Caer En Tentación #35

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Three-ish Years Ago
  • Damian makes it out of tryst central, but leaves the phone in a vase full of water. He’s obviously never heard of rice.
  • The Beckers come over for dinner. Damian takes advantage of them being alone to tell Caro that Gabriela was threatening to tell Raquel. Caro’s convinced Gabriela wants to sleep with Damian. Santiago lets slip that Gabriela was coming on to him. Raquel shares the gossip that Gabriela caught her husband cheating. This leads to a long conversation about cheating that makes Damian and Caro uncomfortable. For Damian’s benefit (I assume) Caro makes a big deal of telling Santi she loves him. Raquel wheedles a declaration out of Damian.
  • Lola and Mia argue about Lola telling “everyone” Mia cuts. They argue about whose parents are cheating and who with. Mia’s surprised to hear that Gabriela was all over Damian at work.
  • Fede talks to Nico about the connection he has with Mia and that it scares him to think if he kisses a girl, Mia will know it.
  • Mia tells Fede their dad is sleeping with Gabriela.
  • Cristian shows up at Damian’s office to whine that Gabriela kicked him out.
  • Gabriela summons Raquel to her house to complain about Cristian cheating on her. She’s still convinced that Santiago is in love with Raquel.
  • Damian comes over to Carolina’s to beg her to let him stay near her. He’s sure the baby is his.
  • Alina thinks Santiago wanting to actually pay her fees is hawt. She’s also working for free because she has a personal conflict with Rueda. She’s sure if Rueda is involved, there’s something dirty they’re trying to cover up–like that “they” are partly responsible for what happened.
  • Fernando ends up hanging out with Cintia and telling her about his relationship with Laura. He says it’s his fault she has a limp.
  • Bebo mentions that his dad was in town when Lola and Nico’s mom died. He’s wondering if Santiago suspects Nacho like the police do.
  • Miriam comes over to tell Raquel she’s restored her access to the accounts. She wants to take Damian to her house and this is her bargaining chip, but Raquel won’t budge.
  • Rueda visits Antonio’s office to have an unofficial conversation about the case. Rueda ends up being nervous about how much Antonio knows.
  • Alina gets herself invited to Santiago’s to see Bebo. Raquel shows up at the same time.
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