Caer En Tentación #33

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Character Notes
  • Bebo – Nacho’s son
Three-ish Years Ago
  • Gabriela complains to Raquel about Santiago not wanting to sleep with her…not in those words, but we all know that’s what she wants. She goes to harass Damian, complaining that she doesn’t know how to deal with rejection. Lola sees Gabriela suctioning herself to his face. Gabriela insists he come see her at an apartment she and Cristian keep. If he won’t come see her, she’ll tell Raquel everything Agustín told her.
  • Mia yells at Lola for not keeping her secret. She complains that Lola’s family is ruining hers, but she won’t explain. She just tells her to pay more attention to her mother.
  • Carolina has some bleeding, but the doctor says she hasn’t lost the pregnancy. She needs calm, and complete rest for the next week.
  • Azucena tells Damian that Lola was there, but left because her mother was hospitalized. She begs him to act like a family friend and not give himself away. She’ll find out what’s going on for him.
  • Nico gets home with the medications for Benja and Mia insists on having sex with him. Nico calls a halt to it, not wanting to hurt her any further. When Alina asks for his report, she’s disappointed he didn’t follow through.
  • The mystery vehicle from the tollbooth is found burned up by the side of the road. They got the serial number off the engine. Antonio blames Laura’s news report. He insists on Godoy stopping her. Godoy confronts Andres, but he says the keys were always under the visor and Nacho even borrowed the car to pick up construction materials. Andres worriedly tells Miriam they found the car. She wants him to swear he didn’t do it.
  • Antonio doesn’t want to bust Rafa until he leads them to his bosses. Rafa already knows the guy he sent Cintia to is in jail. She keeps insisting things went according to plan and if he got arrested, she wasn’t there when it happened. Rafa pays her, but he won’t say if he has any other jobs for her.
  • Laura reports on Nacho as a suspect.
  • Nacho shows up at Alina’s office and she tells him Bebo’s getting released. She reminds him it’s parole and he can’t screw up. Nacho asks her to help him–the police suspect him of killing Carolina.
  • Raquel visits the catering office with Santi. She’s considering getting rid of the space and wants his opinion. The business is the only thing in her name, but there’s no point keeping it without Carolina. Santiago tells her to sell it.
  • Lola gets a letter from Patricia telling her to be careful with Juan. She also mentions that Miguel is threatening her. Lola shows it to Laura, but Laura’s not sure what to make of it. Lola doesn’t think Patricia would have killed herself. She won’t say whether she thinks Juan could have done it.
  • Fede’s supervisor at the factory complains that things have gotten worse since Andres took over. Among other things, he’s not paying their salaries on time. She hesitates, but passes on the gossip that people think Andres is responsible for what happened to Damian.
  • Raquel is looking for jewelry to sell. Jovita convinces her to pawn it instead. They realize Damian’s cufflinks and two of his watches are missing. Jovita wonders if they could have gone missing while the remodel was going on, but Raquel remembers him wearing the cufflinks after that. She asks Fede and Mia about the missing jewelry. Cintia conveniently walks in and Raquel asks if she’s seen them.
  • Cintia runs out after their argument and runs into Fernando at the door. Fernando doesn’t say anything to her–he mentions the car and asks if she ever used it.
  • Laura brings the letter from Patricia to Antonio–she’s sure if he reads it he’ll see that she couldn’t have committed suicide.
  • Fernando finds Cintia outside the house. He’s invested in her not living on the streets, but she doesn’t have anywhere to go and he can’t exactly take her to his house.
  • Juan’s lurking outside when Lola gets home. She tells him about the letter and asks why he was harassing Patricia. Bebo shows up and Lola greets him way too enthusiastically for Juan’s liking. Bebo giving him a smug look doesn’t help.
  • Raquel admits to Santi that she doesn’t trust Cintia. And BTW, Fernando was there and he asked if she’d used the car. And when he asked about Nacho…she didn’t say “no.” The subsequent argument leads to an angry snog in Raquel’s room.
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