Caer En Tentación #34

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Three-ish Years Ago
  • Juan started getting jealous and controlling with Lola.
  • Sabrina really wasn’t coming over to study and Fede’s not taking the hint. Mia’s a jerk to her and overly possessive with Fede.
  • Raquel talks to Caro about Mia’s treatment and needing to keep Nico away from Mia. Caro gets to explain it to him.
  • Lola tells Caro that she couldn’t talk to Damian today because he was in his office with Gabriela. Lola’s confused by Caro’s reaction.
  • Andres’ friend Miguel was involved with his theft scheme. Miguel complains to Andres about Patricia wanting more. Andres starts talking about getting rid of her.
  • Gabriela recorded the conversation with Agustín and she threatens to send it to Raquel if he doesn’t come to the hotel. Caro calls to tell him off for hooking up with Gabriela when they barely broke up two days ago. She tells him Lola saw them. When he says Gabriela’s blackmailing him, Caro accuses him of being so generous that he’s sacrificing himself for them.
  • Damian meets Gabriela at the apartment, but Cristian stops by unexpectedly and he grabs the phone with the recording and tries to make a run for it. Apparently neither Cristian nor Gabriela told each other who they were seeing and where and neither one is happy to see the other.
  • Raquel and Santiago have sex.
  • Lola didn’t realize Bebo’s been in jail for the last year.
  • Fernando takes Cintia to his apartment, where he doesn’t live. She’s surprised he doesn’t want sex. She gets under his skin asking if he’s never slept with anyone he shouldn’t.
  • Laura insists Antonio needs to reopen Patricia’s case–Patricia connects Lola to Carolina’s case and if they don’t find out what happened, Laura thinks Lola will be in danger.
  • Laura’s still bitter that Antonio didn’t help her get “justice” when she came to him about Fernando.
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