Caer En Tentación #30

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Three-ish Years Ago
  • Gabriela got Agustín to spill the beans about Caro and Damian. She arranges a meeting with Damian and needles him about how jealous Raquel got when she hired Santiago. Damian denies he has anything going on with Carolina. Gabriela tries to get Santiago to confide in her.
  • Damian tells Raquel he was at Caro’s arguing with her about Lola working at the company.
  • Vicente wants to get money from Damian. He and Caro argue about which one of them hates who more. He insists he did try to let her live her own life, but she left him alone, blah blah blah, drinking is the only thing that helps. He swears he’ll make her pay. Caro refuses to pay him anything. She tells Damian about his threat.
  • Nico refuses to cut himself and runs downstairs, screaming about it to Fede.
  • Raquel meets with Julieta. She admits she cuts and Raquel wants her to tell her parents. She won’t tell Raquel about Mia.
  • When Carolina gets home, Damian comes over and tries to get her to call Vicente so he can talk with him. She says there are things he doesn’t know about Vicente, but won’t elaborate. He gets Vicente’s phone number and leaves.
  • Nacho warns Carolina that Santiago is going to ask her about an argument she had with Damian. He tells her that Agustín told him what the argument was about and asks if she’s cheating on Santi.
  • Nico goes to Mia’s to try to retrieve The Underwear, but when she confronts him with it, he denies knowing what she’s talking about.
  • Agustín gives his statement to Antonio. Antonio tells Fernando this means Santiago knew. They wonder if Nacho killed Caro to avenge his friend, or if he might have done it on Santi’s orders.
  • Alina fires her previous assistant, who realizes he’s been replaced by Nico. She’s angry that Nico didn’t bring The Underwear.
  • Santiago takes delivery of a new mattress and asks Raquel to stay and help him break it in. They’re interrupted by the arrival of Lola arguing with Juan.
  • Antonio talks Nacho out of calling Alina and takes his statement.
  • Andres tries to pay Jovita her back salary. She agrees to make a list of all the bills.
  • Laura finds Juan lurking outside Lola’s. He follows her home and demands she help him convince Lola he’s changed. Instead, she asks him about Patricia and makes some suppositions about him seeing pictures of Lola with an older man.
  • Fernando’s in the hotel room Rafa sends Cintia to. She’s supposed to sleep with him in exchange for giving Rafa more time to pay off his debt.
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