Caer En Tentación #28

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Three Years Ago
  • Fede lies for Mia, but he tells her their mom suspects she’s been cutting. She insists he must have told.
  • Santiago announces to the kids that their mom is pregnant. He tells the Beckers over dinner.
  • Nico and Mia go off to his room after dinner, but when he tries to get more than a kiss, Mia scratches his hand with a pen to show him how she “contains herself.”
  • Caro goes off with Damian for the weekend, saying she’s going to get Nico’s crib back from Lisa. Damian surprises her with the news that he bought the cabin. She’s worried about not having time to sneak around with him after the baby is born and still refuses to hurt their families. She insists this weekend is their “goodbye.”
  • Raquel admits to Lola that she doesn’t think she can live without Santiago, but she promises Lola won’t lose him.
  • Antonio isn’t worried about Santiago’s testimony, but he’s being pressured to get the DNA test. He begs Godoy not to tell everything to Laura so he doesn’t have to explain another news report to the judge. Godoy swears he’s not–she’s been searching his papers and his phone.
  • The charges for assault were dropped since it’s clear on the gas station surveillance video that Santiago didn’t attack Andres.
  • Raquel is jealous of Alina.
  • Alina apparently expects Nico to work off the fees for defending Santiago in sexual favors. She stuffs her underwear in his pants and he ends up dropping them in Mia’s room. Jovita finds them the next morning.
  • Godoy comes over to Santiago’s to get the samples for the DNA test.
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