Caer En Tentación #29

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Three-ish Years Ago
  • Santiago tells Nacho and Agustín that Carolina’s pregnant. Nacho talks Agustín into telling Santiago that Carolina and Damian were arguing at the house when he went to get the ladder. Santiago calls Raquel to ask if she knows why Damian was there. They realize Damian and Carolina are both out of town.
  • Fede tells his mother the stuff she found in Mia’s room is Julieta’s.
  • Lola tells Nico that Mia cuts herself. He confronts Mia about it, but she insists he can’t understand unless he does the same thing.
  • Caro gets tired of Damian’s attitude and walks out of the cabin. She runs into Vicente on the road and he interrogates her about what she’s doing there. Damian catches up to them and Vicente assumes she’s cheating on Santiago. Vicente demands she come with him. He’s planning to blackmail her, but he hasn’t decided what he wants yet.
  • Santiago decides he needs a Carolina exorcism, so he cries, burns his mattress, tosses his wedding ring in the fire, and kisses Raquel. Raquel still thinks they shouldn’t be together because they’re “better” than Damian and Caro. She walks away when Jovita calls her about Mia.
  • When Raquel gets home, Cintia says the crisis has passed, but Raquel goes up to see her anyway. Mia tells Raquel she cut herself again because no man will want her–her dad cheated on her mom and Nico cheated on her.
  • Alina’s expecting the return of her underwear if Nico wants to “finish what [they]started.
  • Alina is also working on a case for Nacho’s son.
  • Nacho’s been called to give a statement about Carolina’s murder.
  • Rafa won’t let Cecilia deal for him, but he wants to offer her in “payment” on a debt.
  • When Raquel goes to Miriam to get money for her bills we find out that Damian did have a personal account, but Raquel never had access to it. Andres offers to “help” her, but Raquel turns him down. Instead she asks Santi for help and snogs him on the sidewalk in front of his house.
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