La Mujer del Vendaval #103


Surprise, surprise…Al’s home. But oddly, Marcela’s not, or at least not as far as ML knows.

Marcela’s in town, saying her goodbyes to the ever-generous Emiliano. She keeps thanking him and he keeps trying not to get his hopes up. She’s saying “friend” and he’s hearing “I want you.”

Al’s waking up the whole house in his search. Alba has no clue what he’s talking about either. Weren’t they on their honeymoon?

Marcela and Emi approach the house, which they notice is all lit up. Mar walks into the hallway just as Al’s screeching about her cancelling their honeymoon. After more screeching, Marcela insists she and Al will be having this conversation ALONE. But Emi wants to throw in one last “You abandoned her with nothing! You screwed up everything!”

In Sagrario’s room, she, Alba, and ML wonder WTF is going on here! ML, of course, is putting the worst spin on this she can. Al isn’t into Mar anymore and Emi’s moving in.

Al. Screeching. Luc would be proud. He and Emi rehash, um, everything that happened over the last couple of days, adding in some “It’s none of your business/yes it is!”

ML’s listening at the door trying to figure out what’s going on, but despite the yelling, she can only get a word here and there. Off in the guest cabin, Severo seems to be hearing ALL of it.

Now Al’s blaming Emi for Marcela not wanting to wait around for him forever while he was off who-knows-where with no word. And now Emi brings out the big medical guns–Mar needs support and someone’s gotta be there for her. And he finally leaves.

Al sobs and wants to know since when her happiness is Emi’s business. Mar would rather continue the convo in the bedroom where everybody’s not listening.


Lencho continues his phone convo with Timo. He’s worried about having to say WHO he was with when Mike died. Octi’s motioning “No!” and Lencho makes up a story about it being a married woman with a jealous, homicidal husband. Lencho decides he’d better just stay away from SBP. Octavia, looking worried, tells Lencho not to worry.

Silvana’s talking to Luc about how Nuria’s going through a rough time in her marriage, as if Luc is supposed to care. She starts guilt tripping Luc about how she gave him a second chance and Luc actually looks guilty.

Lencho’s so worried about having to testify that he’s having trouble getting into the groove with Octi. She assures him his dad will never find out he was with her…because he’s not going to mention her name, right?


Eulogio shows up with a peace offering of coffee and a pastry for Mateo, but Mat doesn’t trust him. Eulogio takes a bite of pastry to prove his good intentions.

Next thing we know, they’re hanging out in the cell together. Eulogio tells him about all the strings Timo is pulling to try to screw him over. He even tells him this is about getting Marcela’s land, even if he won’t name names.

They get to talking about their loves. Mateo sighs over Sagrario. He figures Eulogio’s pining over…July? Eulogio says that’s why he admires Mateo–he went after Sagrario without worrying about her being the boss’ wife.


Al wants an explanation, but Mar wants to hear from him first–what happened to all his luuuuuuurve? Honeymoon rehash…I was just having fun with friends, blah blah blah, I tried to give you space, I didn’t know it was going to be such a long trip, you going off with Emi is worse. Mar insists he’s trying to put up barriers between them. She asks if he did the same with Damiana and Al seriously breaks down, sobbing that she’s dead. (Where the hell did that come from?)

Mar just keeps going, asking if he’s treating her like he treated Damiana, is that why she cheated? Al doesn’t take that well either. He keeps making stupid excuses–he didn’t think she’d want to gamble or go fishing. They’ve been married for months, so who cares about a stupid trip.

Now they’re both insisting they’re finding things out about each other that they don’t like. Mar asks what he found out about her, but he won’t answer her. What did she do wrong? How did she disappoint him? Al remembers his mom showing him the necklace. Mar begs him to say something. Al remembers his promise to make Mar’s life hell.

Al turns it around on her and says if she’s asking what she did it’s because she knows there’s something she could have done to upset him. Mar has no idea what that could be. She hasn’t done anything that she should be ashamed of.

Sagrario, ML, and Alba are still waiting in Sagrario’s room, until ML decides she’s leaving.

Al calls her shameless. He complains about her calling Emi and telling him how Al behaved on the trip. ML listens at the door. He thinks Emi coming to pick her up just because she was upset is going way beyond friendship. She takes her sweet time getting to the point, which is that she had to come back because Mateo’s in jail. Al’s face: “Oh. Oops.”

Mar explains the chain of phone calls and that Mateo’s being accused of killing Mike Cisneros. (QDEP. We still miss you, Mr. Mike.) Now Al’s all about getting the update on Mateo. He’s sure this is about Timo trying to clear Severo’s name. Mar’s like “Do you see why I had to come back?!”

So now Al makes excuses about the marriage screwing things up for him at the hotel and he didn’t want to tell her. His dad took away all his power. Mar didn’t know it had gotten so bad. Al says it’s his problem, but Mar insists from now on, their problems are theirs. He helped with the bank and the harvest, and now it’s her turn.

Al says she doesn’t understand that his situation has changed. Well, Mar’s love for him hasn’t. She smooches his grouchy face. His face gets less grouchy and more smoochy. Oh yeah, he can’t resist.

Out in the hallway, ML fusses that they’re not fighting anymore. She swears she’ll screw this up again.

In Sagrario’s room, they can’t hear anything and Sagrario grins–it’s making-up time! Best let them rest. And there’s no need to tell them about Sev until tomorrow. Alba goes back to her room while Sagrario breathes a sigh of relief.

Casa Emi

Emi gets home and hits the booze. Val wants an update and Emi complains about leaving Mar fighting with Al. Emi goes on and on complaining about Al and Val agrees–even her ex-husband didn’t behave so badly. Emi says Al had better apologize or he’s not gonna be friends with him anymore, for starters.

Casa Timo

Eulogio visits Timo in the morning and informs him that Marcela’s back and she’s pissed!


Mar’s in a really good mood this morning, but it fades when Alba asks her what happened on the honeymoon.

In the kitchen, Al grumpily eats fruit. ML comes in and kicks Rosa out so she can ask him what happened on the honeymoon. Oh, gosh, she hopes he didn’t find out Marcela’s a money-grubber and a liar!

Marcela says it was all a bunch of misunderstandings. She thought he didn’t want to be with her, but it’s that he didn’t want her to worry. She’s sure that once she tells him the hacienda is partly his, he’ll feel better. But she wants to deal with the Mateo situation first.

Um, right, but they also have…a thing…with Severo…he’s living in the guest house.

Al tells ML to get to the point and she keeps sullying Marcela’s rep–she heard her talking to Alba about how someone with money could fix all her problems. She swears she didn’t tell him before because Marcela would have thrown her out. And besides he wouldn’t have believed her. And he’d forgive Marcela anything…or wouldn’t he?

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Thanks Diva 🙂 I can’t help but think that Emiliano if he were in Alessandro’s exact situation, would at least give Marcela the benefit of the doubt no matter what the investigator and his mom told him, he would at least talk to Marcela about it and give her a chance instead of vowing to make her life miserable and listening to Maria Laura of all people. Argh Emil, why were you out of the country for so long? Oh and also what part of the message that there was a family emergency so she had to go home did… Read more »