Caer En Tentación #32

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Three-ish Years Ago
  • Mia admits to cutting and agrees to therapy.
  • Vicente talks Damian into meeting at Damian’s office. Azucena announces the arrival of a “very disagreeable” man and Andres flips out (sorry, dude, you’re not the only disagreeable person on this show). Vicente wants a monthly payment.
  • Andres’ bitterness is coming from his belief that he deserves a bigger percentage of the company. He considers his embezzling and stealing “justice.”
  • Miriam comes to the company, complaining about Damian’s “strange” behavior and his fights with Andres. He assures her it’s over.
  • Mia has no objections to the therapist’s treatment suggestions, but she doesn’t like the idea of having to abandon Julieta.
  • Vicente comes over to insult and threaten Caro. She gets rid of him and calls Damian. He comes over and says it’s dealt with–Vicente isn’t going to say anything. Damian and Caro dally over their “goodbye” but the decision to separate stands, for now.
  • Gabriela throws a tantrum about Santi not personally supervising the remodel of her kitchen. She threatens to sue him for break of contract if it’s not done on time.
  • Nico sets Fede up with Sabrina, a classmate, to help her with math.
  • Mia comes over pretending to want to help with Benja, but she’s checking up on Nico. Lola leaves him a message mid-“sex ed” lesson/sexual blackmail. Alina sends him home, telling him to have sex with Mia and tell her who’s better tomorrow.
  • Raquel and Santi get into an argument about Andres paying her bills.
  • Antonio tracked down the mystery car at the tollbooth and it was registered to the Becker family company.
  • Alina’s previous “Nico” isn’t letting go easily.
  • The only reason Raquel doesn’t think Andres killed Caro is he’s too much of a coward, but she wouldn’t put it past him to hire someone. Unfortunately, she remembers that Nacho borrowed a company car to come pick someone up from the house once.
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