’ll meet her in her room later and they’ll talk.


Maria Laura and her dad play the who will give up first game. Its ML and as she flounces out Rosa creeps in, holding a broom handle out in front of her. She cautiously advances on the bed and pokes Severo with the broom a few times to make sure he’s not gonna bite her. He doesn’t react outwardly but does holler ouch in his head. Rosa gets closer and examines him, boy he’s sure funny looking, good thing he’s a vegetable, and past caring bout stuff like that. Severo suddenly turns his wide open eyes her way and even turns his head a little, scaring the snot out of Rosa and she yelps and runs away. Severo starts working on his crunches, he’ll be taking his place with his fam sooner than they’d ever expect, he thinks with satisfaction.

Oct has called ML to tell her the calendar presentation will be this weekend. Oct is envisioning something simple and elegant, but ML wants Luis Miguel and Los Tigres there, Oct rolls her eyes, she’ll see what she can do. Well ML has ideas she wants at least lots of flash, and lots of reporters. Oct says send her ideas and she’ll organize something ML will love. She better, cause when ML is disappointed she tends to get gabby and they wouldn’t want that, would they. Oct assures all will be wonderful and after she hangs up we learn that she’s planning to kill ML, sooner rather than later.


Sil tells Luc Oct is planning an event in one of the ballrooms, nothing important. Now she doesn’t even bother to ask permission, grouses Luc, pretty soon we’ll be the ones asking her for permission, mark my words. Silvana shakes her head and tries to tell him he’s wrong, but its useless. Nestor calls, he’s got something important to tell them in his office. Its the necklace!

Nestor says there were other leads on where the necklace went and he followed them without telling anyone. His guy heard the necklace was up on the black market and heading out of the country. They tracked they seller to Tj and when the police were closing in the guy dropped the necklace and fled. The guy got away but they got the necklace back.

Luc wishes they had caught the guy so he could ask him if he was working with Marcela. Sil says oh well, it doesn’t really matter, the important thing is we got the necklace back, but Luc won’t let it go, we have to find the guy and we have to get the necklace tested to make sure its the real thing. Silvana protests that of course its the real thing, she recognizes her own necklace for heaven’s sake, but Luc insists. Nestor says he will take care of it

Lencho sings a sad song on the beach, Mauro comes by and hears him, realizes he’s good, and offers to hook him up with a guy he knows in the music biz. Oct doesn’t have to know since Lencho is now Mauro’s assistant to keep anyone (Cami) from suspecting his true role in the hotel.


Nisa is in her room practicing her breakup speech, all about how Cami is a pure soul and she’s trapped in the pleasures of the flesh and so he must follow his spiritual path while she wallows in the physical, but when Cami gets there all he wants to do is make out and doesn’t let her talk. His kisses and caresses win her back, but she remembers how she’s a bad girlfriend and sends him away w/the the excuse that she doesn’t want her dad to catch him there.


Oct is still wondering what’s up with Ale and Marcela. Lencho comes in and tells her he wants to turn his fake job with Mauro into a real job with Mauro, he gets bored hanging around doing nothing all day. Oct is impatient with his desire to actually work, and she doesn’t even know its just a cover so Lencho can meet with Mauro’s contact in the music biz. She eventually agrees on the condition that Lencho still be available to her whenever she wants him.


Nisa & Inez discuss Nisa’s boy troubles, Nisa will just have to decide which one she wants to keep, unless she wants to keep them both. Yep that’s what she wants, but just till she can decide which she likes better.


Marce and Emiliano walk and talk in the airport, Marcela worries what Ale will think and say when he finds out she left. Emil says well you left a message for him, plus you can explain when you see him, also its mostly his fault since he left you alone without telling you anything about where he’d be. In fact his behavior leaves much to be desired. Yeah, she says, he’s been weird since the wedding, Emil’s noticed but neither of them can figure out what’s up with Ale. Marcela wonders if maybe his mom said something he’s not telling her about. Emil advises she should stop torturing herself about it, after all they know the problems isn’t with her, she’s a woman any man could easily love, and they can talk out their problems when Ale comes back home. Marce worries Alessandro isn’t coming back and remembers back to her father telling her when she was small and cute that her mother wasn’t coming back ever. Marce hates feeling abandoned, she’s gonna call Ale again but she can’t get a signal. Emil says relax, she can try again later.

Ale paces around waiting for his flight and wonders why Marcela left him for Emiliano


Nisa lounges around her room and fantasizes/remembers about sexxy times w/her two boyfriends. Her mom comes in to tell her they found the necklace and recounts Nestor’s story. Nisa is very surprised, it sounds so unbelievable, like a movie plot, is her mom sure that’s how it happened. Sil mentions how Nisa was never very worried about the missing necklace anyway so she doesn’t expect her to care now. Oh mom you have no idea how much I’ve worried about that necklace. Well Nestor said that’s what happened and we trust Nestor. Oh and we’re not going to talk about it outside the family, don’t even tell your boyfriend and when you get married, hopefully not to Camilo you can wear the necklace as have all the women in our family. Yay. Sill says goodnight, rest up though she doesn’t see Nisa ever doing anything she’d need to rest up for. Nisa seems to be remembering all she’s been up to during the day and looks guilty.

As soon as her mom leaves she calls ML and passes on the necklace news. They figure Nestor and Silvana are covering for Alessandro who is covering for Marcela. Nisa worries about her bro, doomed to a lifetime of unhappiness in the clutches of Marcela. Unless someone better comes along and rescues him from her, says ML. Oh that would be great, enthuses Nisa, do you know anyone? ME! Shouts ML.

Oh girlfriend, I hate to disappoint you, but you’re not his type, Nisa cutesy whines. Neither was my cousin before she got him, just gimme time, grits out ML determinedly, plus, Imma be there at your hotel this weekend w/a surprise and we can hang. Yay.


Mauro insists on driving Inez home, over her protests, and she seems very happy. Nobody sees them go.

He delivers her to her front door but she won’t invite him in for a coffee, its not a good idea and he knows it, he’d better go, except Lusito sees Mauro and squeals with joy and invites him to dinner and Inez can’t say no. Lusito grills Mauro where’s he been, why’s he not visited, and he wants the real truth. (Uf this kid. I like him and don’t want him to get hurt, Mauro better get his act together) Mauro says he’s not sure he deserves a great gal like Lusito’s mom is why he hasn’t been around. Well Lusito likes him so he’s in. Mauro tells Inez see ya tomorrow, and leaves her with a kiss on the cheek and a smile on her face.
Lusito asks his mom if she’s in like with Mauro, cause he is and thinks Mauro likes her too. Inez keeps a hopeful smile.


Under ML’s supervision, Rosa gives Severo a smoothie through a straw. Rosa doesn’t think he’s gonna get better, ML insists he is and soon. Rosa leaves telling Severo to sleep like a plant. Severo calls them both names in his head where they can’t hear him. ML tells her dad bout how Oct is gonna maker famous, she’s goin places, wait and see. Severo is surprised, he didn’t know she was so resourceful.


Luc and Silvana convo – he wants to keep looking for the guy who was trying to sell the necklace, he’ll do his own investigating w/o the police. Sil realizes he’s incapable of letting this go and tells him whatever as long as you don’t cause a scandal. Also Luc will be out of town on business tomorrow all day and night, his expression says the business is cheating on Silvana. Sil tells him Nuria’s coming back to work.

Timo calls Lencho and interrupts Lencho and Oct in bed to let him know he might be in trouble about the night of the murder. He tells Lencho he’ll have to answer questions about where he was that night, Oct leans in close to the phone to hear.

Lencho tells his dad he wasn’t in the cantina with his buddies that night, he was with a girl and doesn’t want to say who to protect her reputation, and also because Oct is intense-whisper prohibiting him from saying who.


Marcela and Emil get back to San BP and their first stop is the police station to see Mateo. Eulogio is the only one still there; she tells him he better let her see Mateo or she’ll break in to the jail.

Mateo is sleeping and gets woken up by a gentle touch on his shoulder and turns to see Marcela’s smiling face. Meanwhile Eulogio tells Emiliano about the judge thing. Emil asks why go against Timo now, or why wait till now. Eulogio’s been a faithful head henchman, but even he has a line he won’t cross and what they’re doing to Mateo crosses the line, but now Eulogio’s conscience is clear. Emil says if he cares so much about his conscience he’d better do more to help. What, and end up dead, says Eulogio w/a rueful smile, he knows his limits.

Mateo tells Marcela he’s sorry he ruined her honeymoon, but Marce tells him not to worry about it, everyone tried not to teller but she didn’t give up till she found out what was wrong. She knows Mateo’s innocent and she’ll get him out.

Marcela comes out from seeing Mateo, angry and lookin for a fight and picks Eulogio as a proxy for Timo.

Emil urges her out of there and she leaves but not without leaving a warning, tell Timo he better be here tomorrow, or she’s gonna go drag him out by the hair.


Maria Laura lounges around her room fantasizing. She’s appearing on a talk show all duded up and talking about her fabulous success. The calendar was a smash hit, and now she wants to start a singing career, she can probably learn that, right? Ale appears as a special surprise guest on the show and proposes. ML of course accepts with much squealing and smoochies. Its a very satisfying fantasy but she hears a noise in the house and grabs a umbrella and goes to investigate. Its the real Alessandro, and he does not look happy.

(you know these past few episodes made me think, what if Ale had failed to show up to the wedding? Marcela would have been stood up at her own wedding twice now, but Emil would be there for her, supportive, kind, believing in her and understanding her needs. I have a whole alternate story now, where she gradually falls for Emiliano. I go to it every time Ale is being a butt. I think I might like it more than the real story, especially lately)

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Gracias, stealth! Yeah, about time Al had a taste of his own medicine.

Am I a horrible person if I wish Octavia luck in getting rid of ML? Oh well.

In a way, Mar and Emi seem like a better match. If only she’d met him before Al.

stealth cacophony
Visita/ Guest
stealth cacophony

Marcela and Emiliano seem to have real rapport and they just get each other better, Emiliano isn’t the only one wishing their friendship could be more 🙂 You are not a horrible person, but I kinda enjoy watching Maria Laura and Oct irritate each other. I also enjoy ML and Severo irritating each other. All I need now is Maria Laura irritating Luciano and she will have accomplished everything I need her to. Oh I just had a thought, if Alessandro did end up with ML how much would that piss off his parents! Shoot! Now my alternate story fantasy… Read more »


You know…I think I can live with that. Second choice is ML and Octavia fighting on the edge of a cliff and going over, arguing the whole way down.