Caer En Tentación #27

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Three Years Ago
  • Caro makes excuses to Agustín, but he claims he didn’t hear anything. Agustín tells Nacho later that Damian was at the house and he heard him arguing with Carolina.
  • Rather than being upset, Joaquin decides he’d like to be with Julieta and Mia both.
  • Raquel tells Damian about Santi’s guys seeing Andres stealing sacks of flour. He asks Azucena to review the security tapes and tell him if Andres has been around at night. Azucena uses Andres’ computer to do it and finds erased footage and the recording from the catering office. She assures Damian he doesn’t need to worry about her knowing.
  • Damian tells Caro he’ll have the cameras taken out. She doesn’t tell him about Andres’ threats.
  • Damian confronts Andres at the office and they fight in front of all the employees, and Miriam. Andres trades his silence about Carolina for his job.
  • Raquel confronts Mia, but she claims she was just trying a new method of hair removal and it went wrong. Raquel pretends to believe her, but she asks Fede if Mia’s cutting.
  • Lola sees a text message from Damian on Carolina’s phone.
  • Caro has stomach pains and Santiago insists on calling a doctor. The doctor spills that she’s pregnant and is going to have to take it easy, not realizing that Santiago didn’t know yet.
  • Mia assumes Nico’s “cheating” with his boss, but Fede has no idea what she’s talking about.
  • Rafa takes Raquel to his house so she can collect Cintia and take her home.
  • Andres let one of Rueda’s men hit him to prop up his assault charges against Santiago.
  • Alina volunteers to take Santiago’s case. For starters, she points out to Antonio that Santiago has no wounds on his knuckles. She advises him to check the security tapes.
  • Laura goes on the air to report that Andres pressed charges on Santiago, hypothesizes that Andres might have been blackmailing Damian, and then shows the tollbooth footage.
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