Caer En Tentación #31

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Character Notes
  • Cristian – Gabriela’s husband
Three-ish Years Ago
  • Caro accuses Nacho of making up stories and kicks him out of her house. Nacho didn’t believe her.
  • Mia accidentally intercepts a call from Carolina to Damian. She asks him what Carolina meant about lying. He tries to make it sounds like it’s about Lola working for him. Caro uses the same excuse when Santiago asks her about the argument she and Damian had.
  • Raquel talks to the Foundation’s doctor about Mia cutting. He complains that the Internet has made it popular. (So…you’re going to put it on cable TV?) Other than recommending therapy, he mostly gives advice about being understanding and being aware of what’s going on in her life.
  • Vicente calls Caro and threatens to tell Santiago. She asks him for more time.
  • Mia doesn’t buy Damian’s story. Raquel comes home and catches them fighting in Mia’s room. She tells Damian to back off and sobs to him that Mia has problems. Julieta leaves Mia a message telling her about the convo with Raquel and telling her to keep Raquel from telling her parents.
  • Santiago flips out about not feeling like he’s in charge in his house.
  • Damian blames himself for Mia’s cutting. He insists he’s the one who has to change. He ends his relationship with Caro.
  • Fernando tells Cintia she made a mistake and flashes his badge. Cintia won’t give up Rafa, but she already said his name, so she spills everything. He tells her to go back to Rafael and tell him everything went as planned. Fernando tells Antonio about Rafa.
  • Juan tries to rape Laura, but she shoves him away. He sends her a suggestive photo later. She taunts Fernando about cheating on him and it gets them both worked up.
  • Nacho says he knew, but never told Santiago about the affair. He admits he was angry when he found out and would do “anything” for Santiago. Antonio warns Santiago that it casts suspicion on him and on Nacho. Santiago’s surprised that Nacho knew about Damian and Carolina and didn’t tell him. The fact that he was in Mexico when Caro died doesn’t look good either.
  • A donation from the company shows up at Raquel’s foundation just in time. Raquel’s angry when she finds out it came from Andres and that he paid the household bills.
  • Santiago confesses to Lola that he’s in love with Raquel.
  • Mia goes to whine to Damian about how she lied for him and it’s all Carolina’s fault he’s here.
  • Nico lies to Mia in front of Lola about Benja being sick when he’s really going out with Alina.
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