Caer En Tentación #36

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Three-ish Years Ago
  • Azucena has Lola shadow her to start her training. Lesson 1: Don’t devote yourself completely to the job or Damian. Lesson 2: Stay away from Andres.
  • Gabriela tells Santiago that she told Raquel that he only has eyes for her (Raquel).
  • Santi offers Bebo a job. Bebo pulls him aside and tells him Nacho’s broke and needs a job too.
  • Juan comes over to Laura’s and she figures out that he thinks if he seduces her, she’ll stop investigating him. She tells him she won’t and he’d better not lay a hand on her again or he WILL have a cop after him.
  • Raquel stops by the hospital to tell Damian she slept with Santiago and ask what it was like for him and Carolina.
  • Lola thinks Alina is attracted to Santiago, but he assures her he only brought her over because she wanted to meet Bebo. Nico also thinks Alina’s after his dad. She offers Bebo a ride home and Nico gets jealous.
  • After venting to Cintia, she suggests he talk to his wife and either save his marriage or split up.
  • Raquel asks Cintia to come over so she can apologize. Cintia insists she doesn’t need to–she regrets telling her about Damian and says she’s the one who seduced him. Raquel thinks Cintia can do anything she sets her mind to, but Cintia’s focused on how no one ever loved her like Damian loved Raquel. Raquel reminds her Damian cheated on her. She tells Cintia to focus on loving herself. She isn’t sure if she’s with Santiago for revenge, or so she doesn’t have to be alone, but she’s afraid she’s falling in love with him. Cintia thinks she’s falling in love with someone too, but she needs to stop thinking about them.
  • Santi has Nacho come over to confront him about knowing about the affair. Nacho knows he should have told him what Agustín heard, but he also confirmed it later. He didn’t want to hurt Santiago and he didn’t know how he could face them if Santiago and Caro made up…or if Santiago did something stupid.
  • Rafa sneaks into Antonio’s office, trying to find out if Antonio knows about him. Instead, Antonio tells Rafa he needs the DNA test results for Benja. Rafa says the samples were contaminated. Rafa tells Godoy he has to get new samples and sounds him out about the guy they arrested–El Roger. He’s surprised Godoy is handling both that case and the Becker case.
  • Miriam is angry that Rueda couldn’t get a restraining order on Raquel. The judge isn’t bribe-able. Raquel is his guardian. If she weren’t alive, then the kids would be. And if there weren’t kids, THEN Miriam would get to make decisions. Miriam talks about taking “other measures” if the law won’t help her.
  • Laura goes on the air to talk about Patricia’s letter to Lola and speculates that the police aren’t investigating because she had a powerful lover.
  • Juan sees Lola with Bebo and throws a tantrum. He insists on Lola leaving with him. At the house, Lola shuts the gate behind her quickly to get away from Juan.
  • Benja’s upset that they’re taking another sample and that upsets Santiago.
  • Nico asks Alina if she slept with Bebo. She taunts him, saying she’s going to drive him crazy and keep him from being able to think about anyone but her.
  • Nacho thinks it’s a bad time to ask Santi for a job, but he’s more than happy to help Nacho. Santi shares with Nacho that the car at the tollbooth was registered to the Beckers. Nacho’s glad they have Alina helping them, but Santi thinks she’s a little weird.
  • Fernando insists that Cintia keep helping him until he has enough proof to get Rafa. Rafa witnesses their argument from down the street.
  • Miriam uses an IV stand to block the door to Damian’s room shut and starts disconnecting the machines, saying he didn’t deserve to suffer like this. She tries to smother him with a pillow as Raquel and various nurses scream at her from outside the room.
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