Caer En Tentación #26

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Three Years Ago
  • Andres backs off for the moment, but warns Carolina that he’s going to come find her later and he’ll sleep with her whenever he wants to. Carolina tells Damian she can’t see him again.
  • Carolina gives Santiago the same story she told Damian and Raquel about someone trying to steal her purse. Santiago blames it on her leaving the house and the way she dresses. He takes it back, but I already mentally kicked him in the shins and I’m not taking it back.
  • Carolina tells Damian she’s pregnant. She was using an IUD, but she should have gotten a new one. She tells him she doesn’t know whose baby it is. Agustina comes over to get the ladder and hears them arguing about it.
  • Jovita finds blood on Mia’s sheets and the box of implements she uses for cutting.
  • Raquel can’t get Mia to let her talk to Antonio alone until she tells her about taking the gun from Andres’ office. Raquel confesses to Antonio that she was searching the office for clues, found the picture of Carolina, and found the gun. Antonio explains that he’s trying to delay the DNA test on Benjamin, but a judge considers the question of Benjamin’s parentage motive enough for murder. Raquel swears she and Santiago didn’t know about the affair and they’re not together now. Antonio suggests it’s better if they’re not seen together.
  • Cintia goes to cry on Rafa’s shoulder and try to get him to let her stay at his place.
  • Santiago tails Andres to a gas station and asks if he knew about Carolina and Damian. He admits that he did. Santiago says that must be why Damian didn’t fire Andres for stealing.
  • Despite the judge writing off the theft at the company as motive, Laura still thinks Fernando should suspect Andres. She also thinks Miriam could have killed Carolina if she knew that Benjamin was Damian’s son.
  • Nico’s boss picks him up for work and Mia gets jealous.
  • Rafa comes over to Raquel’s to tell her Cintia’s about to relapse.
  • The cops come to pick Santiago up on assault and murder charges.
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