Caer En Tentación #25

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Three Years Ago
  • Santiago gets the specs on Gabriela’s kitchen and offers to send her a quote. She insists on celebrating with a selfie. Raquel’s sure Gabriela’s just hiring him to get to her. She ends her friendship with Gabriela.
  • Julieta and Mia drug Joaquin’s drink. She confronts him about inviting her to the “party” so he and his friends could rape her. He insists that wasn’t the plan, that he likes her. When he passes out, they take photos to make it look like he had sex with both of them.
  • Carolina meets Andres at the hotel and tries to get him to back off his threats, but he refuses. He either attempts to rape her or follows through.
  • No, Lola didn’t sleep with Damian. She never suspected Damian was sleeping with her mom.
  • Raquel’s angry that Santiago told Antonio about the gun. She’s tired of not feeling like she can trust anyone. She’s still going circles about how she wants to be with Santiago, but she can’t, because it’ll make her just as bad as Damian and Caro.
  • Vicente comes to the police station to confirm his accusations, with nothing to back it up but his “theory” that Raquel and Santiago wanted Carolina and Damian dead so they could be together.
  • Laura thinks Lola lied about not knowing that Damian and Caro were together. Fernando still doesn’t think that Raquel and Santiago killed them. She thinks everyone knew and kept their mouths shut–it’s the same thing she did with Fernando.
  • Santiago meets with Nacho to ask if he knew about Carolina and Damian. Instead, Nacho mentions that there was something weird going on with Andres and Carolina. He thinks Andres must have known about the affair.
  • Raquel asks Cintia to leave her house.
  • Miriam is paying Vicente to confirm his accusations.
  • Antonio comes to Raquel’s house and asks her to please clear some things up for him so he doesn’t have to arrest her.
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